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My new YouTube video is up from my last trip to Europe (and Atlas’ first!) before quarantine with @cacharelparfums in celebration of the #YesIAm collection !!!💄#cacharelparfums #cacharelsistahs #ad

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The best.

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Summertime and Lime feelin good 👌🏽 What’s your drink of choice?

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summer job 🍋

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Can we go back? @alex.merrell @mezzatorrehotel

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Don't worry, I documented the whole thing. Join me with my visit to @drjasondiamond

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never gets old

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Me thinking about the fact that I can’t go anywhere this weekend because of quarantine then me realizing I’m in Canada 👋🏽😎! Also, our @beis woven collection is almost sold out- only a few styles left!!! 🙌🏽

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❤️ repost: @marielhaenn

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And on Lipstick Day we post a new YouTube video 💄💁🏻‍♀️. Check-out my (pre-COVID) trip to NYC where I met with Honorine Blanc, the master perfumer behind the @cacharelparfums new collection #YesIAm #cacharelparfums #cacharelsistas #lipstickday #ad

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I love this city.

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This mirror totally elevated my selfie

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Poutine // 🇨🇦 Québécois dish of french fries topped with cheese curds and gravy

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Coordinating pool looks until she tells me otherwise

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Quarantine has me thinking about how I can make small improvements, and eliminating single-use plastics seems like an easy place to start.  I recently visited @taregrocery a package-free grocery store located in Highland Park. They carry over 400 bulk goods that are organic, non-GMO and traceable. The kind of shopping spree anyone can get behind  💃🏻

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Staycation Mode = ON.  Maybe all our summer plans entail walking back and forth between patios and refrigerator, but don’t let that get you down. @beis is bringing the vacation vibes to you with our new Naturals Collection that’s available NOW 🙌🏽

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El Eh

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What I would have worn to a festival this year☝🏽So happy that brands like @cacharelparfums are curating festival-inspired digital line-ups.  Check it out in my stories 🙆🏻‍♀️ 🎧☀️ #YesIAm #CacharelSistas #Ad

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When you’re swimming at 11 but have a business zoom at noon☝🏽 // NEW @beis collection dropping 07.15.20

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