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🌲 When it’s too cozy to want to get out of bed. Credits: @dirtandglass. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🌱 From a calm morning in Colorado at 12,400ft (3,780 m). Credits: @everchanginghorizon. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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A furry adventure pal and an epic backdrop... Two of our favourite things! Tag the dog lover in your life! Credit: @mwhellams. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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There's something super charming about this one! Rate it from 1-10. Credits: @doyoutravel. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🐪 A rare rainfall in the desert. Credits: @parisverra. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🌿 Beautiful paths can’t be discovered without getting lost. Credits: @zackkcore. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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☁️ When nature meets art! Credits: @ronnaldong. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🌲 Rainy days in heaven. Credits: @brudmansur. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🌲 Who would you stay here with? Credits: @ksto. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🌲 Fog on the woods. Credits: @kylekotajarvi. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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The monasteries constructed on top of the massive rocks here, were build here because in the Byzantine times monks had the inspiration that they would be closer to god that way. Credits: @shirley.films. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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🇳🇴 Geiranger in Norway. Who would you explore the fjords with? Credits: @wildlicht. Tag: #thegreatplanet

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