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“All dreams come from here, they come from the dust.” - @castersemenya800m ⁣ ⁣ Caster’s dream started on the dusty roads of rural Limpopo, on the track in Polokwane and on the podiums of the world’s biggest stages. ⁣ ⁣ But before that it started with family, respect and self-belief. ⁣ ⁣ Now Caster is starting the dream again with her newly founded athletics club @MasaiAC.⁣ ⁣ This is her Birthplace of Dreams.

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“It seemed too far, too crazy, too hard. But we never thought it was impossible.” ⠀ Thai superstars @rachwinwong and @artiwara ran over 2,000 kilometers across Thailand – that’s one marathon a day for 55 days – to raise awareness about the country’s healthcare problems. ⠀ But this was not the only finish line out there for them. It’s just the start of their crazy dream to change the world for the better, one run at a time. #justdoit

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“If you’ve got a wall in your way, don’t jump over it. Knock it down.” @shaquemgriffin ⠀ Some see an obstacle and go around it. Shaquem goes through it. Collaborating with the team at Nike, a customized football cleat was developed that can provide the opportunity for every athlete do the same. #FlyEase

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“Before I was Saquon Barkley the football player, these are the people who loved me first.” - @saquon ⠀ If you want to know who Saquon Barkley is, you’ve got to go way back. ⠀ Back before he won the NFL's Rookie of the Year award. Before he became Penn State rushing royalty. Even before he ran into Whitehall High School’s record books. ⠀ Before all of that, Saquon's story began on the blacktop of The Bronx. ⠀ This is his Birthplace of Dreams. #justdoit

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“I was so scared that I would just be that guy that was good at basketball with a regular job. Now I am the little guy slaying the big giants that are in the NBA”. ⠀ @franknittyy’s love for the game turned his passion into a career. #sportchangeseverything

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“People going through these kind of struggles need support… For 17 years I struggled with my sexuality. When I was in college, I used to cry to my best friend because I didn’t feel like I belonged, like the guys on the team didn’t like me. My best friend told me to be yourself, go out there and work hard, and that’s what I did on the track because I had something to prove, I didn’t let that circumstance define who I was.” @KerronClement ⠀ On National Coming Out Day, we celebrated safe, inclusive spaces for LGBTQIA+ athletes and the power of sport for all at the LA City College Track. #BETRUE #UntilWeAllWin

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“I kept saying, ‘tomorrow is my day.’ I wanted to be the second @kipchogeeliud — the Kipchoge for women. I focused on that.” ⠀ At 25 years old #BrigidKosgei is now the fastest woman on earth. In a weekend of broken barriers, Brigid shattered @paularadcliffe’s 16-year-old marathon world record by 81 seconds. ⠀ Don’t change your dreams, change the world… And the world record, while you’re at it. #justdoit

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“Smiling doesn’t win you gold medals.” - @simonebiles It’s Simone’s intense focus, energy, and relentless drive that have made her the best to ever do it. And by testing her own limits once again this week at the World Championships, she now has 25 medals — making her the most decorated world champion in gymnastics history. #🐐 #justdoit

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“I run to prove to any human in this universe that there are no limitations.” @kipchogeeliud A crazy dream come true — Eliud Kipchoge becomes the world’s first to run a marathon in under two hours. #justdoit

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"Players are role models for a lot of people. You know, once you get on a football field, to see all of the different backgrounds on each team, it's quite a remarkable thing. I do think that sport, football, plays a big role." - @sterling7 ⠀ Raheem Sterling, Marcus Rashford, and Tammy Abraham celebrate Black History Month UK and stand together as more than teammates. ⠀ Until we all win. #justdoit

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“When people see me in the gym, I get a variety of responses. If someone knows someone that uses a prosthesis, they’ll tell me, ‘Hey,I know this person that just got an amputation. She's really struggling, but I’m gonna tell her she’ll be able to do this stuff.’ And that, hands down, makes it all worth it. Sport can show you how to be strong—not just physicality, but emotionally and mentally.” - @onelegtostandon #sportchangeseverything

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“Your dream starts as a kid. You get older and your aspirations grow, because you believe you can do it.” [email protected] ⠀ Rafa wins his 19th major. One shy of tying the all-time men’s record. #justdoit

