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I believe in love at first Nutella filled Donut Video. Tag your Donut loving friends! #foodforthesoul 📷: @xndoughs

7 hours ago 40
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Pregaming for Thanksgiving with this PECAN PIE! Tag someone who lives for this! #foodforthesoul

1 days ago 32
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Want to cuddle with this Nutella Donut until I can put my heavy jacket away. Who else is freezing and can’t stop eating?! #foodforthesoul

2 days ago 30
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Homemade Nutella Blondies! #foodforthesoul

4 days ago 32
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Cupcakes or muffins? Comment your answer below👇🏻 #foodforthesoul 📷: @pigoutnyc

6 days ago 44
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THE WORLDS FIRST HOTEL ROOM TURNED RESTAURANT at @sushibybou ‘s Sushi Suite 1001! Use the code “SUNTORYTALIA” to get a complimentary cocktail flight, valid until 11/30! Still dreaming of all those pieces! Tag your omakase partner👇🏻 #foodforthesoul

7 days ago 49
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FRESH BAKED COOKIES OUT OF THE OVEN SEASON STARTS NOW! Tag your friends, if they don’t respond in 10 minutes they owe you fresh cookies! #foodforthesoul 📸: @cookiesforthesoul

8 days ago 67
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Say cheeeeeeese! #foodforthesoul 📷: @cheesegrille

9 days ago 16
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Some Monday motivation! Tag someone who hates Monday’s but loved chocolate cookies👇🏻 #foodforthesoul

9 days ago 55
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@kestepizza forever my #1. What’s your favorite nyc pizza spot? #foodforthesoul

12 days ago 33
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Now I know why Miss Trunchbull from Matilda was so mad when Bruce stole her chocolate cake from the school kitchen. Tag someone who always steals your food 👇🏻 #foodforthesoul 📷: @thecarboholic

13 days ago 44
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I will never be one of those people that orders vanilla ice cream, even on a brownie. Tag a die hard chocolate lover👇🏻 📷: @fitwaffle #foodforthesoul

14 days ago 50