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@sjsmitty07 1 months ago


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@mimiandthemountains 1 months ago

Stop 👏🏻supporting 👏🏻 abusers👏🏻 just👏🏻because👏🏻they👏🏻are👏🏻women!!!👏🏻

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@heather.woodruff 1 months ago

How am I supposed to take Times Up seriously when you ignored Tara Reade for so long? Didn’t give her the same treatment or apply the same standard as you did with Dr. Ford. Times Up got some ‘splaining to do.

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@woodworth.charlotte 1 months ago

I need this in my life! In the U.K. so have messaged you directly asking for help! Thanks v much

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I've always been a huge advocate for Crisis Management Planning and the doors they open for others. Click the link in my bio to learn more.

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@sophia_eva_fox 1 months ago

Inclusion? Like how y’all included Tara Reade in your “believe and support all survivors” mentality?

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