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If you spend over $40 in @TheEllenShop, you’re automatically entered to win our 12 Days of Giveaways sweepstakes! I don’t know what more I can do for you people. 😉 Go to ellenshop.com for more ways to win.

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My friend @JonDorenbos is hosting a new @ellentube digital series called “Let Me In So You Can Win!” Here's just a little taste. It all starts 11/18.

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Started from the bottom... now we’re here.

2 days ago 525
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I will never forget @LenaWaithe’s Emmy speech. I’m so glad she was here.

2 days ago 272
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@AshleyGraham was born to be the host of #Fearless. Watch the full episode for a surprise ending. *link in bio

2 days ago 639
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I couldn’t agree more. @johnlegend @traceeellisross

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Tomorrow, the Sexiest Man Alive serenades one lucky audience member. @johnlegend

3 days ago 2K
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It’s getting chilly in L.A.! 76 today! Brrrr. But I’ve gotya covered. #EV1

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That’s gonna leave a mark… not the paint... the falling. @andylassner @stevespangler Follow us on TikTok. Handle: ellendegeneres

3 days ago 908
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If history were always taught by @iamwandasykes, I’d know more than I do.

3 days ago 409
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@Pink, I want you to order me the same suit Jameson has, in adult size. Thank you, friend. #cmaawards

3 days ago 2K
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#repost @theellenfund ・・・ @mariasharapova shared this singles game with one of our favorite players.

3 days ago 850
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I really want these kittens to find homes. If you can adopt them, I hope you will. #repost @wagmorpets ・・・ It’s sad how long these babies have been here 💔 They deserve loving homes with lots of room to play! Please stop in to meet these 3 girls and a boy 🐈 Address is in bio! 📸: @ericaleighphoto #adoptdontshop #catrescue

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He made us all cry on @Jeopardy on Monday. Tomorrow he’s here.

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It’s World Kindness Day! You can get one of my subscription boxes for free when you sign up for an annual subscription. Use code 1BOXFREE19 at checkout. Bekindbyellen.com

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What a coincidence!

4 days ago 3K
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Ray Romano worked with Al Pacino in a fat suit.

4 days ago 741
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@Lil.Mushroom1225 is so talented and so adorable. And @AndyLassner gets an A for effort.

4 days ago 2K
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OMG! We surprised one of my staffers in the first episode of @AyeshaCurry’s new @ellentube series, #Fempire! Wait 'til you see Melanie’s reaction. @melaniesbakeshop *link in bio

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I thought I couldn’t love this couple more. And then I could. Don’t miss this, tomorrow.

5 days ago 3K
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Who knew it was Mary’s rash that broke Disney+?

5 days ago 321
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Why is this game so fun to watch?! #tastebuds

5 days ago 2K