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Tag someone who makes you as happy a warm, gooey, chocolate chip cookie! #cookiesforthesoul #foodforthesoul

9 days ago 45
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Warning: Graphic content. Viewer discretion is advised. #foodforthesoul 📷: @eatbearded

16 days ago 109
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Know the difference between your wants and needs. I don’t want these mini pancakes drenched in Nutella, I NEED THEM. Tag someone who needs this too!!! #foodforthesoul 📷: @candyandcocoa

18 days ago 142
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Nutella Pull Apart Bread to swing into the weekend! What are you indulging in this weekend#foodforthesoul 📷: @thecarboholic

20 days ago 45
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Perks of having friends who are also insaneee bakers @talia.benyehuda Homemade Chocolate Cinnamon Roll Cupcakes with Nutella and chocolate chips! Who’s downing one?! #foodforthesoul

21 days ago 57
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Triple Chocolate Mousse Cake! 📷: @omgchocolatedesserts

23 days ago 48
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Homemade chocolate lava cake with vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce! One bite rule does not apply here. #foodforthesoul

27 days ago 68
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Drip too hard!!!! Tag someone you’re getting ice cream with today! #foodforthesoul

29 days ago 43
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Pinch me. Tag your churro obsessed friends! #foodforthesoul

1 months ago 54
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20 layer chocolate cake with peanut butter mascarpone. W o w. Who needs a bite? Tag your friends👇🏻 #foodforthesoul

1 months ago 74
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SUSHI ON JONES SUNDAE at @softswervenyc and @sushionjones for a limited time!!!!!!! Black sesame soft serve, caramel drizzle, rice crispy topping for crunch and MOCHI! You don’t want to miss it! #foodforthesoul

1 months ago 36
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Marshmallow Devil’s Food Cake with Nutella and Chocolate Chocolate Chip Ice cream! Tag someone who could take this down! #foodforthesoul

1 months ago 121