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BLACK LIVES MATTER #blackouttuesday

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As our community, we need your support. You, as our followers, have supported our 9 year journey to help create the Sabo fam and platform that we have today and today, we are asking for your help. The world is crying for change and WE ALL need to be the change. As a fashion platform, more BIPOC inclusion in our models and posts is just a few of the changes that people are needing from us to do our part, we pledge to do this and much more. Change is coming and it’s up to us and you to sustain these changes in as many different ways as possible. Whether it be through social media, donations, supporting BIPOC businesses, speaking up when necessary, it all counts. We are going to and we urge you all to actively show your support for BIPOC whenever and however possible. Through recent reflection and education we now understand that by staying silent is to be complicit, which is why we are starting to have these honest and uncomfortable conversations. businesses and influencers need to begin to make a change because they have larger platforms and influence, this is where we see change starting. But to make a true impact we all need to show our support. We truly believe that as a collective, we can start to make amends and change history on a global scale. It might look different for each individual, business, govt etc. but the important thing is to start today.

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WE HEAR YOU & WE STAND WITH YOU! ❤️❤️ While our change may not be seen in magnitude immediately please know we are doing the work behind the scenes and like most good things, they take time. Truthfully longer than we would like. After the past few days of even more reflection and research our team have put in place the budgets to extended our influencer program and have brought on a large number of new ambassadors to begin our process to showcase more diversity on our platform. If you have a friend or know an inspiring influencer you think we should showcase please tag them below so we can check them out! ❤️ image reposted from the beautiful @vassallosisters

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Even though we are lost for words, this is a message from the owners of Sabo Skirt and on behalf of all staff. Please scroll above for our message. We took some time reading up on this issue before posting as we still have a lot to learn x

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Close up with our #colombianadress 👟 as seen on bae @e.s.j.a.y #saboskirt

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The beautiful @simply.cie spotted in our #colombianadress 👌🏽 who else loves this layered look? #saboskirt

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Winter essential 🖤 our #Lanepants as seen on angel @aishjames #saboskirt

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Hey babies it’s new arrivals day 🤍 10am AEST

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Wardrobe essential 🤍 #mellowtee as seen on our girl @staceytonkes #Saboskirt

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@Saboskirtstore Baes @Lexi.brownhall & @larajade in the new #saboluxe collection which style do you love? 🤍🤍🖤

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