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Auckland what a wonderful place to end this part of the tour. Thank you so much! I love kiwis!!! ❤️

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Happy birthday bro. First of all there is no one on the planet that deserves a day off to celebrate more than you so for your birthday Im cancelling our scheduling call in 1 hour. Ill be okay and we can do it another time 😉🤷🏻‍♂️ hey but honestly I love you dude. Each year that passes I only admire you more and more and as a person. You somehow always seem to have beautifully sound advice for me no matter the problem and I look up to you like a big brother. You should know that you’re truly loved by so many today man. Again happy birthday Andrew !!! ❤️

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Magical place kindest people !

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Was going through my videos and found this from Jan 2nd. I remember I used blast this video through my car speakers because I couldn’t wait to get Into the studio and finish it blah blah blah ya anyway I thought this was cool

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Arms up pose always I guess 🙆🏻‍♂️

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📷 @cezdarke

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80’s baby !!! Happy Halloween!!!!! 🖤❤️🖤 Melbourne thank you for an incredible 3 shows. You are a wonderful place ❤️

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Wowww @aaliyahmende.s ❤️

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📷 @briancraigen

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Thank you Adelaide!!! 🖤

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❤️ @sickkidsvs @shawnfoundation

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Australia I’m so happy to be back 🖤

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I met a Quokka !!!

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Tokyo thank you so much. You are a magical place ❤️

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@aaliyahmende.s 🥺❤️

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Manila I adore you ❤️

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Jakarta 🖤

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Hey KL i felt an overwhelming amount of love from you last night. Thank you so much 🖤

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