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🖐🏻 Been a while. I've been so exhausted and stressed out and sleep deprived lately, and my countenance is nowhere near as bright as this photo, but that's adulting for ya. I still have a few pics from my trip to Istanbul in October, and I feel they're worth sharing so here we go. . . . . . #umbrellas #umbrellastreet #colorpop #colorful #whimsy #whimsical #streetphotography #istanbul #istanbulturkey #photooftheday #turkey #turkey🇹🇷 #turkiye #instaturkey #instaturkiye #instaistanbul #balatsokakları #istanbulcity #travelgram #travelblogger #instatravel #igtravel #istanbullovers #istanbulphotos #wanderlust #travelphotography #travelistanbul #lovestanbul

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It's been a while. Here's a shot of my favourite colour. #balatsokakları

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The view from #Galata Tower.

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Sometimes the angle makes all the difference. #ortaköy

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All I got from #Dolmabahce were pictures of the grounds because cameras weren't allowed inside and I was too timid to sneak one with my phone. 😅

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The harem section of #Topkapi Palace was full of these wonderful hallways.

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#OrtakoyMosque is as magnificent on the inside as it is on the outside.

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Favourite mosque. No photo will capture the awe I felt when I stepped through its gates. #suleymaniyemosque

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I am so frustrated with so many of my photos from Istanbul. I've never had this happen before, but a lot of them are unfocused or kinda blurry and I'm struggling to find ones that can be salvaged. #HagiaSophia is one of the few places where most of the pics turned out okay.

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I wish I was back roaming the pretty streets of #Balat again. And not entirely because I realized there were several angles I'd missed here. 😅

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Don't you just love sudden pops of colour? I was roaming around, lost, and I rounded a corner and found this absolutely delightful scene. :') #karakoy

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The whole area of #Balat was a treasure trove of photo opportunities.

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People be going with the flow and I be constantly looking up. I'll just say one positive thing about Istiklal Street... the building facades are quite awesome.

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The calm in the middle of the storm. In the hustle and bustle of #IstiklalStreet, it's nice to find a nice spot to zero in, even if it's just a street vendor selling roasted chestnuts and a woman in a red coat.

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