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Finding the silver lining in 2020 travel can definitely be hard. But I couldn't have imagined myself exploring home as much as I have done now if travel was never disrupted. I always had put home on the back burner. But some positives with doing all of these mini road trips are: 1. All Uber Airport transport money is going into my gas tank. πŸš— 2. No stress of possibly missing flights or running gate to gate because some scheduler thought a 15-minute layover was adequate. ✈ 3. My trunk accepts any suitcase weight and will never reject me or ask me to remove items because I'm 0.1kg over! Meanwhile, if I gain 0.1kg in bodyweight, I'll still always be accepted to fly. Only cargo is weight-restricted but not body mass yet ALL of the weight is still going on the SAME plane (this sh*t never made any sense to me). πŸ˜„ 4. I can literally decide to road trip on the fly without committing my time or money to an airline that will only refund me in credits. 😑 5. I have access to all of the normal priced foods and water because I'm not confined to an airport! πŸ€‘ 6. I have the freedom of TIME...I can't appreciate this one enough! πŸ• 7. I get to showcase my home like NO ONE has ever done before and make every got damn place look exotic! If you zoom in, you might see me taking in all the scenery from the infinity pool. Yeah, that little Black thing is me lol. 🏝 So, although 2020 wasn't my ideal international travel year, I'm not mad at what it's forced me to do locally. It was about time anyway! (Lake Muskoka, Canada)

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THE HEART OF A LION: By FAR, one the most epic trails in the world is found here at Lion's Head, Ontario. The crown jewel of this trail is the Lion's Head Lookout! I mean, look at these views! The water of the Georgian Bay is fresh, clear and vibrant with all shades of blue! I love the fact that along the trail, there are several lookouts that you can go check out to enjoy the view and avoid crowds along the way to the main lookout. To get here, put "McCurdy Drive Parkette" in your GPS and arrive early to secure free parking. This is a 3-hour drive from downtown Toronto. Spaces are limited here. The trail begins right at this parking lot. However, if you're short on time or want to save your energy, then I HIGHLY recommend you take the short cut. Walk about 7 mins up Moore Street to the "Moore Street Side Trail" Entrance. Not only is this path flat, well-defined and 100 times easier, you will save yourself up to 1 hour each way. Follow the white markers on the trees to find your way through the forest. In true hidden gem fashion, the main lookout is tucked away but there is a sign that directs you to it. Make sure to stick to the trails though because there is poison ivy in these woods. Without stopping, the trek to the main lookout is about 2 hours round trip. Have I changed your perception on Canada yet? If you have a new outlook on Toronto and its surrounding areas, show me some love in the comments! (Lion's Head, Canada) Song: Show Dem Camp - "Do Me Nice"

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Live a legendary life. (Niagara Falls, Canada)

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SECRET NATURAL POOLS: If you're looking for a cool little adventure and you don't mind climbing over and crawling under massive logs, then this hike is for you. DeCew Falls is home to two waterfalls and two natural swimming pools. However, the main entrance is currently closed BUT there is a backroute that you can take. The backroute really makes you feel like you're searching for some hidden gems! What you want to do is park on the side of the road on "First Street Louth" just south of "Pelham Road". There are only a few parking spaces here so obviously arrive early. Once you park, walk north on "First Street Louth" toward "Pelham Road". On the right hand side, you'll see a slight opening into the bush; this is the beginning of the backroute trail. The trail is pretty well-defined. When in doubt, follow the sounds of the flowing water. You'll know you're going the right way when you cross this metal "bridge" that kind of looks like a decommissioned train track. Head right after crossing. Eventually, you'll find the first gem; this natural shallow swimming pool. Most people were skipping this place en route to the Lower Cascading Falls (which is not too far from this pool). Once you're done cooling off in the falls, you have to scramble up a steep unmarked path to get to the upper trail to find the main Upper Falls with the mill at the top. Upper Falls has a much deeper swimming pool at the bottom of the waterfall that you can swim in. I've only highlighted the shallow pool because I had a vision to take a shot here. But clicking on the geotag will show you the two falls most people come here for. I recommend watershoes or waterproof hiking boots because you will need to step in water during some parts of this hike. I don't recommend small kids doing this hike past the shallow swimming pool. Overall I think the hike took me 30 mins to get to the easier Lower Cascading Falls and another 10 mins to get to the main Upper Falls. (St. Catherines, Canada)

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SHOOT FOR THE STARS: That's my mindset with everything I put my heart and soul into. And I hope it shows in my work (this is one of my personal favourite self-shots by the way). But quite literally, I took myself 2 hours out of Toronto to do just that; shoot for the stars! Welcome to Torrance Barrens Dark-Sky Preserve! In Ontario, we have eight areas officially designated as dark-sky preserves in which no light pollution is allowed in the region. Thus, allowing for optimal galactic viewing!!! The closest preserve to Toronto is Torrance Barrens. It's so crazy that with our naked eye, we can gaze for hours at the same galaxy that we live in; the Milky Way! Just really take that in!!! And if you think about it, seeing the night skies like this was a NORMAL thing before we developed true civilization. I used a free app called Stellarium that uses augmented reality to tell you exactly what constellation, nebula, planet and galaxy you're looking at just by pointing your phone at any area of the sky. I can't even tell you how many shooting stars I saw in one night! There is a meteor shower happening in mid-August so this might be your chance to see a crazy amount of shooting stars! And in Sept/Oct, you can actually see the NORTHERN LIGHTS!! And it's next door to Toronto! Just saying! QUESTION: With a universe so vast and so unknown, do you think there is life somewhere else out there? I've always wondered and feel like there is. But I don't limit that to human life; could be animals, bugs, bacteria and viruses. And if there is life, have you considered that we would be aliens to them πŸ‘½πŸ˜Œ?! And although we will never know, it doesn't hurt to lay on your back with a good pillow and talk life with friends while gazing away in complete awe! (Gravenhurst, Canada)

