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New challenge! Watch this, then go make a dance! #tWitchDoMyDance

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This re-creation of @KylieJenner’s playhouse made from cardboard by @theNavaRose will definitely keep your kids occupied for a while.

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@Pink recovered from COVID, and what she did after is absolutely beautiful.

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@DavidSpade as Joe Exotic is a movie I would watch. #TigerKing

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Tomorrow, my friend @Pink tells me her honest, emotional experience recovering from COVID with her 3-year-old son.

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Now it’s over to the people they challenged. You’re up, @MarkWahlberg, @MarioLopez, @RobLowe, @AllisonHolker, @EdGlavin and @TheEllenShow! Hey wait, that’s me.

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Check out the entire first season of "Aidan’s Magic Corner" on @ellentube, and prepare to be amazed.

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@DrewBrees and Brittany Brees could use some alone time.

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Tomorrow, @DrewBrees and I talk about the coming NFL season.

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#GameofGames is about to start! It’s an hour of fun, and tonight it has @JustinTimberlake and @AnnaKendrick47 and a bunch of other Trolls.

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Here ya go. I’m dropping a GIF at your doorstep.

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Everyone has an opinion about #TigerKing, including me.

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