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I've teamed up with @dahuiofficial to design my own line Alohaj. Profits will be going to charity in the spirit of spreading Aloha. I wanted to create something that people want to wear, and that also supports protecting the ocean. A good cause and good clothes to raise awareness and respect for Hawaiian culture, our traditions and our environment. The link is in my bio to pre-order, so stoked for you guys to check it out. Alohaj. #alohaj #dahuialohaj #madeintheusa

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Repost from @zachbushmd • Change is possible within the current paradigm of human and planetary health. Today’s release of a new film from @kissthegroundmovie will make you not only believe in change again, but find your role in it. Whether you are a mother, a father, a business owner, teacher, student, chef, farmer, rancher, policy maker, mother or a concerned citizen, dedicate your evening to this film to honor this moment we are living in and the possibility of a regenerative future as featured in this film. One of the greatest gifts we have to offer in this life is our attention. This film is worth it. The film is released on @netflix today and you can join the global watch party @kissthegroundmovie and if further inspired, connect with @farmersfootprint at www.famersfootprint.us and @nontoxicneighborhoods www.nontoxicneighborhoods.com to mobilize your community for concrete regenerative actions. Clear your evening and make space to Kiss The Ground. . . . . #kisstheground #humanhealth #soilhealth #planetaryhealth #mothernature #regeneration #bethechange #allofustogether #newparadigm #regenerativeag #thefutureisnow #zachbushmd

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2 IOWA BOYZ. 2 1936 KNUCKLEHEADS we finally meet @mikewolfeamericanpicker @columbiamotoralley its an honour bro you have always been an inspiration. look forward to our many projects. mahalo for giving me the tanks and the 1936 your a legend 😂😂😂🤣ALOHA J

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Wow. Ready for some good news? In a time of such uncertainty and what feels like bad news everyday around every corner? I watched a film with my family executive produced by my long-time brother @iansomerhalder A film called @Kissthegroundmovie that literally shows how we can reverse climate change by drawing carbon dioxide out of the air and safely restoring in the ground where it belongs. It’s called “drawdown” or carbon sequestration using large-scale commercial agriculture. It works and we all can be a part of it. My heart is happy. My mind is blown. Here is our answer to the single greatest challenge we face in human history. When we fix climate injustice and social injustice we fix our planet and society. I ask you to please share this trailer Aloha j

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Congratulations to this legend @colterwall i love your new album and really proud that u produced it. If you don’t have it go buy it and take a drive Colter’s cut of Big Iron has what radio needs. And people want music with soul again, regardless of what genre it is. There may be no soul older than Colter and that voice of his. #PlayBigIron. aloha j

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THIS SHIT HAS TO STOP AND NEEDS TO BE LOOKED AT @ray8fisher AND EVERYONE ELSE WHO EXPERIENCED WHAT HAPPEN UNDER THE WATCH OF @wbpictures NEEDS PROPER INVESTIGATION I just think it’s fucked up that people released a fake Frosty announcement without my permission to try to distract from Ray Fisher speaking up about the shitty way we were treated on Justice League reshoots. Serious stuff went down. It needs to be investigated and people need to be held accountable. #IStandWithRayFisher. aloha j

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my first interview. fuck i was nervous but it was so epic and chill hanging with this legend SLASH AND ME when it’s hand crafted and made in the USA i’m in. i’m so proud to support Gibson they stepped it up with their tribute to #ambassador Slash @slash and I got to talk to him about his core collection. @gibsonguitar @gibsoncustom @gueikian @talldaddy90210 #sound #craftsmanship #handmade #madeinUSA #quality #art All 6 available now at gibson. GOLDTOP. victoria coming soon. cheeeehuuuuuu🤘🏾🤘🏾🤘🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾🤙🏾Aloha j. photos @jimdonnellyphoto

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@primusville @claypoolcellars I AM MADLY IN LOVE WITH THIS OHANA. mahalo nui loa for taking us in and sharing your home. truly been the most amazing week so many beautiful things to come creating some amazing works of art with friends can’t wait to share our stories. #ontheroam. aloha j

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MAESTRO @toddhido we got to spend the night filming one of our idols. truly blessed and thankful we love you Hido Ohana. so many beautiful things to come. @ontheroam love u @captainriff that was as good as it gets aloha j

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DUNE it is the greatest honour to work on this film with all these legends. DENIS VILLENEUVE. you mean the world to me. I FUCKING LOVE U MY FRIEND mahalo nui loa for choosing me. @greigfraserdp you killed it love u bro. mad crazy love to my cast and crew. i cant wait for this movie. December can’t come fast enough i will see u in the theatres ALOHA DUNCAN IDAHO

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Beyond fear, destiny awaits. Watch the trailer for @DuneMovie now. Aloha j

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PLEASE WATCH I’m so stoked to announce that @gatherfilm is available now on @iTunes and all other VOD platforms in the US, Canada and the UK. There couldn’t be a better time to reinforce the importance of Indigenous People’s rights on Turtle Island, Hawaii and all over the world. We stand on the frontlines of climate resistance and land rights to act as stewards of Mother Earth as we always have. And we fight for the rights of all Native peoples to cultivate their foods. As it stands now, one of the characters from Gather is facing arraignment for exercising his treaty-based rights to gather food on his people’s original territory. He is facing prison and fines. But the more we raise awareness of these wrongs and the more we support Native peoples, the sooner injustices like this will become a thing of the past. Clip: “Warrior” montage from @gatherfilm Song by @rayezaragoza Dir by @mrsanjayr Cinematography by @renanozturk Produced by @tanyameillier @sterlinharjo @fndi303 Music by @Michaelalevine With @nephicraig @twilacassadore @ancestralguard @taylorfreesolo @elsiedubray @heronhill @apachepeoplesfarm ALOHA J

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Two words...Duncan Idaho sorry two more .....FUCK YEAH. @DuneMovie Buckle up - this is gonna be badass! TRAILER TOMORROW!! @dunemovie Aloha J

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sharing time. connecting. paying respects letting your inspirations know the paths they choose guided yours. we need to help each other i’m thankful for you. never stop learning never settle gather no moss. mahalo nui MAX. @4q69 not many people can make me feel like a kid. blessed day. ALOHA J

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ITS 115 in the fucking shade. keeping it sexy samurai scottish style. i’ve lost it. i don’t do well in the heat. @dabray is killing it with his new look aloha j

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KNUCKLEHEAD HAMMERS learned how to make hammers with @nashmotorcycleco had an idea, wanted to learn. amazing experience handcrafted american made small batch artisans I LOVE IT. LINK IN BIO. ALOHA J

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I love hand crafted things, I love supporting small businesses and people who love there craft, I teamed up with @nashmotorcycleco and we made a limited first run of custom USA hand crafted hammers based off the heads of my favorite motorcycle Harley Davidson KNUCKLEHEAD ! the first run will only be 100 of them made ! Link in bio get yours before we sell out! Aloha J @ontheroam Camera : @dabray @bluetodd @reddigitalcinema @leitzcine #handmade #knucklehead #shotonred #leitzcine

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A little bit of fun just me and the @ontheroam team having fun shooting our @harleydavidson commercial amazing job Knox & harvin Enger @engerjared @amandaenger mahalo @kevinteachbaas and the BAAS OHANA. @odeumfilms.tv @dabray @bluetodd ALOHA J

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happy birthday to one of my heros. i love you UNKO BUFF i miss home wish i was on the west side all my aloha ohana j. 💋♥️😍aunty momi

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