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Wide backs are a turn on? Okay, okay.. here you go 😈 #natty #vtaper #back #sumedhsood

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bas kar-ona corona 🦠

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Could end up travelling to Bangalore just for a Shawarma from Kabab Magiccccc 🌯 Ya’ll craving for anything during these tough times? 🍕🍟 #cuztheythicc

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I don’t know who needs to hear this but no response IS a response 🥺 #arms #sumedhsood

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Calcium tablets are something that I’ve been consuming every morning for a few months now and since the time I’ve started working out intensely? I make sure to never miss them cause of the benefits Calcium has ⚡️ The main reason why I started consuming them was because I’d read somewhere that when you’ve started consuming Calcium on daily basis? It STRENGTHENS your joints, IMPROVES muscle contraction and also is promoter for HEALTHY AND STRONG BONES ⚡️⚡️ In my opinion? Everyone should consume calcium tablets even if you aren’t someone who works out or does any kind of heavy physical activity because everyone needs to have strong bones for a good and smooth life and also make sure they don’t face any problems during their old age ⚡️⚡️⚡️ #grain #calcium #sumedhsood

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was really confused if I should upload these on the gram or not cuz of the background and I also look very lean but I don’t think that it makes me look bad? #throwback #sumedhsood

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First few days of quarantining had been really rough diet wise cuz to be honest I didn’t want to risk buying raw protein sources with everything going on 🤕 So I went off diet for a bit and also ate a bit here and there but back on track, looking good and feeling good⚡️⚡️ lovin’ the sharpness 🔪 📸 : timer bro #100thpost #sumedhsood

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Out of sight but on your mind 🥰

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Ya’ll hitting legs during quarantine?! 🦵🏻 Also, if you aren’t?! 👀 There are some really great benefits for why you shouldn’t skip leg day 🦵🏻 1. Makes it harder to build muscles. 2. Skipping leg day will definitely make you more prone to injury. 3. Essential for a balanced physique, which is the main reason I like to hit legs 🦍 4. Also, not hitting legs makes it harder to lose fat 🤕 #legday #quarantinegains #quarantine #leg #benefits #lifting #healthy #eatclean #training #trainclean #legworkout #morningmotivation #aesthetic #physique #sumedhsood

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@myproteinin lifting straps have always been my go to while lifting heavyyy 🦍 #myprotein #sumedhsood

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Getting in a late night session at home has always been my favourite thing to and it’s something I’ve really liked adding in my daily workout routine. Also, cuz everything is just so peaceful and Im way too motivated during late hours x I’ve always endeavoured to use all the hours of the day in the best possible way, so why not just get an extra session done? Also, ya’ll want to change but if you let the days dominate you instead of YOU DOMINATING IT, nothing’s going to change. #comeatmebro

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2 scoops of pre w’, taking a cold ass shower, pre workout meal, packing everything I’d need at the gym and listening to my @soundcloud playlist on the way to Gold’s, ahaha those were the days bruh x

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1st or 2nd, you decide? 🥤 #postworkout

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If you accept cookies on a website does that break your fast? 😏 #ramzanmubarak

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Who’s ready for Couchella? 😏

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Life feels much better when you’re focused 🦖 #sumedhsood

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Straight up Aesthetics this szn, no more bs ⚡️ #coronagains #sumedhsood

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Can’t let isolation stop us 🔥🔥 I’m sure most of us don’t have a lot of gym equipments at home and are endeavouring to find alternatives for weights to excercise with? For everyone who requires to lift heavy weights, I reckon this is one the best alternates for a dumbbell! It’s heavy and the ring on top makes it convenient to use it as a HANDLE giving you a firm grip x You can execute Squats, Shoulders and Biceps with ease and if ya’ll want me uploading workouts on how to use it, let me know. The reason why I think you should use this is not only because its a substitute for a dumbbell but also because the PUMP that it gives you is pretty Insane 🔥 Ya’ll can also use a BAG if this is too much for you but then the exercises you can do with it would become really limited 💼 Do not FORGET to SANITIZE anything that you use to exercise with and do it often x Give it a try with this and let me know how it goes? Also, share other alternates you guys have found at home that everyone else could use? Do swipe right too 🦍 #athlete #aesthetics #aesthetic #eatgood #eathealthy #healthylifestyle #healthyfood #health #eatclean #goodfood #model #mensphysique #india #fitness #fit #supermodel #fitnessjourney #fitnesslife #corona #coronaindia #coronavirus #stayhome #staysafe #gas #gastank #sixpackabs #sixpacks #sixpackabsindia #fitnesslifestyle #sumedhsood

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