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Suit up. Stand out. 🖤♥️ Introducing: The new & exclusive Marvel's Black Widow x Ulta Beauty Collection 🕷️ Empowering you to create your next covert identity—or better yet, play up what makes you, you. Created in collaboration with @MarvelStudios #BlackWidow! #ultabeauty

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To the doctors... to the nurses... to all the healthcare workers on World Health Day: THANK YOU 🧡 #ultabeauty #worldhealthday

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You’ve done all the things: Organized your closets 👕 Shared all the memes 🤣 Started baking (!!) 🍪 So here’s a tip: instead of distracting yourself, try staying connected to yourself. Focus on your senses to feel grounded and fully present, and to appreciate the now. #ultabeauty

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There’s beauty all around us. So let’s look for it, together. In the generosity. The kindness. In the bravery. Let’s see the humanity and the hope out there. Let’s #SeeBeautifulToday. Share your beautiful moments by posting an image or story and tag @ultabeauty with #SeeBeautifulToday.

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The skin compliments are about to roll in on the WFH video chat tomorrow morning 😉💖@lovephilosophy Microdelivery Dream Peel smooths while you sleep with 6% AHA and BHA. #Regram @lovephilosophy

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If we're going to cocoon, we might as well emerge as butterflies. 🤷‍♀️🦋 #ultabeauty

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Bringing the outdoors in, one eye at a time (some plants don't hurt either.) 🌱🌿💚 Our copywriter @cole.b.moore decided to play with a pop of green for her WFH look. Beauty, your way 🙌 Share your pics with us by using #ultabeauty! #Regram 📷: @cole.b.moore

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A spritz of optimism, please 🧡 This month's Fragrance Crush, @clinique Happy, blends bright citrus and floral notes for an uplifting scent that lets you shine. Tap the link in bio to learn more!

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Hey you! Congrats on getting through the week 💗 @laurajaneillustrations is bringing your Feel-Good Friday reminder to start the weekend on a high note! Tag someone to share the love. #ultabeauty⁠ ⁠ #Regram @laurajaneillustrations

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Whose man is this? We just wanna talk... 🤣 #theaudacity #ultabeauty

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Left hand: Work of art 💅 Right hand: 🙃 The solution: This easy polka dot nail art from Ulta Beauty Collective member, @hannahroxit. Simple and looks cute, even if your hands end up being sisters, not twins 😉 #ultabeauty

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If you're seeing this take a breath ‍🧘 Then tag a friend to remind them too. #ultabeauty

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