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someone tell me what day it is

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conspiracy theory: what if a bunch of doggos created this whole situation to get hoomans to work from home .. 🤯 all jokes aside, praying for us all through this tough time & sending nothing but love to you all 💛 to those who have already been more affected by this than others, i offer my deepest condolences- stay strong. ps: please double check information online as there are many misleading ones out there.. one thing’s for sure: practice good hygiene! 🧖🏻 also, now is not the time to turn on each other and send unnecessary hate. let’s all support each other as one big family. we can beat this guys, one day at a time.. love Lilo & Fam 👊🏻

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is checking surroundings for available treatos 👁👄👁

25 days ago 0
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🆘 someone pls help get this overly affectionate hooman away from me

27 days ago 0
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does something look odd in this picture? .... yup, you guessed it. MY BOWL IS EMPTY. fill it now hooman 😠 (pretty please im cute)

1 months ago 0
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pupper wants attention ples comply hooman

1 months ago 0
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corgo: hooman can i drive ples 🥺 hooman: no, your feet can’t physically reach the pedal 🚗 corgo: dammit y am i made like dis ☹️

1 months ago 0
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professor: *explaining the universal laws of physics* me: explain corgis then professor: *retires*

1 months ago 0
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felt cute, might delete later #nofilter

1 months ago 0
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had an amazing time spending valentines day with my bae! 💞 (to all the singles out there, sorry this corgo can’t relate.. my bae is very very much real.. swipe for proof) 🙄

1 months ago 0
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how to hide from your obsessed hoomans 101: become a sofa (ps: doesn’t always work)

2 months ago 0
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