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co-stars @tanyaloureynolds and @aimeelouwood are here with a cosmic reading for the month ahead! thanks to everyone at the AV club for all of our digital assemblies this term - it's truly been a blast πŸš€

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sending big love to our LGBTQIA+ family and @ezra.furman.visions for a very special AV club episode and performance of "i'm coming clean" πŸŽ™

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it's time for art class with the AV club and @georgerossrobinson. the talentry! 🎨

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the AV club are back for episode 2, and this time they've got fruit (and hot sauce) 🍊πŸ₯€πŸŒΆ thanks to @petriealistair, @trishallison, @tanyaloureynolds, @georgerossrobinson, @connorswindells, kedar williams-stirling and sea moss!

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the AV club are very excited to present their first EVER virtual assembly. thanks to @petriealistair, @gilliana, @mimikeene3, @aimeelouwood, @chinenyeezeudu , @chrisapjenks, @chaneilkular, @georgerossrobinson and @connorswindells!

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the reviews are in. 8 minutes of uninterrupted glory (including unseen footage πŸ‘€) coming your way at 6pm BST - link in bio 🎭

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it must be said: ruby matthews

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you know what that is? growth 🧁

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might fuck around and drop the s2 bloopers tomorrow

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birthday smoothie? πŸŽ‚πŸŽˆπŸŽ‰

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