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Driving around at 2am enjoying the sun✨

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Dreamy fairy tales✨ Hope you all had a great weekend👏🏻

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The sky was on fire last weekend🔥 . . In frame: @krisvang In video: @eventyr

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Rainbow circle in Senja last weekend🌈 What will we find in the end of the rainbow? Best answer get’s pinned📍

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"Hello mr. Human"🦊 #hellofrom

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Midnight sun and light rain in Senja🌧✨

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Last of the season☀️ Witnessing the last night of the midnight sun for this time. From now on nights will get darker, and the midnight sun will be replaced by colorful and abstract lights on the night sky✨ Are you ready? . . Personal account: @steffenfossbakk In frame: @jonathanpriskorn

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Somewhere under the rainbow🌈 A few moments from last night’s hike to Husfjellet, Senja✨ In frame 1st: @jonathanpriskorn In frame 3rd: @jonathanpriskorn , @krisvang , @arcticpingi , @northmas , @eventyr

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Scandinavian way of living✨ The charming village of Henningsvær. Have you ever been here?🛶 . . Personal account: @steffenfossbakk

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The sun doesn’t stay up too long during the cold winters in Finnish Lapland, just long enough to stay warm and survive the season✨ . . Personal account: @steffenfossbakk

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A little rain never hurt nobody, just ask any person living in the Faroes🌧 . . In frame: @krisvang Personal account: @steffenfossbakk

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Cloud Inversion☁️ King of the hill at the mighty «Kings bridge» in Senja island✨ What’s your favorite spot in Senja? . . @steffenfossbakk

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Summer rain✨ The majestic peaks of Otertinden appearing for a brief second after being covered by rain all day🌧 . . @steffenfossbakk

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The tiny and old fishing village «Nyksund» located in the outter parts of Vesterålen, Norway✨ . . @steffenfossbakk

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Imagine being able to go fishing from your own balcony while watching the midnight sun🐟Welcome to your ordinary summer night in Vesterålen✨ . . @steffenfossbakk

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You never know what will appear when you’re flying high above Iceland🗡 . . @steffenfossbakk

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Midnight sun and arctic beaches, what more can you ask for?👏🏻✨ . . @steffenfossbakk

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A silent walk✨ The other night I spent some time exploring areas of the Lofoten islands I’ve never seen before. These areas are very quiet at 4am, swipe to hear the soundtrack of Lofoten on a summer morning🎶🐦

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Fog falls💨 Currently on a road trip in northern Norway🚗 Check out my stories to follow the journey.

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Nordlandet⛰ My favorite mountain ridge, "Nordlandet", located at the coast of Senja island. How many mountains on this ridge do you know the name of?✨ . . Personal: @steffenfossbakk

1 months ago 0
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Views✨ The houses in Fjordgård has the best view, even when it’s foggy🌧 . . Personal: @steffenfossbakk

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Cliffs of Norway🖤 Norway has a lot of crazy mountains and epic cliffs, but Preikestolen gotta be one of the craziest. Have you ever been here? . . In frame: @pilotviking Personal: @steffenfossbakk

1 months ago 0
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Fisherman’s paradise🐟 Can’t wait to head back to the fisherman’s paradise, aka the Lofoten islands in a new few weeks✨ Are you staying home this summer? . . Personal: @steffenfossbakk

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