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❄️ Watching the big snowflakes from a warm floating sanctuary. Credits: @kylefinndempsey. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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Cozy morning in wonderland. One of the things we love about winter is that last hour of sweet, saturated-orange sunlight in contrast to the white snow. This simple pleasure is called #goldenhour, and in Finland it lasts for a few hours (what!?). Credits: @sisustustoimistohohde. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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❄️ Frosty winter fantasy. This castle was intended as a home for the king Ludwig II of Bavaria, but he died in 1886 before moving in. Later it served as the inspiration for Disneyland’s Sleeping Beauty Castle. Enjoy your weekend! Credits: @joonaslinkola. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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Winding lanes and idyllic huts on the slopes above Lauterbrunnen. A photographer's playground. Credits: @mjowenhughes. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🐶 Adventures at Peyto Lake in Canada with the pup. Credits: @ritzroams. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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Vacation mode in Bali. 🌴 Tag someome who needs a cheeky escape asap. Credits: @thelosttwo. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🦅 A stunning bald eagle capture in the state of Washington! Credits: @charlysavely. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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⛅️☕️ Watching the sun rise over the clouds with a cup of tea. Credits: @yourpassport. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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There are no shortcuts any place worth going. Unless you take a gondola up this mountain. Credits: @elliotgrafton. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🐶 Tired from playing all day in the sand. Credits: @ourfriendmilo. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🐕 Some things you've just got to see to believe! Credits: @doyoutravel. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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❄️🚂 The polar Express is on his way to the north pole. Credits: @marcelsiebert. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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