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When Does Is Stop?! #JusticeForGeorge 🙏🏽

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@idreambettyidol I Still Can’t Believe This is True, It Feels Like a Dream! My Best Friends Little Sister Gigi Got Killed Monday Night in South Miami , She Was at a Air Bnb With Friends and a Guy She Was Seeing, The Boy’s Friend Shot GiGi In The Head at Close Range and is Only Getting Charged With “Manslaughter” This is Not “Manslaughter” this is Capital Murder, Also They Are Trying To Call It a Accident. The Police Took Days To Locate Her Body, and When Her Body Was Identified By Her Aunt It Looks Like Other Things Occurred. The Killer is Getting Bail, and His Sister is Bragging About it On Social Media and Being Disrespectful. We Need #Justice For GiGi @gigibratz , Please Help Us Spread This‼️ 🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽

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Flawless Capsule: Anti Aging,Master antioxidant great for dark spot,hyperpigmentation, for uneven skin tone, skin discoloration, it destroys all radicals in your body great for detox ,clear the skin evenly it has 1500 mg per serving of gluthatione and vitamin C perfect for that summer glow. Check them out at @lasermepleasedavie ❤️

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When people hate on you don’t get mad embrace it. It’s so easy to want to fight back or say the perfect comeback when someone disrespects you or your beliefs. But nothing good comes from payback. Every person you meet was put into your life for a reason. Some are here to bless you while some are here to test you. The next time your character is tested by someone, pay them back with a blessing and God will bless you in return, right in front of them! #LexxyJewels 💎💎💎💎💎

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I Look Like I’m In High School 😩 #NaturalMami 🧡 . . Nails: @storyofagirl 💅🏾

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I Learned So Much About Myself In My Toughest Times. A Different Beast is Unleashed When Your Back Is Against The Wall, Being Uncomfortable Is When I Went My Hardest! I Will Forever Thank God For That 🙏🏽💪🏾 #HappySunday #LexxyJewels 💎💎💎

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Good Morning Instafamily Anyone Knows When Outside is Opening? I’m Having Work Withdrawals 😞 and Don’t Be Rude Say It Back 💕 #Goodmorning

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I Think My Scale Has The Coronavirus 😩 Quarantine Got Me Fucked Up! What Imma Do Lmaoooo

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PSA 🗣 Being Single Doesn’t Make You The Bad Guy‼️In Most Cases It’s Very Much Needed. Stop Being So Dependent On Your Other Half, Or The People You Are Dating To Bring You The Happiness You Deserve Before You Learn How To Make Yourself Happy. How Many People You Know That Stick Around These Toxic Relationships Because Of The Fear Of Being Alone. Whats Wrong With Being Alone? We Were Born Alone Right? Focus On Self-Love, You Deserve Peace, Happiness, and Blessings💕; Not Stress, Anxiety, and Insecurities! #LexxyJewels 💎💎

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I Hope Summer Isn’t Canceled, Imma Miss Our Family BBQs 😢

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