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But text me anyways 😉❤️ 310-388-8308.

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#wearadamnmask ❤️👍🏽

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You might have seen this. But. As a reminder.

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MY OG BESTIE @ashleytisdale 🥳🥳 ash and I started from the bottom now we here!!! Lol but for real tho. We met on a commercial audition and our friendship took off. Next to high school musical, to touring the world, to shopping ALOT, to basketball games and a lot of rose. Now in our adulthood we busy helping each other decorate and renovate our houses. Lol so happy I have your fun loving spirit by my side in all walks of life. I love u ash. Always n forever ❤️❤️ happy birthday bby. 😘

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Happy pride my loves 🖤🤎💜💙💚❤️🧡💗💛🤍

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Happy birthday Tamir Rice. He would of have been 18 today. At 12 years old, his life was violently ended by the police. My heart goes out to his family and friends that lost him almost 6 years ago. The fight continues. #defundthepolice #tamirrice

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My dad Gregory Hudgens, passed away 4 years ago but he would have been 70 today. Even tho he’s not around anymore I still want to celebrate him by saying 🥳Happy 70th birthday poppa❤️ @stellahudgens and I miss you terribly.

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@tinasmithmn GOOD LUCK!!! #makejuneteenthanationalholiday

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Juneteenth should be a national holiday!!!

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It’s been 3 months and they still haven’t arrested or fired the cops who killed Breonna Taylor. F**king unacceptable. Let’s keep fighting for her. Keep goin fam ❤️ #justiceforbreonnataylor

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YESSSS LA!!!! 🎥@gabetiano

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