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If anyone else out there is feeling stuck in their journey to un/learn and do better, this Unlocking Us episode by @brenebrown on shame and accountability was really humbling and eye-opening: https://brenebrown.com/podcast/brene-on-shame-and-accountability/ . . . ty for sharing it with me @jesshwang 🙏

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An update on this graphic, and genuine flabbergastment over how this could even be a controversial statement. Don’t be that asshole, please wear a mask😷 . here we come #coronavirus #secondwave

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Breonna Taylor would have turned 27 today. We need justice for Breonna Taylor. Take action here: https://msha.ke/30flirtyfilm/ . #restinpower #breonnataylor

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This one’s for my fellow Asians. Talking about racism is hard, and it’s ingrained in us not to ruffle feathers, but we need to start having these uncomfortable conversations. From the discussions about racism I’ve had over the years with family, friends, and relatives, I know firsthand how complicated and convoluted it can get. I’ve found it helpful, just to keep my own thoughts in order, to compartmentalize into digestible key bottom lines, and I hope this might help facilitate more conversations for others out there. I also cannot stress enough that I am not an expert on these matters, but that these are distillations from past discussions, absorbing writings of those far more knowledgeable, and a lot of self reflection. Let’s go stir some pots ✌️ . #asiansforblacklives #asians4blacklives

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As our Black brothers and sisters fight for their lives and basic rights, it’s harder and harder to ignore the fact that silence is complicity. Asian Americans need to show minority solidarity with the Black community, and speak out against systemic racism and these state-sanctioned murders. . Yellow Power Supports Black Power poster from unknown artist c. 1960s. Photos are from the 1968 Free Huey Rally. . #blacklivesmatter #yellowperilsupportsblackpower . https://blacklivesmatters.carrd.co/

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☁️🌝☁️ flashback to when I used to go outside

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I have so many tangled thoughts that went into this shoot from 2019 that I’m still trying to untangle and articulate in a digestible way. But in the meantime, here’s a first snapshot, brought to you with all my love and gratitude for the best collaborators who helped bring this to life ☀️🙏 . Florals and creative direction: @botanicaneue Photographer: @janekim Model: @joyceechiu Hair: @miookano Makeup: @mollyfredenberg

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It was so fun to work on these Carolina Herrera x Paperless Post designs! In these strange times of uncertainty and extreme physical isolation, the joy and exuberance that the CH team and brand brought to this collab was such a breath of fresh air. Stay safe, stay connected, and may you find a little joy today 🌸☀️

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I get asked for this recipe a lot, and I always only had a crappy phone pic of a piece of paper I’d scrawled all over to send people, so I made a nicer version to share - enjoy, happy baking, and stay inside / stay safe 🍌✨ . download a hi-res version at www.robynng.com/bananabread 😘 . and yes please send me pics of your 🍞🍞🍞 loafs! . #bananabread #loaf #recipes . [edit] hi-res version on my site updated without the embarrassing formatting oversights - can you spot them? 🙃

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a gentle reminder to tell your friends and family you love them as we all practice #socialdistancing - though we’re in physical isolation, we can still reach out to one another with love and kindness, be considerate of people in need, and mindful that we can only make it through this difficult time by working together. . fun fact: this was one of the first greeting cards I ever made for Paperless Post back in 2013, originally with the text, “life is un-bear-able without you,” inspired by the 1.5 yrs @jeffreylo and I spent long distance :) . be safe, friends

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Thinking of all my friends working in hospitals as doctors, nurses, emergency responders, readying themselves for the worst to come: thank you for all you do. . #socialdistancing is critical right now; to #flattenthecurve requires everyone’s participation. Say no to social gatherings, parties, hangouts, sleepovers, play dates—it may be the difference between life and death for someone else in a few weeks’ time. Please share this message so we can alleviate our friends in healthcare as much as possible! . #coronavirus #covid19

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felt anxious, made a psa. be safe, friends. . flattenthecurve.com . [edit] feel free to share/repost . #coronavirus #covid19 #flattenthecurve #stayhome

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#bts directing a test shoot this weekend in preparation for a bigger thing in the works✨ humbled by the talented collaborators who are willing to take risks and put their 110% into pursuing a vision with me for the sake of artistic and personal expression 🙇🏻‍♀️💕 - floral arrangement: @botanicaneue lighting: @minnowpark

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remember to tell your grandparents you love them 🍊

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@jeffreylo always lets me have the window seat 🥰

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wishing you a pastel-Osaka-dreamscape kind of 2020 ✨

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the most magical place on earth ✨

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quiet mornings 🙏

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