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gotta post throwbacks cause can’t do new photoshoots 🙃😭 lol my eyebrows wildddd’n

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tanning & training 🤪 side plank with twists ☀️ if you wanna workout with me, hit that link in my bio 💛 my program will get ya that summer bod & can do everything from home! 💪🏼 LINK IN BIO ✨

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thanks @roadstarrmotorsports for my new workout equipment 🤪

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so so so so soooo excited to drop the newest @shopsommerray swim collection on ya guys 🤪 planning on the beginning of april so stay tuned ☀️💛

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i was the happiest ever & then my cupcake hopes n dreams got crushed

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🥺🥺🙏🏼💛 all new @ohoneydiary featuring @atticuspoetry ✨ tune in anywhere you listen to podcasts & @amandacerny && i will love ya foreverrrr

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guuuuys spend this time being home workin on your summer boddddd 😜 so many easy workouts you can do at home. if you wanna workout with meeee, hit that link in my bio 💛 i teach you all my fav workouts & the first week is freeeeee also wearing my gym to swim set from @shopsommerray 😛

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mentally on a beach somewhere 💭 also guuuys @shopsommerray whole site is 30% off 😝 even the latest drop in this vid✨ link in bio 💛

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shmoooood 🛀🍷

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i’ve had lucky charms for breakfast lunch and dinner the past 2 days & i couldn’t be happier. i know that has nothing to do w these pics idk also these pics are oldies but whatever

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when boredom hits 🤪 guuuuuys if you wanna workout at home while gyms are closed, my workout program has a lot of body weight exercises that i personally guide ya thru so hit that link in my bio 😛 also shop this shirt cause goooooood vibes only @shopsommerray ☀️✨

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you are not a drop in the ocean you are the entire ocean in a drop ⚡️💧

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