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I am so frustrated with so many of my photos from Istanbul. I've never had this happen before, but a lot of them are unfocused or kinda blurry and I'm struggling to find ones that can be salvaged. #HagiaSophia is one of the few places where most of the pics turned out okay.

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I wish I was back roaming the pretty streets of #Balat again. And not entirely because I realized there were several angles I'd missed here. 😅

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Don't you just love sudden pops of colour? I was roaming around, lost, and I rounded a corner and found this absolutely delightful scene. :') #karakoy

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The whole area of #Balat was a treasure trove of photo opportunities.

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People be going with the flow and I be constantly looking up. I'll just say one positive thing about Istiklal Street... the building facades are quite awesome.

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The calm in the middle of the storm. In the hustle and bustle of #IstiklalStreet, it's nice to find a nice spot to zero in, even if it's just a street vendor selling roasted chestnuts and a woman in a red coat.

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Aya Sophia or #HagiaSophia was absolutely gorgeous. There is a certain aura inside the main hall that fills you with awe. I was sooooo gutted to find scaffolding in there though. ☹ Any pics I post of this museum will be from this angle because that crap is ugly yo.

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Getting a photo of the "iconic" #IstiklalStreet tram was level Mission Impossible. I have so many pics on my camera roll where someone jumps into my shot at the last second or my grip was shaky or there were just TOO MANY PEOPLE. This was the best I could manage. 😭

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I was all eager to see the interiors of this #church, apparently one of the oldest in Istanbul, but then I was told it had been converted to a school and tourists weren't allowed. :(

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I love a good #symmetry shot.

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One of my favourite things to do when #exploring new cities is roaming around its back alleys and less frequented streets. There are treasures to be found around every corner.

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