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Just another day in the life of a #magician. Thanks to @hollyandhazelnut for making a magical appearance in my video! 🐶

4 days ago 4K
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Who else wishes it was 5pm already??

11 days ago 4K
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Have you ever forgotten someone’s birthday?? 🎉🎊🎁😟

13 days ago 3K
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How many of you accepted the Area 51 invite? 👽#stormarea51

20 days ago 3K
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How I’ve gotten away all these years. #art #graffiti

28 days ago 14K
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The app is stealing more than just my data. #oldies

1 months ago 5K
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He may have his mom’s eyes, but he’s got my magic. 🍼👶✨Good thing it’s easy to find stuff when you can knock twice to see inside. Just like my #LGInstaViewDID from @lghomeappliances

1 months ago 3K
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Welp, that’s the last time I attempt the #bottlecapchallenge

1 months ago 7K
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Celebrating 4th of July with Lady Liberty! 🗽 #nyc #statueofliberty @statueellisfdn

2 months ago 3K
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Hope everyone in South America enjoys the solar eclipse today! 🌘Just doing some routine maintenance. #solareclipse

2 months ago 4K
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Instant coffee? More like instant karma! ☕️ #magic #coffee

2 months ago 2K
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Don’t feed the penguins 🐧 🍕 #nature #wildlife

2 months ago 2K
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How to stop people from stealing your mail 📦📫

2 months ago 2K
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Always look before you cross the street 👀

3 months ago 3K
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Dad Magic 🎩 - Watch my new video by clicking the link in my profile.

3 months ago 2K
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A six year old fan named Ryan wrote me a letter with some sketches of dragons and asked if I could make them come alive in a future post. So an illustrator on my team @jkenfield took Ryans drawings and brought them to life in this comic we made for him. My team and I are always inspired by the curiosity and creativity of the young minds in the world. Let’s continue to encourage and lead them everyday to make their ideas come alive. #creativity #fanart #magic If you want to send us drawings and fan mail, the studio PO Box is listed in my profile.

4 months ago 1K
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My tiny ladder was a smashing success. 👍🏼

4 months ago 4K
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Today we officially adopted our oldest kiddo, Mason! #foreverfamily

4 months ago 8K
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👶🏼When being a dad looks more like “Breaking Bad”. #dadlife

5 months ago 2K
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Caption this photo. 🌄 I’ll pick my favorite 3 comments tomorrow morning and they will each get a big package of my merch!

5 months ago 9K
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Time to test your eyes with an illusion GAME! Let me know down in the comments how many you guessed correctly!

5 months ago 7K