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S’MORES COOKIES!! Tag a die hard s’mores lover!! 📸: @cookiesforthesoul #foodforthesoul

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Nutella showers! Tag someone who #neeeeeds this!! #foodforthesoul

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Monday’s aren’t so bad after all! Tag someone who needs this to start their week! 📷: @xndoughs #foodforthesoul

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Salted Caramel @killerbrownie !!!! This was HEAVENLY! Tag someone who loves brownies and needs to try this👇🏻 #foodforthesoul

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The ultimate chocolate lovers ice cream order- chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce and chocolate sprinkles! Tag someone who would order this! #foodforthesoul

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I need to bathe in that frosting🤤 Tag someone who eats the frosting and not the cake! 📷: @tumblinbumblincrumblincookie #foodforthesoul

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I’d go to great lengths to have a slice of this BANANA NUTELLA cake from @littlecupcakebakeshop ! Tag someone who’d do ridiculous things for a slice of this cake👇🏻 #foodforthesoul

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Homemade cookie pizza! Which topping is your favorite? #foodforthesoul

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Ice Cream Donut hybrid- have you ever seen anything this beautiful?? 📷: @sugarandwaternyc #foodforthesoul

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Homemade cookie dough in a cone!! Tag a cookie dough lover👇🏻 #foodforthesoul

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No days off. #foodforthesoul

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Volume ON if you want the chills! Tag a S’mores cookie lover!👇🏻 📸: @cookiesforthesoul #foodforthesoul #cookiesforthesoul

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