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Blessed 4 years with these people, definitely an amazing journey. Thanks for everything, till we meet again! ♥️

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[55km trek from Kalaw to Inle] I was deciding to do a 2 days or 3 days trek and I decided to go for 3 days. One question that I asked myself, if I don’t do it now, will I still do it 10 years later? Did a 3 days one, got so tanned but never regretted a single second. Walking through different villages, witnessed so much about the farmers’ daily life with chili, ginger, corn, buffaloes etc (yes I’m a city girl 😛). Still can’t get over with the people that I met, those amazing views, uncountable hills that I struggled with 😂 Couldn’t be more thankful to have my guide, Kham Moon to do this with me! 😘 It’s always (yes, always) the experience that counts ✌🏽 #Kalaw #Inle #Myanmar

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They say when you travel you will never be completely at home again, because part of your heart will always be somewhere else. That is the price you pay for the richness of loving and knowing people in more than one place. And this trip, I left piece of my heart in Myanmar 🇲🇲 ♥️ #Mandalay #Myanmar

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You guys knew that I’ve recently witness the Global Premier Launch of HUAWEI nova 5T. Thanks to @huaweimobilemy, I have a speaker for give-away to ONE lucky winner.! Just make sure you liked this post & follow @huaweimobilemy and answer below CORRECTLY, you might be the LUCKY Winner! Which of the below is the new HUAWEI nova 5T colors? (A)Green, Crush Blue and Midsummer Purple (B)Midsummer Purple, Crush Blue and Black (C)Red, Crush Blue and Midsummer Purple DROP YOUR ANSWER NOW TO BE THE LUCKY WINNER!! Good luck finding out ;) If you are interested, the pre-order starts from 29 Aug – 5 Sept 2019 and it only cost RM1,599. Quickly find out more now! #HUAWEInova5T #BestEntertainmentSmartphone #huaweimobilemy

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Somewhere in Inle market. #InleLake #Myanmar

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Lost in Kalaw. A very small but beautiful town in Myanmar. #Kalaw #Myanmar

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Everyone seems to be traveling in Bali these days. So here’s a throwback photo of mine in Nusa Penida, Bali 🤓 #Bali #Indonesia #throwback #nusapenida

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It was a day that we walked for more than 2km to reach Uluwatu Beach because we wanted to save money (as usual lol). We ended up quite shitty, walked under the heavy rain, none of the driver wanted to send us back to the hotel or they offered a ridiculous price like RM100 just for a 15km ride. After all, it’s all about the experience and a photo of me trying to fake a yoga pose 😛 Note to self: don’t you ever be afraid to change, to explore new things. There might be better things ahead for you 😌 #Bali #Indonesia #throwback

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Need some of these moments 😌 #throwback #Penang

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Some tea? 🍵 #Kasugai #Japan #throwback

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We both think that Valentine’s Day is just some marketing strategy from the business people 😂 because everyday should be the V Day. But yeah, here’s something to reminisce about moments we shared together. And let’s continue to annoy each other more 🤓

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There goes more food and more to come 🤓 #Japan

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How can you say no to the best cuisine in the world? 😍🇯🇵 #Japan #Tokyo

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2018 ended a lot faster than what I expected. It’s the beginning of everything, here’s to a better year ahead🤞🏼 📍: 🇮🇩 📷: @wassp08

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💃🏻 . . . . . 📷 @wassp08

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You are the apple of my eye 🤓 #throwback #batuferringhi #penang

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Although it’s a whole new city that I haven’t been before, but everything still looks familiar. Vietnam, it’s good to be back after 3 years. #NhaTrang #Vietnam

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3 years ago, spent two months in Vietnam; 8 individuals from 6 different countries for a summer project. From not knowing each other till we do everything together and the hardest goodbye. This is one of my favourite photos and those two months, still one of the best memories that I have ever had. . . . #Vietnam

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