This teen @girlswhocode alum organized 250+ people from around the world to 3D print PPE for frontline health care workers⁠ ⁠ In partnership with @timesupnow

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@jackchaney187 26 days ago

The thing is, why take out of your own pocket and time to help what is already funded by billionaires why feel the need to do this, and if theyre actually not available, then shouldnt the WHO who runs this whole bullshit facade provide? So now youre supporting the cause that has only ruined small business for the sake of what? Publicity? Were already being fucked over hand over your work to what should be provided for. Good on you, but you getting walked over

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@nateg_1 26 days ago

Who has 3D printers in their house? Am I not the only one who’s confused?

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@phoenix0642 26 days ago


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@bignguyen_ 26 days ago

Doesn’t plastic have the least bacterial resistance surface and degradeable under cleaning solutions?

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@arrigogaripoli 26 days ago

She is not her that its outstanding but our politics very limited in creativity and more can a popolation died because there are no mask and vent available .

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@andreamartinez7170 24 days ago

Awesome teen!

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@bozaregina 26 days ago


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@ferret_spaghetti 24 days ago

3d pp

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@colaco.michelle 26 days ago


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Corona's disease caused people to know that they were incapable of destroying Corona and that they had to believe in the one and only God, and that it was God who cared about His servant. On behalf of an Iranian Shiite Muslim

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@karina.popovich 26 days ago

Thank you @nowthisfuture ❤️😆

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