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Most asked about dress + hairstyle from my stories the other night celebrating @bareminerals ⚡️ Tap for all of the deeeets!

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Happy Valentine’s Day loverrrrs💕 Quick reminders: ♡ Show up for the ones you love everyday, not just today ♡ Show love & kindness to yourself - you’re perfect, never forget it ♡ Surround yourself with people who make you feel loved + supported every single dayyy OK I love you all, have the best day! xo

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Nothing better than teaching a barre sculpt class outside in the sunshine for @carbon38 💫 - It’s been SO weird not being on any studio schedules this year while I make time to pursue some other passions of mine. I miss teaching live to my LA fit fam so this morning was extra extra special 💛 I’m teaching again on Wednesday March 11th & Wednesday April 8th @ 10am. - Let me know if you want to come, would love to see you all there! xo

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Sunday ShmoOood💫 I love it when work makes ya smile, ya know???

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When you feel like stopping or giving up, just keep going. Goooood things are coming, right around the corner 😊💫 - PS @aubrewinters and I have the same taste in clothes, what can I say 🤷🏽‍♀️

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Apparently I’m the only person who doesn’t get a Chinese chicken salad from @joansonthird ... true or false???🙃

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Snoozed my alarm for over an hour this morning, left my house in my PJ’s & finished my second matcha of the day before noon. Sleepy is an understatement anddddd it’s only Tuesday 🤪

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Sunday with the gals ☺️💫 - - @toneitup how did you know to put the 3 of us together?! Still can’t believe how lucky we got💛

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Hey! Here’s me dancing 🙃 I haven’t posted a dance video in sooo long. Hope you enjoyyyy PS @dextercarr class is the most fun always 🙌🏼💫

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Permanent big ol’ smile on my face these dayyyys 😁💫

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A few things I’ve been reminded of this weekend 💛: * work hard * inspire others * enjoy life even when it’s tough * give your loved ones an extra tight hug every morning and night * every single day you get to wake up is a blessing

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Out here accepting good vibes only 👼

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Appreciation post for this guyyyy, just love him a lot💛⚡️

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Become more aware of what’s really worth your energy⚡️

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Sending you all good, happy, smiley vibes today 3 - - PS this is the same book I’ve been reading since December & I’m finally almost done 😅 The holidays really slowed me down but I’m back to #bookclubsundays this weekend so I’m on the hunt for the perfect new book to start...suggestions welcome 🤓

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Iced oat milk matcha latte, half water half milk⚡️ Just debated this with a friend this morning - which is better in your morning latte: almond, oat or coconut milk??? (Also yes, can I get anymore LA debating which non dairy speciality milk is best in a matcha latte..I’m aware 🤪)

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Dainty little hoops ‘n things 💫

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ilysm LA, happy 4 years 💫

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