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Training for Black Adam⚡️ The hierarchy of power in the DC Universe is about to change. Eye for an eye. Do right by the people. #blackadamjustice #blackadam⚡️ @jonbrandoncruz 📸 Shooting begins this summer

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Challenge yourself to greatness, listen to your gut, check your ego at the door, be kind, be grateful and always block out the noise. These were my principles I applied to my pro wrestling career. But I also learned to apply them to something much bigger than wrestling or Hollywood — life. I want you to do the same. Good luck, thank you for your time and always be the hardest workers in the room. And most of all, have fun. #squaredcircleDNA #nxt #peopleschamp @jonbrandoncruz 🎥

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The house built on our competitors’ blood, sweat and respect. The first two they give. The last one they earn. Hot ticket! Thank you, Atlanta for always BRINGIN’ IT ✊🏾 @sevenbucksprod @asmithcoprod @NBC #TitanGames Season 2

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@nbctitangames season 2 ✊🏾 Changing the face of athletic competition on television. An extraordinary week of work from our competitors and production crew. Pleasure producing this series and creating this global platform for people to shine. @sevenbucksprod @asmithcoprod @NBC @hhgarcia41 📸

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Our @projectrock brand has become @underarmour’s #1 top seller for a few key fundamental reasons/ Committed teams on both sides who consistently push and strive to bring our consumers the best training gear on the planet. But the real magic comes from one thing - authenticity. My DNA. My mana. Anything that’s on the market that bears my name, represents my story of putting in the work with my own two hands, celebrate the wins and embrace the losses. Whether my @projectrock training gear, @teremana tequila, @vossworld beverages etc - whatever your affection, it’s the equivalent of shaking my hand. And to me, my handshake is everything. Your trust. Our bond. Authenticity. #UnderArmourHQ #TeamWork #PROJECTROCK 2020 @jonbrandoncruz 🎥

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It’s OFFICIAL - the first of its kind 👏🏾💪🏾🥃 Our passion venture known as @athleticonatl goes LIVE this OCTOBER in my home city of ATLANTA! @danygarciaco and myself will bring the very best of/ Athletics. Wellness. Entertainment. All over the course of an EPIC WEEKEND at the GEORGIA WORLD CONGRESS CENTER. I never use the term “Chasing Greatness” lightly, so join us for #ATHLETICON in October and we’ll chase and achieve it - together. Check the link in my bio👆🏾for what and who’s coming to our big dance. #Inspire #Motivate #Ignite #ATHLETICON OCTOBER 2020

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Dreams ain’t just for dreamers. Congrats to my #1 born, Simone Johnson on officially signing her wrestling contract with @wwe @wwenxt and on her way to becoming the first ever 4th generation WWE athlete. Carry our family name proudly, but your road will always be yours to create, earn & own. So proud. Live your dream. Let’s work. #humblehungry #hardestworkersintheroom #4thgeneration

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This incredible SUPER BOWL TAKEOVER for our Seven Bucks Companies was executed brilliantly by our extremely hard working and strategic Seven Bucks team and partners. Utilizing the world’s biggest stage to launch not one, BUT TWO of our newest and most exciting brands/ @teremana tequila 🥃 @athleticonatl wellness🏃🏽‍♂️🏃🏽‍♀️ And to top it all off, I had the real honor of shining the spotlight on the ones who deserve and earned it the most - the players. I was one proud ceo and founder of our seven bucks team and our all partners’ brilliant work. #SuperBowlTakeover #Athleticon #TeremanaTequila #SevenBucksCompanies 🎤 🥃

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As promised, I delivered special first run bottles of my @teremana tequila to every @49ers & @chiefs player in the SUPER BOWL with a personal note from me. And though I failed at my dream of making it to the NFL, Im the lucky SOB who gets to live vicariously thru their greatness. Whilst sipping my tequila with them all 😉🥃 Cheers to the AFC/SUPER BOWL WORLD Champs & the NFC Champs and their greatness. And a life long toast to always being the hardest workers in the room. Enjoy the tequila, gentlemen with your family & friends. #livingthedream 🏈 #teremanatequila 🥃

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You trail blazed and even harder, you changed people’s harsh behaviors toward a man of color. Paving the way for me, my family and generations to come. You loved us with the capacity of which you could - given all the givens. Raised me with an iron hand and a tough complicated love. A love that now, as a father and man, I’ve learned to refine as I raise my own children. I wish I had one more shot. To say one more thing. You were taken too fast. Slipped right thru my hands. But you were so loved, lived so full, defined culture and now you rest high. Peacefully. And that makes my heart smile. I love you and now I have an angel to call by name. I’ll see you down the road, Soulman. Til we meet again. Your son 🥃🖤

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Welcome to Season 2 of TITAN GAMES 🔥 From doctors to monster truck drivers, military men and women to wine makers to so much more - I’ve selected very diverse contestants from all walks of life - who also happen to be the most incredible and competitive athletes in the world. Let the games begin. @sevenbucksprod @asmithcoprod @nbctitangames @NBC @hhgarcia41 📸

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7am. Iron Paradise. Quiet and cold, like my soul. 😈 #chalkup #bsr #firsttwoyougive #lastoneyouearn

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