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These classrooms in West Africa were built with bricks made from plastic waste. UNICEF partnered with for-profit recycling organization Conceptos Plásticos with plans to construct 528 classrooms by transforming plastic pollution into bricks. ♻️

2 days ago 38
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Journalist and author of “The Outlaw Ocean” Ian Urbina (@ianurbina) spent 5 years documenting crimes at sea like arms trafficking, illegal fishing, and sea slavery — here's how they have a ripple effect on the environment (in partnership with @parley.tv). Swipe through to learn more about his work covering crimes at sea ➡️

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This baby whale swam hundreds of miles with a net stuck in its mouth before rescuers untangled the calf 🐋

5 days ago 15
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California is trying to prevent misinformation by banning manipulated videos of political candidates. Gov. Gavin Newsom signed a bill to stop people from distributing deceptively altered videos, images, and audio of political candidates within 60 days of an election.

5 days ago 64
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This time-lapse of animals visiting a South African watering hole is basically ‘The Lion King’ IRL 🦌🐃(📸: @ivanueckermann)

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This brain-controlled exoskeleton allowed a man who is paralyzed to walk again 🤖

8 days ago 48
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You can get free metro tickets for recycling in Rome ♻️

9 days ago 122
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From fatbergs to microplastics, @lucybiggers is here to show you why what you flush down the toilet matters — and why you should NEVER flush wet wipes 🚽 #onesmallstep #pollution #💩

11 days ago 160
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Lizzie Carr (@lizzieoutside) is a paddle boarding eco-activist who coordinated a global plastic waste cleanup in 41 countries — here's how her @plasticpatrol app came to be

11 days ago 39
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Microsoft's dual-screen Surface Neo is coming out in 2020 — here's how it works

12 days ago 131
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The town of Lamitan City in the Philippines created a massive tulip garden out of 30,000 plastic bottles from nearby villages 🌷#lamitancity

13 days ago 57
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Watch this robot do gymnastics 🤖Another #BostonDynamics robot – Spot – is now available for select customers.

14 days ago 93
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Behold, the world's first recyclable wetsuit 🏄Made by @finisterreuk.

15 days ago 8
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This ‘concept smartphone’ features a wraparound screen 😱

16 days ago 157
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This octopus changes colors in her sleep — and it might be a sign that she’s dreaming 🐙 Meet Heidi in the @pbsnature documentary 'Octopus: Making Contact,' premiering on PBS on Oct. 2 #NaturePBS.

16 days ago 142
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80% of Puerto Rico’s agricultural industry was destroyed by the 2017 hurricanes, exposing the weaknesses in the island’s food supply chain. Now, these farmers are determined to make their communities self-sufficient. 🌎 Click the link in our bio, to learn more on how these farmers are part of a resilient movement that actually sees farming as a way for Puerto Rico to be more self sustainable 🇵🇷

17 days ago 6
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‘You claim you want to listen to youth solutions, but this feels more like a photo op.’ — This activist led a chant calling out world leaders for continuing to work with the fossil fuel industry at the UN Youth Climate Summit #GlobalClimateStrike 🌎

17 days ago 62
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These farmers harvest furniture straight from the ground 🌱 To learn more on how it works, click the link in our bio 🔗

18 days ago 105
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You've heard of the Green New Deal, but do you know exactly what's in it? Hear from policy lead Rhiana Gunn-Wright and Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on why they believe this could be essential to solving the climate crisis — #ClimateCrisis #ClimateChange #ClimateWeek #GreenNewDeal #AOC #OneSmallStep

18 days ago 136
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‘Do you care more about profit than you care about us?’ — Watch this youth activist confront Microsoft's chief environmental officer for continuing business with fossil fuel companies

19 days ago 75