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Happy Easter from Mr and Mrs Tomić to be 🤍

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Developing gills 🐠

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One happy gal, enjoying her food in her bathing suit 🙈

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Taking a “Picture memory” - in the wise words of @brenebrown ‘s daughter.

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Eating our way through Bali👩🏽‍🍳 . . Bridges, thank you for taking us through the flavours of your menu 👏🏻

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Monkey see, monkey do 🙈

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Moment by moment 🥰

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Every meal is an experience. This was an exceptional one. . . Thank you to all the beautiful staff at @aperitifbali that filled our hearts with warmness, minds with memories, and bellies with exquisite food 🥰

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Wading my way out of body shame 💙 Grateful for the existence and influence accounts such as @iweigh and @bodyimagemovement have had on my thought process. These unedited, unstaged photographs would have never seen the light of day without you. Thank you. #bodypositive

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Rested and ready for a week of routine 🥰 Hope everyone had some sun this weekend. I felt grateful for the weather that came our way 💙

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Feeling grounded and ready for the week 💚

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Happy Birthday 🎈 I am grateful to be looking up to you today, and every other day.

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Thank you for making everyday better than the last ❤️

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2️⃣5️⃣ . Fortunate enough to share my birthday with Mother’s Day, I had a beautiful weekend celebrating love with family and friends. For the women on their own path, I hope for self love, love for others, and love for the world ❤️

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Happy Sunday 💚 This morning we went for a walk on my feet, mainly. 🤸‍♀️ #southwest #australia #selfcare

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Feeling full of love, having spent the weekend with family 💙 #southwest #albany #nature #beach #australia

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Feeling grateful for the beauty that surrounds us 💚 #southwest #southwestisbest #albany #australia

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