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Once you have traveled, the voyage never ends.

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Been wanting to see this waterfall for a long time. Stunning location.

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Are ya'll excited for Hockey?

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Edmonton Summer

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Money often costs too much.

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People are sheep. TV (internet these days) is the shepherd.

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Some rules hinder progress.

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Sunny afternoon on the island.

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Jewel of the Rockies.

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Here's your fix for Canada Day fireworks! - Happy Canada Day 🇨🇦

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I've visited the most incredible places only because of photography.

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World Famous View.

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I wanna move to Canmore!

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Here's a stitched version of all of the videos I shot this past weekend.

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To me it's always been more than the destination. It's the planning, the people you go with, it's what you do along the way, it's the entire experience. These photos are from my trip to Canmore with my family last year, it was less about photography (but I sneaked in a few shots anyways 😉) but it was more about taking them through the experience I go through when I come here to take pictures. I wanted them to hike to places they've never seen, I wanted them to watch the sunset that us as photographers long for. To me seeing the joy in their eyes was the #GooseBump moment. I hope you all get to @travelalberta with your loved ones soon until then stay safe & healthy. #explorealberta

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May Flowers

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Happy Earth Day! 🌎

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