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Happy birthday, @iamjeanniek. You’re one of a kind. I know you made your dad proud. I love you.

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@TiffanyHaddish has learned some hard lessons about lasers.

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Regis Philbin spent more time on television than almost anyone. And we were all better for it. Sending love to his family and his fans.

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Happy birthday, @jlo! A couple of decorative stones in my yard tried to tell me it was tomorrow. But i won’t be fooled by the rocks that I got.

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@sirtwitchalot and @allisonholker have crowned the winner of our first "Dance Like a Boss" challenge! Check out their recreation of the winning dance!

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I love this family.

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Happy birthday, @kristenanniebell. You might be the world’s greatest person.

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Representative John Lewis was born in a time when people were fighting for Civil Rights, and he died in a time when people were fighting for Civil Rights. He worked his entire life to make our country a better place. I’m honored that I recently had the chance to talk with him. My sympathy to his family and to us all.

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@edbyellen’s floor lamp really wants to explore your space. @bylisalinh crafted by @generationlighting

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It’s a brand new episode of #TokItOut, with dancing prankster Michael Le!

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I love these two! I can’t wait to see the dances!

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