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Guys I’m still not done with these fog photos yet 😂 this will probably be our last post for a little while though! We made it out the door and we’re finally on the road. We’re on route to night #1 (of 10) in the mountains and feeling so excited to see what’s in store for our little adventure family! ✌🏻 . . . We won’t have much service this trip and I’m looking forward to disconnecting from social media for a while! Stay tuned for stories and lots of photos when we get back! 🙊✌🏻

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Ollie’s face because dads home after 4 weeks at work and that means adventure time! 🎉 we leave today...still not packed 😂 . . . This is the cheese face. Often happens while waiting for treats. Anyone else do this silly grin? 😍

3 days ago 32
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A very wet Ollie dog in the fog ☔️

3 days ago 38
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I love the way his eyes pop in these moody fog shots 😍this is Ollie’s best “give me a treat now” stare. Did it work? 😂

4 days ago 48
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Thursday mood 😴 we’ve got so much to do to prep for our upcoming trip (we leave Saturday 🙊🎉) but all I want to do is curl up and do nothing 🤷‍♀️. I know once I start moving I’ll be fine, but first I gotta get up off the couch 😂 . . . I’m notorious for leaving things to the last minute...someone send help!

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Yesterday’s hike was incredible, but it was definitely missing Ollie! I got to the top and brought out my camera but wasn’t feeling very inspired to take photos because my top subject was missing! It’s always so tough to leave them behind, but sometimes it’s necessary. Ollie goes to daycare a few days a week to have a good run around and socialize. . . . What do you do with your pups when you can’t bring them along?

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Ollie was not very happy when I woke him up at 5am this morning 😂 and he was even less happy when I left the house at 5:30 without him even after he saw me pack my hiking stuff into the truck! I’m crossing off a bucket list hike today, but unfortunately it’s not a dog friendly hike so Ollie isn’t joining me.

6 days ago 70
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I’m loving the shots I got of Ollie on our Sunday hike. I’ve been struggling lately editing all of our sunny hike pictures, and the moody fog was such a nice break from the hot weather we’ve been having! . . . What’s your favourite weather to photograph! ☺️

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Counting down the days till our next big adventure! We’ve done loads of hiking this summer, but haven’t been on a camping trip in weeks! So we’re counting down the days till dog dad gets home and we head out on a big exploring trip!!

6 days ago 19
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Yesterday was the perfect Sunday. We went on a foggy, rainy, cold hike. True PNW style. There were no views at the summit because it was so foggy, and that’s totally fine by me! We don’t hike just for the views...exploring is our happy place, our stress relief, our passion. . . . There are lots of reasons to hike! What’s yours?

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Admiring the mountain view 😍Mountains will always be my absolute favourite, even if Ollie likes the beach better 😂 This was another one of those moments where I was proud of how much I have grown out of my comfort zone this year. I used to hate taking photos when there was other people around. What you can’t see in this photo is a lookout full of people oohing and awwing at Ollie posing for the camera. Really loving capturing all these hike memories with my pup! 😍✌🏻 . . . Speaking of hikes...we’re heading on one today! I love hiking on Sunday, such a great way to end the week. It might be a bit rainy, but bring it on! . . I’ve asked if you camp in the rain before...how about hiking in the rain?

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Happy Saturday friends! ✌🏻✌🏻Taking a break from hiking today for some relaxation 🎉

9 days ago 28
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From our adventure yesterday! We had a big day 🙊 We were up at 5:30, out the door by 7, and at the trailhead before 10. This hike even required a border crossing! A year ago, I would have never gone so far out of my comfort zone, but I’m so happy I did!! ✌🏻🎉 The peak of this hike is marked with an old fire lookout tower that backpackers can stay in. How cool is that?!To top it off, the old shack is surrounded by 360 mountain views😍🏔 . . This is my entry for #easton40kcanada hosted by @eastonofthewild . . . #dogsofinstagram #hikingwithdogs #dogsthathike #mtbaker #explorewashington #washingtonhikes #adventuredog #dogsthatadventure #adventurewithdogs #bestwoof #pnwdogs #pnwonderland #instagood #wonderfulplaces #exploreeverything #alifealive #exploremore #visualsoflife #allaboutadventures #mountains #washingtonexplore #lookout #getoutside #hikingbuddy #hikingonpaws #wanderwashington #instagramdogs #dogstagram

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This summer, Ollie has pushed me to do so many hikes that I would have never done on my own! We’ve crossed so many big ones off of our bucket list (and added so many more 😂). Today we hiked another mountain, and there’s absolutely no other way I would have rather ended our long weekend! . . . You voted for more human photos, so here you go! 😂✌🏻 . . This is my entry for #easton40kcanada hosted by @eastonofthewild

14 days ago 56
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We’ve got one tired Ollie after a full day of running around on the beach in the sunshine yesterday! Originally we planned to do a big hike today, but those plans have been put on hold until tomorrow. I woke up to my 5am alarm with a pounding headache and said a big nope to my alarm. . . . Sometimes last minute plans fall through...but that’s okay! Ollie and I both need some rest today, I wonder what we’ll get up to instead ☺️🤔 . . Waterproof leash by @wilderdog ! Use code OLLIE10 to save some cash! 😍🎉 . . This is my entry for #easton40kcanada hosted by @eastonofthewild

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This majestic beast and I have another action packed weekend ahead of us! It’s a long weekend here in Canada (sorry US friends!!) and it took me until last night to figure out how we were going to spend it 😂. We’ve got a couple hikes planned, friends to see, beaches to run, and lots of sunshine in the forecast! . . . Saturday morning coffee happening, let’s get this weekend started! 🎉✌🏻

16 days ago 17
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Happiest when hiking 😍✌🏻This is what Ollie’s face looks like 98% of the time we are out on the trails. Hard to get a picture of him with his tongue not falling out of his mouth 😂 . . . It’s pretty rare to go hiking with Ollie and not get covered in slobber 😂 I’ve accepted it now! . . . Would you accept some Ollie slobber?! 😂 . . @wilderdog leash! OLLIE10 gets your a discount 🎉 . . This is my entry for #easton40kcanada hosted by @eastonofthewild

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Quite possibly my new favourite photo of Ollie! 😍 hard to beat the scenery of an alpine hike...mountains and lakes combined are definitely some of my favourite views! . . I was really proud of Ollie on this hike, there were a few sections that were quite technical and he handled it like it was nothing! The hike down was a bit of a different story though...and I’ve got the bruises to prove it 😐 Something about hiking makes Ollie pull on his leash and a particular slippery set of mud covered stairs had me falling on my butt 😭 . . With the long weekend coming up, we’re hike planning! What are your long weekend plans? 😏 . . This is my entry for #easton40kcanada hosted by @eastonofthewild

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