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me passing a mirror & finally acknowledging the extra few pounds i put on from all that yummy chimkin 😳🔊 #iddoitagain 🍗🧡

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did you know, corgis are so flexible you can turn them into any shape imaginable 😦🖤

5 days ago 0
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Oops, our dog must’ve eaten our new year greetings post. So.. Happy 2020 fam! Let’s try our best and make the most of this new decade 🥳 (better late than never... we’re super cute you’ll forgive us anyways) 🥺😉

6 days ago 0
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After a hectic (but hella awesome) week of roadtripping with family around Java, we made it home just in time to enjoy the last couple of hours of christmas with our furry family 😅 and so, we Woof you a very Merry Christmas, from our family to yours. 🎄💚☺️

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‼️ You have encountered an extremely rare christmas corgo burrito. Spread this picture around to receive extra x’mas blessing 🎄🌯✨

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she forgets to put her tongue away sometimes 🐶

1 months ago 0
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ah i see you’re packing to travel hooman.. i guess we’ll just casually sit here then.. perhaps you can cancel your tickets? 🥺💔

2 months ago 0
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get you someone who looks at you the way Lilo looks at hoomans’ full dinner table and runs towards it on her short legs with pure confidence 🥺🍽 #yesgirl

2 months ago 0
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yup now i know why apple went with the wide angle lens 🤔🤣

2 months ago 0
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gib paw five to gud girl ples 😀🐾

2 months ago 0
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*me trying to deal with difficult people* 🙄

2 months ago 0
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“would you like some chim-“

2 months ago 0
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