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climbed up & down the side of a mountain in sandals and a @tjswim bikini 🍹

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🍉 feeling like the sweetest watermelon lady 🍉~ my dress is made by @shopeyetoeye, a minority & women owned brand implementing way more ethical & sustainable priorities than fast fashion 3

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rare moment out of the house before noon 🥱 (only to develop film of course)

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because i know people are still looking for love in a quarantined world, i’m here to help you guys out by introducing you to @bumble! a dating app who took the initiative to take back the male dominated and toxic online dating world & allow women to make the first move! now women are in control, & it has a lot of cool features that I personally feel are amazing for finding love & protecting boundaries at the same time! i.e. video chat directly through the app, so you don’t have to give up your number just yet (& you can safely go on a first date virtually), filtering your matches, being able to hide/snooze your profile for however long you’d like, etc! download @bumble & #makethefirstmove 🐝 #sponsored

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been thinking of ways i can do my part to save our planet & one thing i’ve been having a lot of fun searching for is sustainable brands! @rothys new lace up sneaker collection is sustainably made from 100% recycled materials like a plant based footbed, & shoe strings spun from plastic bottles 🌱 on top of that, i’m in love with the minimal pastel colors of this collection! go check them out for yourselves! #sponsored

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mama T feeding her cat child 🖼 also i own a robe for the first time in my life & prancing around my apt in it makes me feel like a real life adult lol thank u @teklafabrics 3 my mom sent me this stool in the mail & i love it a lot thanks mom 3 & lastly, i never credit my bf for taking 90% of my photos lol so thank you @myfavoritecolor

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@tamiaandherfeelings go follow it if u cool:)

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much loveeee ~ film from all of us

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🥂 thank u for having me @thehoteljune~ here’s some highlights from my stay! 🌛

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strawberry lady 🍓

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hiking hiking hiking @kinaandtam 3

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