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LIFE ON MARS: Just under an hour's drive from downtown Toronto is the Cheltenham Badlands. Now, what the heck are badlands? Badlands are a geological term for any area lacking in vegetation and soil that has molded into hills and gullies. These formations are very rare in Ontario (and in Canada in general). And as rare as they are, most Torontonians have never even heard of this place! The badlands are very easy to spot as they are literally parallel to the main road that you drive on to access them. The drone video on the next slide literally reminds me of a some kind of spaceship landing on a celestial body in outer space. (Caledon, Canada)

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VIEWS FROM THE 44TH: An amazing breakfast with a view has always been my weakness! Then you include a rooftop pool and lake views with the CN Tower all up in your face? Mannnnn.... your boy was in heaven (almost literally at 44 floors up)! Kost, the restaurant found on the 44th floor of @bishatoronto provides one of the dopest views of the city, hands down!! Talk about photo op central! Then after breakfast, why not take a dip in their massive pool to cool off from the summer heat?! If anyone is looking to experience Kost, make sure you reserve ASAP, like TODAY!! I'm not kidding. Like, reserve NOW after reading this post.The demand to visit here is high so don't miss out this summer! For those looking to stay at the hotel, use the code "SOCIAL" for a 10% discount on your stay! Thank me later 😊. Lastly, swipe to see behind-the-scenes footage of my one-man self-shoot and for some incredible views of the restaurant, hotel and the city! (Toronto, Canada)

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6ix AM (Toronto, Canada)

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A slice of Canadian paradise! Would you ever visit?! (Prince Edward County, Canada) Song: Tinashe- "Cold Sweat"

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Sometimes I'm asked how I think of my shots. While I don't have straight forward answer for you (my brain is constantly computing angles, framing, exposure settings and editing), what I can share with you with my mindset. For this, I'll draw a parallel with music. Whenever an artist is asked to be featured on a track, their job is to simply bring out the best in that song/beat. It could already be a hot song but just needs a little sumn' sumn' to bring it over the top. If you bring on the wrong feature, then they may not do that song/beat justice. I treat every destination, location and hotel that I'm inspired to create at as a song/beat. If I'm featured on it right, then it could turn out to be a hit! So, while a featured artist might sing their ass off on the hook or drop a hot 16 bars for a verse, I'm out here trying to drop a hot 16 shots before choosing one that I'm proud of. It's a win-win because both the song and me as the artist get some more shine. And the royalties in recognition is invaluable! In this image, I got a VERY cool and unexpected feature from a group of people learning how to surf in Lake Ontario. At first, I was disappointed that they'd be in my shot and disturbing the still, early-morning water. But, I ended up loving how INSANE they made the picture look! It's funny how their feature actually takes this picture over the top! (Toronto, Canada)

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SAND DUNES IN CANADA White, Caribbean-like beach sand, Middle Eastern desert vibes, Peruvian-like oasis feel and Canadian forestry all wrapped up into one super unique beach destination! This is Dunes Beach at @sandbankspp; one of my favourite hidden gems near Toronto! The name does not lie; these are literally sand dunes! The workout up the dunes was no joke! It is one of three beaches at the park tucked away on Prince Edward County; a 2.5 hour drive from Toronto. Out of the three, this is the most unique beach. In fact, this is one of the most unique beaches in the world!! This is by far the softest and whitest sand I've come across near Toronto AND it rivals the sand at MANY (if not ALL) of the Caribbean beaches. I couldn't even tell the difference. The sand felt like silky soft beneath my feet and the water in the lake (West Lake) was actually warm and super comfortable and shallow to swim in. It was perfect! The cost to enter the park is $21 CAD per vehicle but you have all day access to the three beaches. (Prince Edward County, Canada)

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MY RECENT TRIP TO CROATIA: Nah, I'm playing. This is Toronto; the city that birthed me 😎. I bet you thought this was some European country by the Adriatic sea though, didn't you? The Scarborough Bluffs is most definitely a local secret that 99% of visitors to Toronto never even see. Heck, a lot of people in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) don't even know about this and if they do, they've probably never seen these views of Lake Ontario; the smallest of the Great Lakes. There's nothing like the city in the summer time! There is a scenic beach below called Bluffer's Beach but there's no access from the top of the cliff by foot. The brown sand (not shown in this video) is actually soft and fluffy which surprised me but parking can be a challenge if you arrive later than 8AM on a weekend. But visiting means you would have visited 1 out of the 11 swimming beaches in Toronto. Hard to believe but yes we have 11 swimmable beaches in the city! And since we've been averaging 32-40C (90-104F) this July, the cool dip in this fresh water lake will feel refreshing! Song: Ryan Trey - "Break on Monday" (Toronto, Canada)

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