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🌈 A lack of oxygen at 17,000 ft (5200m) elevation takes it toll on your ability to breathe, but once at the top it’s only the view that takes your breath away. Credits: @emmettsparling. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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I belive I can fly. 🦅 Would you try this? 😅 Shout out to the cameraman tough. Credits: @espenfadnes. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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When the path reveals itself, follow it. Credits: @bokehm0n. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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Has anyone else ever rope swinged inside a cenoté? It’s definitely one of the most breathtaking activities one can do. Who are you taking here? Credits: @davidmrule. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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Lots of sharks out there. 🦈 Gotta be careful who you let get close. Credits: @shangerdanger. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🌲 Sunset in the birch tree forest. Credits: @kpunkka. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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The clarity in the water, the rainbow variation of color in the rocks and surrounding mountain peaks. No place like Lake McDonald. Stunning compositions in every season! Credits: @davidmrule. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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(Sound on!) Beams of light are being emitted from a drone and illuminating the landscape. ⚡️ Tag someone that should see this. Credits: @itsreuben. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🌲 Nature is not a place to visit, It is home. Who would you stay here with? Credits: @bokehm0n. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🌲 Standing amongst giants in a rainy forest. Who would you go there with? Credits: @alberthbyang. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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Sliding straight into the weekend. Credits: @swissmountainview. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🦈 Face to face with a tiger shark. Would you dare to do this? Credits: @oceanramsey & @juansharks. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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