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✖️. We could sit in a car for 2 hours, listen to music and talk about life and lowkey that’s a date right there 😩

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✖️. Go with your intuition more, that’s god talking to you ✨ #armsday

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✖️. I still remember the first time I started training at Golds’s Gym Kalyani Nagar in Pune and was hitting these Tricep Dips? I couldn’t even manage to get 10 reps and also needed weighted support to get those number of reps and now I can hit way more than that 🤗 Not just hit reps without weighted support but add more to my body weight and the only reason why all of this has been possible was cuz I’ve been consistent and y’all can also start getting such results if you stick to your routine 🙌🏻 Posting two videos, so swipe right 👾 #Growtogether #tricepsworkout #triceps

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✖️. All my life I’d been hearing things like how gym can actually heal a person and also help that person grow and Honestly, after all these months of training? I’ve actually realised that this really does happen’ From what I was a few months back and what I am now? I know how much I’ve grown physically and mentally :)) and that’s why I like motivating you all 🤗 Y’all can ask me anything, don’t hesitate 👾 #growtogether

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✖️. Who’s excited for the weekend? 🤘🏻 I’m only excited cause I get to play Football on the weekends 👾 Y’all deserve taking a day off if you’ve been working hard the entire week! #Su

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✖️. I’ve been working out with a goal in my mind for a few months now! Which eventually pushes me to do more and more each day and “y’all putting allegations” on me? Y’all can’t even eat clean straight for a week and choose clubbing over your Saturday workout sessions and then tell me we are not getting any results but how are you? If It was so easy then wouldn’t everyone in the gym have an aesthetic body already? #workharder

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Everyday make sure you try to learn something new 😌

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✖️. The levels your body can achieve with discipline is just astonishing and most of us know that but still don’t manage to stick to it! This is literally a picture when I was 4 months into the game and started dropping my body fat percentage and look at those veins 🤯 This isn’t even a clear picture, so I’ll post something better soon. Y’all should really start working on yourselves, you’ll realise how much better it makes you feel :) #natty #Mensphysique #LiftLife #lean

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✖️. This is a picture that I took on 30th August’ 19, the last day before I started bulking up for the competition and after this I think even I have never seen my abs so defined but you gotta lose something to get somewhere! This picture really motivates me a lot and pushes me to do more and I really just have one thing to say to y’all! The way I have disciplined myself just for 6 months, it’s given me such a result and Honestly? YOU also can do this! You just need to be patient and follow your diet and stay disciplined 🤗 Also, out with my First YouTube Project, link in my bio! Do check that out 📹 #mensphysique #Sheruclassic #mensphysiqueathlete #shredded #natty #ripped #liftlife #ihff

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Sheru Classic 19’ - LINK IN BIO. I’d been working out on irregular basis earlier but wasn’t serious about this sport but something hit me during July 19’ and I didn’t really want to continue living like that! Like it really disturbed me that I had no goal in life and I wanted to make a change and do something that not only changes my life but also makes me feel happy about it and I belong to family who has been very athletic and has spent a lot of their time playing different kinds of sports and someone who belongs to a sporty family should always take benefit of the genetics you get cuz of your parents and this is something that really helped me get to where I am now. In July when I actually decided to start taking things seriously I also knew that these genetics would help me grow only till a certain point but the growth I needed could only be possible with discipline and patience and over these past few months the things I have learnt and the experience I have gained has changed me entirely. Talking about the competition and My Physique? This isn’t really my PEAK and I have honestly been in a much better shape (which y’all will get to see soon) The reason I couldn’t take that PEAK physique of mine for the competition of mine is because of a lot of reasons. 1. We started cutting down carbs way sooner than we should have. 2. 5 days pre comp, I had to limit my water Intake to 900ml a DAY. 3. No Sodium pre comp for 5 days. 4. Carb loading wasn’t easy because we didn’t know what would be the best for me and Carb loading right before the competition is very much important because it makes your body look fuller. 5. 4 weeks out and we were training twice a DAY and I wasn’t able to rest and recover much because my body was never used to such a routine. Taking the stage with people who have been in this sport for years and sharing the green room with them was such a wonderful experience for me and I really want to compete more. I still remember the first time I was getting tanned and I was so excited, haha Anyways, It’s been a really long journey but it’s totally been worth it and it feels good to be a Men’s Physique Athlete now’ Love y’all

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✖️. There have always been moments all day long when I’ve just been low or haven’t really got going since the morning alarm, which gets me in such a mood that I really don’t want to do anything that day but just stay home and @Netflix or listen to @prateekkuhad and for a moment all that sounds really relaxing but I knew one thing for sure if I didn’t move in those few seconds my brain would step in and talk me out of it and I honestly wouldn’t be doing any good with myself! I’d only be cheating with myself and that wouldn’t make me feel any better either? 🙃 . So it’s better to get up, go crush your daily goal, get home have your meals and then get happy about completing every single task you planned that day and completed them even after getting up with such a mood 🙌🏻 📸 - @tejaswas #Sumotivation #MotivationSu #prateekkuhad

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✖️. So many people from the past know a version of you that doesn’t really exist anymore. 📸 - @tejaswas #Goa #Travel

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✖️. Y’all gotta dream every night to make things happen in your life 💯 📸- @tejaswas #SuMotivation #MotivationSu #Goa #Travel #vacation #travelgram

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✖️. Life isn’t a cakewalk that everyone can pass through easily, We all gotta struggle in life, go through a lot, fall down but the real question is who gets back up? 🙋🏻‍♂️ - Goes after it again and gives it all you have? At least you try man! I FAILED is 10 times more a MAN than someone that said what if? 📸- @yashodhansood 👕 - @asos gotta love their fit tee’s 😍 #sumotivation #Della #Lonavala #dellaadventure #Getbackup #Goafterit #Giveitall #motivationsu

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✖️. get you a me. 😚 📸 - @stutii13 📍 - @dellaadventureandresorts #dellaadventure #Lonavala

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✖️. make memories we know would never fade 😚 📸 - @yashodhansood 👕 - @hmman #Vacay

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✖️. Y’all gotta think about this 🤔 . . Was it a bad day or was it just bad ‘five minutes’ that you milked all day? 📸 - @tejaswas #SuMotivation #ThinkAboutIt #Letgo #StayStrong #MotivationSu

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✖️. We can’t choose where we come from but we can choose where we go from there. 📸 - @tejaswas 👕 - @hm 👟 - @jackandjones #choosewhereyougo #maketherightdecisions #h&m #jackandjones #Sumotivation

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