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My city by the Bay ❤️🌸 Possibly one of the best things about staying home is going years back through my camera roll and discovering pictures like this one that I once took during my favorite activity in SF - walking everywhere

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Gone with the wind 🌸 I hope this blossomed corner of Edinburgh makes you smile today ❤️

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The world from a window ( but not my current window 😊)

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Praying for better days ahead 🙏✨ and trying to stay sane and hopeful. We’ve been in isolation for about 30 days now and I still haven’t mastered the emotional rollercoaster rides that this new situation triggers 🤷‍♀️ Be safe out there and stay kind ❤️

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Welcoming the weekend...not that we can tell the difference of what day it is anymore 😊🤦‍♀️ ✨

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Where flowers bloom, so does hope 🌸

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[feels like] A lifetime ago

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This place BLUE me away 🧿💙 Is there a place that made you think “wow this is beauty on a whole different level” (I know it’s hard to pick one, you can list as many as you want)

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Sunday memories 🌸

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Color is emotionally charged. It has powers and evokes feelings! Today I wanted to gift you this burst of yellow, from the times past, hoping to brighten your day💛 :: In these crazy times, don’t forget to: - take care of your mental health - check on friends and family - look for ways to help your community - thank the people on the front lines who are fighting this for us under tremendous pressure

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Wish this was my quarantine ❤️ a sweet memory from a lovely weekend at @beltaneranch in Sonoma

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The girl next door 😊

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