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The perfect babydoll dress for the holidays | The Cherie Babydoll Dress from the new-in #Holiday19 collection Photographer: @dariocatellani Model: @iamayajones Stylist: @pursenboots HMUA: @staceytan

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Is there anything more calming than a quiet snowfall? Use Travel + Leisure’s Switzerland travel guide to get the most out of your visit to one of the world’s best destinations - link in bio! #tlpicks courtesy of @sennarelax

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And they love to tell you their whole life story.⠀ #uber #driver #9gag

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💀💀 👉🏽(via: curledbitch/twitter)

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I LOVE a Holiday Beauty look so I partnered with @minniestyle and @whowhatwear to create three holiday beauty looks inspired by Minnie Mouses bold, playful and classic styles. Check out the full story on @whowhatwear and tell me which look is your favorite! Makeup By @patrickta Hair By @patriciamoraleshair #ad

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Get a pillow-soft pout all day long with our @awakeskin Moisture Balm daytime lip mask 💋 This ultra-concentrated & creamy four-oil blend daytime lip treatment hydrates lips for 12 hours with a yummy watermelon scent! 🍉 Now on awakebeauty.com & @ultabeauty#bottledbeautysleep #awakebeauty

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🐶❤️ | Photography by @vickyandsamson

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The 3D images made from these sound waves look like holograms from the Star Wars universe 😱

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The unique beauty of #SissySpacek! Photograph by Ira Resnick, 1970s

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Pre-Joker mid century menswear inspiration via Joaquin Phoenix 👏

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👈🏽👉🏽? Lovely outfits worn by our dear friend @ironkimble 👌🏽 #menwithstreetstyle

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{ Trees, Trees Everywhere } • Treja valley, where Calcata has been built more than 1300 years ago, is an excellent example of how protected areas create a living and time-resistant environment. Thanks again to all e-friends who asked me questions about this dream place. #whatitalyis

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Pearls Really Know How To Show Off Your Lustre 👄⁠⠀ Search: Pearl Girl Mini Dress⁠⠀ Tag @FashionNova #FashionNova in your own FN look to get featured on our page!⁠⠀ #NovaBabe @amrezy⁠ slayed this one!⁠⠀ ✨www.FashionNova.com✨

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