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Homemade Vanilla & Chocolate cake with brownie batter frosting and buttercream! Who else needs a slice? 📷: @stillhungry4more #foodforthesoul

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The BEST homemade pancakes out there. Fluffy pillows of HEAVEN with decadent chocolate in every bite! Tag a pancake lover👇🏻 #foodforthesoul

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The BEST homemade chocolate chip banana bread out there. This recipe was so easy! Tag a banana bread lover! #foodforthesoul

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My mouth is actually watering for this homemade chocolate stout cake. Who else needs a bite of this? 📷: @thecarboholic

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Cinnamon rolls without icing is like a girl without makeup- natural and beautiful. Tag someone who craves cinnamon rolls! #foodforthesoul

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Patiently waiting until I’m able to go get a fat slice of cookie dough cake from @littlecupcakebakeshop ! Tag a cookie dough lover! #foodforthesoul

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That moist cake and luscious frosting is what I need on a rainy day like today. Tag someone to make them crave this! 📷: @igorochaoficial #foodforthesoul

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Maple, glazed or cinnamon sugar? Which ones your fave?! 📷: @dailyprov #foodforthesoul

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Homemade cookie pie never disappoints. Volume ON for the chills! Tag someone who has their name written all over this! #foodforthesoul

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If anyone has leftover pizza dough in their fridge- make a Nutella Calzone! Anyone else craving this? 📷: @stickaforkinme #foodforthesoul

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Some would argue its breakfast time, some would argue its lunch, or even dinner. Tag someone who’s lost track of time and just eats whatever, whenever. #foodforthesoul

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