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This tree is burning from the inside out, giving the illusion that it’s glowing 🔥

18 hours ago 92
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Inventor Lucy Hughes used waste from a fish processing plant to make organic, compostable ‘plastic’ 🐟

2 days ago 255
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The RAZR flip phone has been resurrected into a foldable smartphone 😱 Click the link in our bio to learn more about the reboot of this popular '00s phone 🔗

3 days ago 93
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The U.S. Army is using TikTok to land new recruits — here's why some lawmakers say it could be a national security risk

3 days ago 29
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Hidden NO MORE — The NASA women who inspired 'Hidden Figures' have been awarded the highest civilian honor in the U.S.

4 days ago 14
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These little 'cheetah' robots can pull off some crazy backflips. The 20-pound quadrupedal robots can reach speeds of approximately 5 mph and were designed by researchers at MIT’s Biomimetics Lab 🤖

5 days ago 28
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Here's how HyperStealth Biotechnology Corp.'s 'invisibility cloak' works ✨

6 days ago 185
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RoboBee Microrobots has 'soft muscles' that allow it to fly

7 days ago 14
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These robotic cubes can flip, jump, and roll to create structures on their own 🤖

8 days ago 55
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UPS is now using drones to deliver CVS prescriptions

9 days ago 29
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This Indigenous ‘forest guardian’ was killed last week after being ambushed by illegal loggers — before being fatally shot, he protected Native lands in the Amazon from deforestation ➡️

9 days ago 153
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‘It’s just not possible to breathe.’ — Living in New Delhi is like smoking 30+ cigarettes a day as record-breaking smog chokes the city

10 days ago 179
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14-year-old Alaina Gassler invented tech to eliminate a car's blind spots — here's how it works 🚗

11 days ago 57
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14-year-old Kara Fan won $25k for developing a liquid bandage that's designed to replace the use of antibiotics 🔬

12 days ago 167
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Watch hundreds of drones light up the night sky in these mesmerizing synchronized shows 🔆

13 days ago 178
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22-year-old Italian artist Andrea Gandini turns dead trees into works of art 🌳See more of his sculptures here ➡️@gandini.andrea

14 days ago 25
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Army veteran and double amputee Darren Swift created 3D-printed binding to help achieve his 2022 Winter Paralympics dream

15 days ago 5
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Teens in South Korea are going to smartphone ‘detox camps’ to curb their internet and photo use 📱

16 days ago 46
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68-year-old Robert Chelsea just became the first Black patient to receive a full face transplant after getting severely burned in a car accident.

16 days ago 154