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Miami Files💫 - - Travel essentials: @drroebucks Kibosh Cleanser + No Worries moisturizer. Clean, gentle, effective and perfect to find your Aussie #roeglow. Find these products now @sephora #sponsored #cleanatsephora #noworriesbeaut

1 days ago 10
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Lots of smiles these days 😁💫

3 days ago 36
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Afternoon matcha + a big ol’ smile 😁 Reminder : don’t be afraid to go for what you want in this life. Set your eyes on the prize, stay grateful for every opportunity & don’t allow any negative energy to stand in your way. You got this⚡️

4 days ago 13
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Got my moon shoes laced up & I’m ready to take on the jam packed week ahead 💫 First up, on set in Portland just doinnnnn it ✔️

5 days ago 22
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Having ourselves a girls weekend💛💫 PS @emclaymusic and I danced around in our robes & hair towels making a fun video for youuuu - can you guys guess what song it was to????🤔

9 days ago 16
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Reminding myself to find moments of stillness amidst the busy busy LA days 💫 I get stuck in the rat race of working at all times but I think it’s important to take time each day for yourself. Busy-ness can become a bad habit if we forget to pause/breathe. Here’s to finding the CHILL in every single dayyyy my peeps💛

12 days ago 29
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Slow moving summer Sundays are my favorite time of the year 💫 Happy chillin’ everybody 💛

13 days ago 25
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Post yoga flow necessities 💫 Impromptu girls night getaway to Santa Barbara. My heart is V happy😊

14 days ago 16
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Hope everyone’s having the best dayyyyy! Yesterday I went to a soul circle with awesome babes & today I saw my magical chiropractor / energy healer - I’m vibing real high right now & am here to share it with youuuuu💫💫💫

18 days ago 20
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Super clean, super simple - just the way I like it 💫🙌🏼 There’s nothing better than finding clean, gentle, effective products that do it all. From removing make up to ultimate hydration, Kibosh cleanser & No worries moisturizer give you the ultimate Aussie #roeglow.💆🏽‍♀️ Find my fave products from @drroebucks now @sephora #sponsored

22 days ago 10
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Searching for the perfect venue, stay tuneddddd 👀 .... also extremely hangry rn & searching for my @oscarsmex fish taco 🌮🌯🍹

24 days ago 23
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Thanks for sweating with me this morning @wlosangeles 💦 Love getting sweaty dancing around doing #sweatsessions with all of youuuu😘 Doing it again Sunday September 29th , can’t wait to see you all there!⚡️⚡️⚡️

27 days ago 26
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Doing it alllll today ⚡️⚡️ This week is all about wedding plans. You’ve all been so helpful already in the DM’s with recommendations ... keep ‘em coming !! 👇🏼👇🏼 💫What are your favorite SoCal vendors: florists, photographers, venues, music EVERYTHINGGG. I’ll be sure to put together a post at the end of all this planning. Thanks in advance for all of the help + joining along for the ride 💛

29 days ago 22
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Hi friends! This week is gonna be a fun oneeeee🤗🙌🏼 I’m teaching more than usual, check out the schedule below so you don’t miss an opportunity to sweat together: - - 💫Today: 7pm Sweat Sessions @knockoutla 💫Tuesday: 930am/12pm @purebarremdr 💫 Wednesday: 6pm Sweat Sessions @knockoutla 💫 Sunday: 9am Sweat Sessions @whollywoodhotel

1 months ago 31
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Sunday shmoooood 😛

1 months ago 21
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A photo in real time with babe💛💫

1 months ago 31
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Hi honeyyyyys 🍯 Post Vegas AKA a weekend in the desert getting super dehydrated, my skin is in need of all the extra exfoliation I can get. Currently crushing real hard on this new honey body scrub from @vspink ⚡️It has me feeling like my #bestself and ready to bare it all #PINKBTY #ad

1 months ago 7
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Another jam packed day running around LA & I wouldn’t have it any other way ☺️🌴

1 months ago 22