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Big boi and bigger bois😤

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Airforce 1 Shadow Spruce Aura Shot On: @sonysingapore A7iii + 24mm f1.4 GM

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Shining brighter than ever in the dark 🌃

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Happy New Year Bro!

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The train left just as we reached this place. We decided to wait for the last train of the day and this is the shot I captured. It’s not the best, and definitely not close to what I envisioned it to be— but it reminded me that it’s only normal to fail; you just have to accept it and try again. So yes, I’ll be back for sure! Train[#QHVenturesToThailand]

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I have only 48 hours-ish out of camp each week. There are so many things I’d like to do and so little time to do them — I guess one of the biggest takeaways I’ve gotten from being in the army is to appreciate every single moment as a civilian.

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BTS [#QHVenturesToThailand]

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We were walking back to our hotel after a long day of shooting in Shanghai when we found this shop. It was late and the streets were dark and empty, but even in the exhaustion and the drizzle, these neon lights captivated me. Couldn’t help getting a couple of photos and videos before heading back. [#QHVenturesToChina]

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In my head [#QHVenturesToTokyo]

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Explored Dakota Crescent with @meggychiaaaa on the second day of CNY! We filmed a vlog, check out the link in my bio! ALSO, I converted the preset I used to edit these shots into an Instagram filter. If you use it, tag me so I can see your take on it! 🤓

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Went for Chingay 2020! I still remember standing along Orchard road many years ago watching Chingay as a kid. Thanks @pafrenz for allowing me to revisit that sweet little memory!

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Your peace like a river, floods over us [#QHVenturesToThailand]

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Bali Memories! Missing Bali and could use another trip right NOW! Can’t wait for these two years to fly by so that I can start travelling like a free man again😤 Also, I created a video of this trip, do check it out- link in bio! [#QHVenturesToBali]

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Happy Chinese New Year! [#QHVenturestoChina]

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I’ve been looking forward to this evening since Sunday night. Today. I. Get. My. Mala. 😤

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So ready to take on the mala hotpot tomorrow😤😡🌶

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Fighting them bad vibes away because we’re halfway through the week already. Happy midweek everyone!❤️ 😜[#QHVenturesToVietnam]

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Always good to reflect during early morning walks 🍃 [#QHVenturesToChina]

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