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We will find a way, or we will make one... Barca BC #Hannibalbarcatrilogy

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Happy MLK day...

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Less than two weeks away from the trailer launch of Fast 9! So grateful to the entire Fast Family, including Universal... anyone who for the last two decades have been a part of this incredible saga. Most important I am grateful to you all who have been there with us along the whole journey. We hope to make you proud. #Fast92020 #Fatherhood #Grateful

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Grats mi gente! All love, always... @nickyjampr

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Inspiration can be fleeting... stay motivated. Thanks for the love.

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A new approach to the Super Hero genre... #Valiant #Bloodshot #Sony

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2 Months. @Bloodshot 🔴 3.13.20. Trailer Tomorrow.

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Happy Creative... I was lucky to film Pitch Black in Australia back in 1998. It will always remain one of my best memories. We love you Australia and our hearts and prayers are with you.

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Only 3 weeks away from the F9 trailer launch... Generations. #Fast92020

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The Future is yours... Ours.

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All love...

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Ocean, family... Heaven. Proud...

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