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“I decided to move on from playing ball as a career, but I never actually left the game. ⠀ I went to the rec center just for the pure enjoyment of the game, playing, having fun with my friends, and also focusing on another target in terms of my goals.” — @brandwills telling the story of how basketball sparked a love of, and career in, fashion. #sportchangeseverything

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“Our team is younger and more aggressive than before. We need to show the fighting spirit in the game. We’re hoping to influence the whole game through a positive mindset and contribute to Chinese basketball.” – @yijl ⠀ As the leader and veteran of China’s basketball team, Yi Jianlian dreams that the young team will make a mark in this year’s FIBA World Cup, continuing to grow visibility and participation in Chinese basketball. ⠀ #justdoit #BeTheProof

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“When I was in the recreational gymnastics classes with a bunch of other girls my age, it was discouraging for a while because I would look over and see them doing these amazing skills. You think to yourself, "What if I had started early? That could be me right now." ⠀ Because I started later, I’ve had to work a lot on positive affirmations. No matter how far I end up going with gymnastics, I just want to show everyone I’m willing to try. So, instead of “what if,” it’s more like, “what can happen now?” — Faith Moulton #sportchangeseverything

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“I like seeing more diverse women in tennis. It makes me feel part of a community where someone like you and someone like me could make their own boxes to be in.” - Zoe ⠀ This weekend, while the best in the game are in Queens, the future watches and waits. Drawing inspiration from those who’ve defied tradition and made a mark on the court today, they’re determined to leave a dent tomorrow. #SportChangesEverything

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This is what it looks like to be an 18-time Grand Slam winner. #justdoit

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“Mallorca is home. I plan to be here for the rest of my life.” - @rafaelnadal ⠀ On the eastern coast of the Spanish island of Mallorca is the small town of Manacor. It’s a community known for fishing, furniture, and a bustling street market. ⠀ But above all else, it’s a town known for tennis. ⠀ Tennis legend Rafael Nadal’s career began here, on the red-clay courts sprinkled throughout his hometown of Manacor. And he still calls this place home, training and leading the next generation at the Rafa Nadal Academy. ⠀ This is his Birthplace of Dreams. #justdoit

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"I want to make sure that they’re growing up in a world better than the one we are currently living in.” - @kobebryant ⠀ As the coach of his daughter Gianna’s basketball team, Kobe’s belief in the power of sport lives past his own career. ⠀ It’s that same belief that led him to create Mamba League. ⠀ Today, Mamba League provides access to basketball to all kids, giving them skills to change their life both on and off the court. #justdoit #madetoplay ⠀ Join us at: https://swoo.sh/33BcZ1e

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“It doesn’t matter whether you’re poor or rich, where you’re from, what religion you follow, what language you speak, everyone is equal on the pitch.” - Rascha Ahmad ⠀ Rascha Ahmad was born and raised by immigrant parents in Neukölln—a multicultural neighborhood in Berlin. ⠀ Over the last few years, millions of refugees have joined them in Germany. ⠀ Some argue their differences divide them. But through sport, Berlin Kickt brings them together. #justdoit #madetoplay @buntkicktgut.berlin @theirc ⠀ Join us at: https://swoo.sh/33BcZ1e

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⠀ “Many of the children’s physical fitness is very poor now. Although I can’t spend a lot of money to buy equipment for the children, I can create equipment for them with my hands.” - Lin Meizhen At Xianling Primary School, physical activity was at a low point. They needed equipment to motivate the kids, but didn’t have the funding to buy any. Then, one curious PE teacher decided to shift her perspective. #justdoit #madetoplay Find out how you can take action: https://swoo.sh/33BcZ1e

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“Everything that was taken from me, every opportunity I was denied... That’s what I want these kids to have.” - @forrestneide ⠀ The five square miles of Capao Redondo, Brazil were once notorious for violence. ⠀ It was here that Neide lost her husband and then her son. After their deaths, she created @projetovidacorrida and discovered a second life as a second mother to an entire neighborhood of children. ⠀ Some thought that violence would always shape the people of Capão Redondo’s story. But through sport, they’ve changed the narrative. #justdoit #madetoplay ⠀ Find out how you can take action: https://swoo.sh/33BcZ1e

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“If you're looking to start running, or swimming, or playing baseball, or whatever you want to do, take one step towards that every day. Go out and run a mile, or go look for a pool to jump into. It’s just a matter of taking that first step—because that one step can change everything.” - @wicked.la

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