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When I was little I was kind of embarrassed from my grandparent’s farm! In post Communist Bulgaria people were learning the ropes of consumerism & capitalism and my sponge-like brain was soaking all the advertisements it saw on TV. I wanted all of the new, shiny and exciting processed foods! For some reason my brain though that we were taking “free” food from my grandparent’s farm because we couldn’t afford the super market 😂🤦‍♀️ Fast forward to today: buying $10 dry farmed tomatoes on the farmer’s market in SF and understanding that my parents were able to afford the super market food but simply didn’t want their kids to eat processed junk☺️

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Do it for the Amster-gram 😊❤️ Do you know why these house are so narrow? It’s because back in the day tax was due based on the facade’s width!

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Welcome to SF: Winter starts at 6 am. Spring starts at 10 am. Summer is at 2 pm and fall is around 4:30ish. Dress accordingly 😂

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One of my dreams is to publish a coffee table book with all of my photos! Many say paper is a thing of the past but for me you can’t really compare flipping through an actual book to looking at a digital pdf on your iPad/Kindle 🤷‍♀️

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I moved to San Francisco via Thailand. While I was waiting for my H1B visa, instead of staying in Bulgaria, Henry and I went to live in Chiang Mai. We spent almost an year (yup that's how long it takes to get a H1B visa) there and absolutely loved it. Our rent was $300-ish US dollars and that included our studio with a full eat-in kitchen and patio, wifi, 2 free bikes and a cleaning lady that came twice a week. :: Needless to say when I finally arrived in San Francisco the sticker shock was REAL!! I was constantly converting the prices to thai baht or bulgarian leva (big mistake) and the fact that we were paying $300 for our parking spot alone took some getting used to. :: Honestly if I could speak to FOB Zory and tell her she'll be a freelance photographer and content creator and afford to live in San Francisco I'd probably blow her mind LoL 🤯😮😃 It feels odd to say it out loud but in many ways I’m so proud of myself and how much I’ve learned and grown ❤️

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Lombard Street and it’s steep eight hairpin turns have never been this empty on a weekday afternoon 🙌 Before the pandemic they were even talks about making this San Francisco icon a toll road to reduce the ever growing traffic...

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Highway 1 is without a doubt one of the most beautiful road trips in the US and the world! If you’ve never been - add it to your bucket list! :: When I first arrived in San Francisco I wasn’t sold on moving here so Henry took me on a road trip down Highway 1, all the way to LA, in a beautiful convertible car and I remember thinking: okay, I can be a Californian 😊❤️ :: Wearing 👗 by @lee.pfayfer

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Left (pink) or right (green)? Which San Francisco gem would you choose for your residence?

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The Palace of Fine arts is like a little slice of Europe right here in San Francisco! It’s one of my favorite spots for picnics, relaxing with a book or simply walking around the water and sorting through my thoughts 🌸 Do you have favorite spots in your city where you go to escape the daily routine?

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This week I left the house EVERY.SINGLE.DAY 🙌 It’s strange transitioning out of the lockdown. On one hand my soul is thirsty for seeing friend, doing photography & exploring and on the other corona cases keep going up and up! 🤔 How are you feeling these days? Are things relaxed where you are?

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY @humminglion ✨❤️ Thank you for making me laugh daily and constantly teaching me new things! There is no one else I’d rather be quarantined with! Love you

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Stop and smell the roses 🌹 :: I’m a city person. I love a busy & bustling place. Maybe it’s the quarantine talking but nowadays I sometimes fantasize about leaving the urban life behind and moving to a charming fixer-upper in a uber charming village in the UK or Tuscany or South of France. What will I do there? I don’t really know! I’ll have a dog and a cat...maybe chickens...and we’ll garden, cook, paint with water color, make clay mugs and...shop online 😂🤷‍♀️

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