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Almost everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes, including you. Anne Lamott As someone who has their work, social life, & hobbies all online, sometimes it's quite difficult to unplug. It's easy to make excuses. "It's a customer" "we're planning an event" "I wanna edit now, so I don't have to later" and suddenly my whole day is gone. If I've learned anything from working from home these past few months it's that I have to set a time to unplug. If you ever feel burned out, and you can't quite pin point the reason why, I'd encourage you to set aside a time without your screens. Even a couple hours might be just what your day needs. So excuse us while we go take a nap. How do you unplug? #sonyphotography #animaladdicts #ruffpost #weeklyfluff #dailybarker #dogsofcanada #barked #thevisualcollective #ourplanetdaily #topdogphoto #sonya7iii #dogsofinstagram #pnwdogs #pawsome #bestwoof #puppylove #dogsworld #wanderdogs #aussiepuppy #bestwoof #blueeyedpuppy #aussielove #hikingdogsofinstagram #aussieshepherd #bluemerle #aussienation #kelownanow #greatindoors #unplug #itakeanaphere via @preview.app

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Happy Canada Day You Filthy Animals! Today doubling as a #wetdogwednesday. The fireworks are cancelled, but that doesn't mean we can't dress up as our national flag, pour a shot of maple whiskey and spend the day apologizing, eh? Sorry, was that too much? Swipe to see Lala the Canadian Flag working her stuff last Canada Day, rocking out to our favorite cover of Oh Canada by @walkofftheearth. What does your national celebration day look like with COVID still a factor? #weeklyfluff #folkgood #pnwonderdogs #collectivelycreate #folkgreen #lifeofadventure #vibesofvisuals #doglover #ThatPNWLife #pnwdiscovered #pnw #pacificnorthwest ⁠ #westcoastbestcoast #nrthwst #travel #photooftheday #mydogist #allaboutadventures #dogoftheday #instagood #takemoreadventures #dogsonadventures #wanderfolk #theoutdoorfolk #canadaday #moodygrams⁠ #happycanadaday #ohcanada #canada🍁

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This is How We Summer GIVEAWAY. Your dogs will go bonkers for this one! You can win by tagging friends and/or by getting creative and posting a photo showing us how YOU summer! Vendors & Prizes: 🍨 600$ - @impactdogcrates 🍨 150$ - @vessi 🍨 Rex Specs - @rockymountaindogca 🍨 50$ - @rokodog.wear 🍨 Weekend Warrior Harness - @hurtta.america 🍨 Full Body Cartoon - @jlbreakdesigns Hosts: 💡 @journeysofjuniper 💡 @a.doglovers.tale 💡 @oohlalaussie 💡 @huskiesinthewild Rules: 1️⃣ Follow hosts & vendors 2️⃣ Tag a friend and/or post a NEW photo using #howwesummer20 3️⃣ Like this post 4️⃣ Share this post to your story 5️⃣ 1 tag =1 entry (unlimited) 1 photo entry = 200 entries 1 photo limit Each host will choose their favourite photo entry and one of those photos will be chosen at random and receive a Full Body Cartoon from @jlbreakdesigns! All photo entries and tag entries will be combined and one winner of the other prizes will be drawn at random! Open Internationally! Entries close on July.13th at 7pm PST. Winners will be announced shortly after. Public accounts only. This giveaway is not affiliated with Instagram. #ipreview via @preview.app

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🎶 Pour some beef lung on me~ If you're Canadian, looking for a small Canadian Business to support, and are tired of throwing your money away on international shipping costs for dried raw treats, look no further! Like seriously, why ship from the U.S, wait double time for transit, end up paying almost double because of the exchange rate, when there are Canadians pouring their hearts into the SAME product. COVID 19 has made it that much harder to ship across the boarder, so why not make it easier for yourself. What are your favorite small businesses? Canadian or somewhere else, tag them below! Use the Code LALA10 for 10% off At @sitstayloveraw And meet the family behind the business at @a.doglovers.tale

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Nice to see you again Cultus Lake. Its been a year since Lala's first camping trip here at Cultus Lake, so I thought it was only suited we do a couple reposts of it over our weekend back. Happy Weekend Everybody, Stay Creative, Stay Safe! #weeklyfluff #folkgood #pnwonderdogs #collectivelycreate #folkgreen #lifeofadventure #vibesofvisuals #doglover #ThatPNWLife #pnwdiscovered #pnw #pacificnorthwest ⁠ #westcoastbestcoast #nrthwst #travel #photooftheday #mydogist #allaboutadventures #dogoftheday #instagood #takemoreadventures #dogsonadventures #wanderfolk #theoutdoorfolk #modernoutdoorsman #moodygrams⁠ #galaxysky #milkyway #starrynight

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When they're finally opening provincial travel, and the forecast every weekend is torrential rain. GOTTA LOVE A GOOD CAMP IN THE RAIN. Where is your location at with COVID? Any traveling in the forecast for you?

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When the humans are getting on their running gear too early in the morning. Lala is totally fine with running, she loves it, but it doesn't stop her from putting on her terror eyes when she sees up picking up stuff around the house that relate to our jogging routine. She's so excited once in the hallway, but before that she's basically hiding, closing her crate and putting up her "do not disturb" sign. Does your dog hate putting on a harness or collar and then is ecstatic when you actually get going? Use the code LALA15 for 15% off at @zoosnoods #weeklyfluff #folkgood #pnwonderdogs #collectivelycreate #folkgreen #lifeofadventure #vibesofvisuals #doglover #ThatPNWLife #pnwdiscovered #pnw #pacificnorthwest ⁠ #westcoastbestcoast #nrthwst #travel #photooftheday #mydogist #allaboutadventures #dogoftheday #instagood #takemoreadventures #dogsonadventures #wanderfolk #theoutdoorfolk #modernoutdoorsman #moodygrams⁠ #dogsinhats #pandahat #aussielovers

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Lala slept like a log last night. Woke up around the fire. We're having our first campground stay this Friday at Cultus! Who loves camping?!

