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Everytime I see these it’s always a horrible list

3 hours ago 0
2346973771234463920_17888143217 instagram

If she’s 12 then Dababy must be the best rapper of all time

21 hours ago 0
2346789233057232533_17888143217 instagram

Kanye a goat music wise but this ain’t it 💀Kanye = trump

1 days ago 0
2346250963688854908_17888143217 instagram

Yah went to any bbq, parties or watch fireworks today ?

2 days ago 0
2346071403504584262_17888143217 instagram

Girls hop on twitter and just look like clowns...anyways stream pop smoke

2 days ago 0
2345524545719884709_17888143217 instagram

Need “Mary Jane” and “woo shit” on the deluxe Tjay and polo g too fire on those songs

3 days ago 0
2345322286876464966_17888143217 instagram

Most The features was the only bad part on the album tbh...😔9/10...what yah think about the album ?

3 days ago 0
2344089616263753736_17888143217 instagram

He Couldn’t even sell more then my followers 💀i don’t think yah know how trash that is

5 days ago 0
2343908045615447218_17888143217 instagram

Approximately about 1 day and couple hours till the album drops 🗣

5 days ago 0
2343238101642867422_17888143217 instagram

Stay Ruining everything

6 days ago 0
2342616000376445238_17888143217 instagram

Imma keep it 2 virgils with you guys...he showed no effort in making this

7 days ago 0
2342478156479833762_17888143217 instagram

I would’ve just beat up the bear for invading my privacy

7 days ago 0
2341919658024952244_17888143217 instagram

Being toxic do be funny doe

8 days ago 0
2341755021694448171_17888143217 instagram

Disrespect to music but her # 1 is facts

8 days ago 0
2341151450166722894_17888143217 instagram

Eating a glizzy with no bev is crazy

9 days ago 0
2340960517496463722_17888143217 instagram

Foreign nut

9 days ago 0
2340423971156296800_17888143217 instagram

Polo g hasn’t missed yet..misses he doesnt 🗣you just can’t hate on polo g

9 days ago 0
2340238522311908819_17888143217 instagram

Riding around in a rover looking for a some oops

10 days ago 0
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