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Currently reading: ‘Girl, Stop Apologizing’ & it’s rocking my world. I’ve been working on not asking permission and not saying sorry all the freaking time. If you’re like me and need a kick in the right direction....this book is for you. Every Sunday I’m posting about what self bettering book I’m currently reading. Join me for #BOOKCLUBSUNDAYS💛 What book should I read next?! 💫check my highlights for previous weeks!

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Two things I’m excited about: pretty sure I found the shirt version of the beaded dress from our engagement shoot & I’m HYPE. Linking it in my stories!! 🤩 Second, pretty sure LA is the only place where it’s acceptable to wear a sweater all morning and a tank top later in the same day, in December. Not mad at it one bit⚡️

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Quick reminder to myself and anyone that needs to hear it: Some days....walking from your couch to the fridge & back again counts as enough exercise. Today is some days🙃

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This dress, this day, this location was magical ✨Are you as obsessed with this gown as I am??? PS it’s the Artemia Gown from @bhldn and it’s on major sale right now🙌🏼

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It’s officially Sherpa season in LA☺️ Last two chances to sweat with me for a while!: ⚡️Tomorrow (Wednesday) @studiob.bandier 12pm ⚡️Thursday @alolosangeles 1230pm Hope to see you there!! xo

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Playing with pampas grass in Malibu with @shannonyenphotography ☺️🌾

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Tying my hairrrrs back & getting ready to devour all of the foods tomorrow 😋 I’m in charge of the meat / cheese board tomorrow BUT I don’t really eat meat and cheese sooo tune in on IGTV tomorrow to see how I add things in to make it plant based /vegan friendly! 🌟

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Can’t believe we’re checking off our ‘Save The Dates’ from the wedding prep list already. ☺️ We just got our proofs back from @zola and I’m obsessed with how easy they were to create + how gorgeous they came out. (Check my stories for how you can customize your own & match them to your website). 🌟 if you’re following along and planning your own wedding, use code ZOLAPARTNER40 for 40% off!

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Literally living in this jacket + set combo🌟 Also - Mike did a photoshoot with me and made a cameo in my TikTok. I’d call that a successful weekend 📸

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Hi from date night 👋🏼☺️

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Honestly, we really need a day between Saturday and Sunday ⚡️ Best week showing my best gal all my favorite spots in LA in hopes of convincing her to move out here🙃

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Teach, create, chill ⚡️ Always on the go + always getting work done in between classes, auditions and shoots. #ad I always have my diffuser going at home to help stimulate calm vibes and creativity but now I have #mymonq a personal diffuser for aromatherapy on the go .. game changer!

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& just like that I got my dress ☺️ Literally dyinggggg to show you what I picked #isaidyestothedress

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I’ll take one of each please 🤩

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Today was absolutely magical!💛🌟 It’s so crazy how you can have one vision in mind & how things can change once you start trying gowns on. I’d like to make wedding dress shopping a yearly activity - this is too much fun😊 * this is not my dress but I felt like a Princess in it and couldn’t stop twirling

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Spicy margs + warm weather November 🙃 - Good hair day brought to you by @haleymohler teaching me a new curling technique via @tiktok ⚡️

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Hey NYC - Sweat Sessions is coming to youuu this month!!⚡️ @aubrewinters took my last post about New York wayyyy too seriously & is heading to the East Coast this month to bring lots of shimmy’s & booty shaking to ya. I’m sooo beyond proud of bae🙌🏼 - - 👉🏻For the month of November I’m taking over and I’ll be teaching @studiob.bandier + @alolosangeles . I just made some 🔥 new playlists, can’t wait to dance with you this month!

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Pretty Princess activities all week long 😊🌟

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