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Thank you Peter Chang... for your brilliance, commitment and loyalty to Fast and Riddick. All love!!!

7 days ago 4K
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Week 8!!! Blessed, grateful and inspired... All Love. #Fast92020

8 days ago 9K
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Thank all for the birthday wishes.... Hope to make you proud. All love, Always. #Fast92020

1 months ago 14K
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Week 4! A long productive, challenging day... of which we are grateful for. Thanks for the love. #Fast92020 #Family #Fatherhood #FF9

1 months ago 10K
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Day 16! Grateful, Blessed and Inspired. #Fast92020

1 months ago 3K
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Happy Creative... #Fast92020

1 months ago 7K
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Day 14! Grateful, Blessed and Inspired... All love. @nathalieemmanuel @annasawai #Fast92020

1 months ago 5K
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We all know the legacy Chris Bridges has created in the music industry... but what I am particularly proud of is his growth as an actor. It has been a pleasure to watch him turn Tej into a household name. His contributions don’t stop there, when it comes to the World’s saga... look how he embraces and welcomes our new cast member John Cena... grateful for both of them. #Fast92020

1 months ago 3K
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Week 3! The world’s saga... it’s CENA not SENNA Vin. Haha. All love, always. #Fast92020 #Fatherhood #GratefulVin #PaMiGente

1 months ago 11K
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Wisdom... to acquire it, often takes nothing more than to simply listen, to the people you love who have it. Sir Michael Caine, grateful for your friendship. All love.

1 months ago 3K
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Day 10! Blessed, grateful and inspired. #Fast9!2020

2 months ago 9K
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On a day we as a nation celebrate Our independence... Pauline declares hers. Happy 4th! #Firstswim #ProudFather #mylittlemermaid

2 months ago 2K
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Day 7! All love...

2 months ago 15K
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Thank you for the CERTIFIED FRESH AWARD!!!! Humbled, grateful, blessed and inspired! @RottenTomatoes

2 months ago 4K
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Day 6!!! ...just got serious!!! #Fast9 #Fatherhood #May22/2020

2 months ago 6K
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Day 4!!! Grateful to make magic... with angels abound. Fast9-2020

2 months ago 7K
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First day completed! Blessed beyond words. #Fast9 2020

2 months ago 40K
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Even while daddy is busy and focused on the monumental task of Nine... the family puts a smile on my face. Blessed.

2 months ago 5K
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Dom state of mind...

3 months ago 8K
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Happy Memorial Day weekend...

3 months ago 4K
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The journey continues...

3 months ago 8K