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Good night stars, Good night June, Good night Jasper, Good night Moon Recipe for the sweetest of dreams. Swipe for behind the scenes! Sometimes we entice the moon down for a little Lala cuddle, so there is no light to obstruct our astro photography. This weekend we (@heyjasper ) stayed up super late to take pictures of milky way because the moon was between us and the sun; therefore, no light was being reflected from the sun to obstruct seeing the stars. Unfortunately the clouds were there subbing in for the moons absence, and the view of the galaxy was a bit rubbish. How was your weekend? #sonyphotography #animaladdicts #ruffpost #weeklyfluff #dailybarker #dogsofcanada #barked #thevisualcollective #ourplanetdaily #topdogphoto #photoshopart #dogsofinstagram #pnwdogs #pawsome #moonphotography #astrophotography #dogsworld #dogsthathike #bestwoof #blueeyedpuppy #aussielove #aussiesdoingthings #aussieshepherd #bluemerle #adventurepup #hikingwithdogs #behindthescene #photoshopcc

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Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind. Warning, I get a lil deeper than what Lala is probably thinking in this next bit, so if you're not into that, just double tap this post & continue on your merry way, knowing that, whoever you are, you are so loved! We watch a lot of Queer Eye in our home, as in, as long as there are new episodes, we're watching one every day. If you haven't seen the show, (you should) it's about is a team of gay professionals (the "Fab 5") giving lifestyle and fashion makeovers to an individual who's in need, or just a fantastic human being who could use some pampering. The show is so inspiring to watch, not just because the 5 guys are so talented at their own professions but because they're so unbiasly encouraging, supportive and compassionate towards everyone they meet. As a Christian it makes me so sad to see the hurt that Bobby, one of the professionals, still feels towards churches and it makes me ache that some institutions are still not fully acceptant towards people of the #LGTBQ community. Understand it or not, in what world is descrimination & hate the answer to "what would Jesus do"? There are many churches which are different, and just radiate love and acceptance no matter who you are or who you love, and this gives me hope. But I just want to make it clear, no matter what you've grown to believe about the church or people of faith, this girl & her dog are 100% supportive of #loveislove If you walk into a church and feel anything but acceptance, that isn't Jesus or what he stood for. & I'm sorry on their behalf of that behavior. Please get out of that place as quick as possible, because life is too short for that crap. It's them, not you. You are loved. And that concludes my sermon for today. We will now go back to our regular programming of cute Lala. When all Americans are treated as equal, no matter who they are or whom they love, we are all more free. Barack Obama ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜

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Sometimes while gazing at the night's sky, I imagine stars looking down making wishes on the brightest of us. Shine bright, you were made to sparkle. I'd encourage all you photographers out there, to dedicate one night towards driving out of the city & trying to capture the stars. It's so eye-opening how large the sky is, & sometimes we forget how small we are in the grand scheme of things. Now that I realize how possible it is, I'm tired of seeing fake galaxy sky swaps. Lol, it just looks lazy & that's funny to say, because I too have swapped a few skies in my time. So do it. It's much more rewarding to edit in your own sky. And it's easy to do while being socially distant. Stop complaining that there is nothing to do right now, stop taking other's art and make your own. Life is too short to pretend there's no outdoors during COVID.

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I've talked to many dogs before, but there's something about her blue eyes, that make me feel like I'm being listened to on a deeper level. Of course on her end, she's probably looking at me intently thinking "when's the next time she's going to say "food". How often do you talk to your dog about things outside of treats & tricks? Lol we're asking for a friend. 😅 #sonyphotography #blueeyeddog #bestwoof #austrailianshepherd #puppydogeyes #viralpost #weeklyfluff #dancingdog #folkgood #pnwonderdogs #collectivelycreate #folkgreen #lifeofadventure #vibesofvisuals #doglover #ThatPNWLife #pnwdiscovered #pnw #pacificnorthwest ⁠#blueeyes #westcoastbestcoast #nrthwst #puppylovers #photooftheday #mydogist #puppycuddle #dogoftheday #instagood

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Lala was going to help put the slices of meat on the top shelf of the fridge but the steaks were too high. This photo was taken during our winter getaway in Clearwater, before I was really comfortable with my camera & before I got it repaired. My Sony had some part malfunctioning & it would add a lot of extra noise for no reason. On top of that I had my iso on auto for much of the trip, so every inside photo wasn't very clear, hence why this photo can't be lightened anymore. Lol it seems that everytime I go somewhere amazing for photography, I learn something that would have made my photos so much better right after I get home. Let me tell you a tip before you go to a dark cabin. Try to keep your ISO 400 and below & shoot in RAW. Even if your photos are super dark, as long as you can focus, you're going to be much more likely to Salvage it in an editing program. Are there any aspects of taking photos or editing that you'd like to see in a How-we-do video or post with Lala?

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What happened to the guy who sued over his missing luggage? He lost his case. So I've done over 600 instagram captions over the last year & 8 months. Lala is less than two month away from being 2 years old. But the real question remains. Do you read past the heading of a caption, or do you even read that far? Are you looking for a story, something to make you laugh, or just a cute photo that makes you smile? If you read this far, comment🙋🏻‍♀️ And if you have the time to talk with us, let us know how much a caption impacts your engagement.

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Lala Life Hack: Want to make Mondays more enjoyable? Skip work & watch a movie instead.

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