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Staying at home means resorting to photoshoots with my laptop and a mirror and making a million variations of dalgona coffee (this one’s whipped taro). Swipe to see how your laptop can become your own mini studio #samishomekong

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Bedroom glow up ✨ This past week was kinda rough with both victor and I sick and being mentally down. But who knew $199 sheets from ikea would be such a mood booster. Previously I wanted all white sheets to emulate hotel beds but these pastels got me thinking otherwise. Swipe to see this subtle room makeover 🤣 #samishomekong

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Living in a taro tinted dream (ps. Spot the little boy who was hanging around curiously watching 💜🌸) #homekong

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Sprinkling daisies on my egg tarts (random fact: this cafe has the best Chinese buns and egg tarts) 💛💜

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On cloud nine ☁️ #samishomekong

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Strawberry clouds ☁️ After so many whipped dalgona coffees, decided to try whipped strawberry milk to welcome in spring. Swipe to see the recipe

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🦩✨ Soft 🌸💕 #samishomekong

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Just another year 🎂 Living my wes anderson dreams with this vintage cake. Thank you to all the small gestures that made my day- from birthday DMs to a weekend party, it feels like everything will be ok #samishomekong

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Clouds in my cup ☁️ Taking this summery weather in a cup to go #samishomecafes

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Sunny days ahead 🌤 #samishomekong

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Can’t wait to have simple picnics with friends from abroad and see each other face to face in Hong Kong. If anything, 2020 has taught me never to take the little things for granted @botanicaneue @agksw @robynical #MissYouToo #DiscoverHongKong #samishomekong

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Living in a box of blueberries 💙 swipe to see the video of this cafe that’s completely gluten free (yes that’s a blue acai bowl and earl grey cake) #samishomecafes

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