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Oh how I love this little boy💙

18 days ago 0
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We have a big 2nd grader😭💛 I’m just surprised we made it out of the house and got her there on time😅 Life sure is crazy right now but we are LOVING it! We love this big sis @everleighrose so much! Gonna miss having her around in the mornings💛

28 days ago 0
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Welcome to the family, @zealand.labrant! Your big sisters love you SO much!💐💞

1 months ago 0
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Finally back home with ALL of my babies! 🙌🏻

2 months ago 0
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Zealand Cole, you’ve already made me a better person. A better mom. A better wife. Stronger in my faith. You’re already a world changer & I’m so proud of you already. 2 weeks old today & almost 2 weeks in the nicu. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions but every time I get to hold you and love on you, everything is instantly okay💛 I love you little Z!

2 months ago 0
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We got to bring you home for 24 hours before you went into the nicu. Me and your daddy have spent the last 6 days in there not being able to hold you and love on you as much as we’d like to... but I can promise you I’ll spend the rest of your life making up for it❤️ The doctors first assumed it was a normal case of jaundice.. but Z’s bilirubin #’s aren’t going down.. and sometimes even go back up.. so testing started yesterday & hopefully we will have some answers soon. This is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. So many emotions. No answers yet. This isn’t what it’s supposed to be like when you have a baby. We should be able to take him home & hold him & kiss him all day long and your sisters should be loving on you. We want you home baby boy. Please pray for our little man! We know that God has big plans for him. We love him so much💔 My heart goes out to all the nicu parents out there. We know our case isn’t nearly as tough as some others and my heart breaks for parents who have to go thru this. Cole and I will be thinking of ways we can start helping out nicu parents and know that we admire your strength so much.

2 months ago 0
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What every boy mama has told me was right.. there’s something so special about our bond already. I’ll forever protect you baby boy.. mommy loves you so so much❤️

2 months ago 0
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Our last picture as a family of 4! We’re ready to love on you baby boy.. any day now💙 (📸: @emmahopp)

2 months ago 0
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3 years with my HONEY💛 The person I can be my weird goofy self with & he’ll laugh even if I’m not funny. The person who constantly lifts me up, encourages me, & reminds me of Gods grace daily. The person who has blown me away with his amazing daddy skills. The person who tells me I’m beautiful when I haven’t washed my hair in 6 days, have no makeup on, & have zit medicine all over my face. 🤪 The person I can spend every waking moment with and never get sick of. The person who encourages me to be a better person daily because I want to be more like him. He’s insanely loyal. He loves hard. He’s always thinking of others & is the most giving person I know. He is constantly making me laugh... & has given me and the girls the absolute best life. Thank you for showing me and our girls the perfect example of what a husband and daddy should be. I love you so much, @cole.labrant! 3 years down, forever to go💛

3 months ago 0
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Our sweet baby BOY will be here in 4 weeks! You are already so loved, baby Z💙

3 months ago 0
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Happy Fathers Day @cole.labrant❤️ Everything you do you give it your all & especially with being a daddy. You love these girls so well & lead your family so perfectly. You would never know that you’re Everleigh’s step-dad and I think that’s what I admire most about you. You love these girls both SO equally & always want them to feel that way. I love you & I’m so crazy blessed to have YOU as the father of my babies. I hope you had the best weekend celebrating YOU❤️

3 months ago 0
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My little baby😭💛 For 7 more weeks... then she’s the middle baby and eventually my second oldest with all the kids we want! Crazy thing to wrap my head around🤯 But for now... she’s my baby P💕

4 months ago 0
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