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Self care coming through! Healthcare heroes need to care for themselves as well! Send this kit to your favorite worker with the link in our bio! Stay safe everyone 🍹🌺❤️ 📸: @loopedfood

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Who could use a Hibiscus Margarita right about now?? 🍹🌺

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Happy Saturday! 🍹🌺

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Cheers to the weekend! 🍹 🌺 🎉

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Forever grateful and appreciative of these AMAZING women of color ❤️

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🎁 Women of color loving our #spillit Kiki Kits! 🍹🌺

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🎁 Female nurses of color loving @spillitbev’s Kiki Kit! Especially that @herradurateq 😏

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Hope everyone had a good weekend! Thanks to everyone who donated a Kiki Kit to a health hero! ❤️

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Drink it hot. 🍵 Drink it cold. ⛄️ Drink it with alcohol. 🍸

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Stay safe, everyone 💜

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🌺🍹🌞Cheers to the weekend!

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🌞🍹🌺 The lovely @tastybitesnyc enjoying our #kikikit in the park! ❤️

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How to #spillit! And that’s the tea, sis ☕️

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🌺🍹If you know someone who is a health hero and want your brave loves ones to find some time to enjoy themselves you can donate $35 for our Kiki Kit on our bio! 📸: @yeahfoodbeer

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We hope everyone had a good #MDW! Thank you #healthheroes for everything you do! 🌺🍹 📸: @seeksatiation

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🌺🍹🎁 Kiki For A Cause: Spill It - KiKi Kits for NYC Essential Workers Spill It is recruiting all kiki experts to #SpillTheT and spread the word. This Memorial Day we are thanking NYC Health Heroes and COVID frontliners by sending out free Kiki Kits to select NYC Essential Workers #quarantinekiki. Learn more and join our effort by visiting Spillthet.com; pre-order a Kiki kit and donate it to a Health Hero you know. We at Spill It will send each donated kit at cost

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Open for business ... now serving all the tea.

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