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those famous tiles of porto. the characteristic blue azulejo tiles of the igreja do carmo are pretty insta-famous by now i‘d say. the locally made tiles have been added to the church later in 1912. 💙

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morning view of strasbourg. downstream of ponts couverts, four channels flow, together with the narrow lanes and footbridges that connect them, mostly date from the 16th and 17th centuries. the historic city centre was classified a world heritage site by UNESCO in 1988, the first time such an honour was placed on an entire city centre.

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one of those #prettybookplaces. 📚 the national library of finland is not just a library, it is also a sight and a cultural destination where exhibitions and cultural events take place. the main building is one of the most renowned landmarks and was built in 1840-45.

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a hidden gem in the greater area of hamburg. - directly at the bunthäuser spitze you’ll find the beacon bunthaus - a 7 meters high lighthouse made of wood. from there you have a wonderful view over the elbe delta. the wooden lighthouse was built in 1914 and was in operation until 1977. It was restored in 1989 and 2007 and has been a listed building since 2004.

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munich’s municipal law library is one of the most beautiful libraries i‘ve ever seen. the rather small library is located within the city’s new town hall, which was built between 1867 and 1908 and is supposed to resemble a bright warm forest. luckily you don’t need to be a lawyer or a law student to visit this elaborate library as it is open to the public. but if you only want to take a picture please make sure to sneak in early or late to not disturb people or go on one of the tours through the whole new town hall!

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color palette of porto. 🎨 there have been a few times where i wished i had a telephoto lens in this city. if you have one - bring it to porto. 😉 those facades along the ribeira district are just way to impressive!

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the library is open. 📚 inside of the barockhaus museum in görlitz you’ll find this stunning library. the upper lusatia library of sciences, the largest regional scientific library for the area. it boasts over 140,000 books on history, culture, art, economy, politics and nature of the region, in a beautiful historic setting and is still used for researching today.

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the typical architecture of lüneburg in one spot. the first thing you pass while walking from the train station to the inner city are the old council mill to the left and the water tower in the back.

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some images of the impressive architecture and interior of hamburg’s city hall which is the seat of the government of hamburg. after the old city hall was destroyed in the great fire of 1842, it took almost 44 years to build a new one. construction started in 1886 and the new city hall was inaugurated in 1897.

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the old town hall of bamberg was built in 1386 in the middle of the regnitz river, accessible by two bridges. the frescoes never fails to impress as they lend the facades a three-dimensional quality. we went to explore this charming little city during a rather short day trip and it didn’t disappoint. bamberg is often compared to rome cause it is built on seven hills, each one with a church at the top.

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hidden gems of portugal. when @nbluncksen & @n.reinertsen took us hiking around #algarseco they showed us a few hidden spots like the #boneca cave. an impressive nature site where ocean wave erosion has carved out grottoes.

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a porto classic. 🚃 the front of the igreja do carmo. it was interesting for me to learn that the building is actually part of two churches that are separated by a very narrow house which was inhabited until the 1980‘s. the house was built so that the churches would not share a common wall and to prevent any relations between the nuns.

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