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There are two types of workers... #WFH

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Squid 😇: "Are you sure this is all for us?" Pretzel 😈: "Would I lie to you..." #angelvsdemon

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Mum: "I think I'll go for a walk..." Corona: "🥊"

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"In today's home school class, we'll be learning the art of puppy eyes..." #fullmarks

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When you're down to your last iso-snacks... #givemeaboost

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A little bit of good news 🥳 Pretzel's (very first) and Squid's brand new pins have arrived! You can get your limited edition Squidzel pins at www.squidthegriff.com Get around our great friend @artbyrey who created these designs and support small business 💜

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"I would like to use my Get Out of Jail Free card..." #babysquid

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"Excuse me Officer, I would like to report a federal offense..." 🧻 #tpbandit

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After every storm comes a rainbow 🌈

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"We're going to need more quarantine snacks..." #ruffnight

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"The cuddles won't stop...will they Mum?!" #tryandstopme

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Working from home day 2... #wheresmyemergencytreats

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