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70s-inspired floral featuring feminine shirred details | Talulah Bikini Top and Bottom #Summer2020

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Did you know you can travel through the Canadian Rockies by glass-domed train? Yep, theres a train that has full-dome windows so guests can see above them, a feature that’s particularly handy when traveling through Western Canada’s stunning mountain ranges. Find out how you can book a ticket at the link in bio. #tlpicks courtesy of @wildernessaddict

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🚲look effortless⠀ 📹@olena.sheremet⠀ -⠀ #spinning #9gag #workout

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The Cutest! @dixiedamelio Hair By @laurapolko Makeup By @patrickta Assisted By @livmadorma Wearing @patricktabeauty Major Headlines Blush “Shes So LA” Brows: Major Brow In “Tinted” Lashes By @houseoflashes

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@axellepros glam with our shape tape 16-hr vegan concealer in 37G medium-tan golden is EVERRRRYTHING! 😍😍😍 #crueltyfree #rethinknatural #shapetapenation #doubledutybeauty

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Baby cow 🐮 | Photography by @hmgaard

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The U.S. recorded 40,401 new cases of COVID-19 on June 25, the highest ever single-day tally. Pres. Trump has claimed that the rise of new cases is only due to increased testing, but evidence suggests otherwise. Public health officials are alarmed not only by the high number of new cases but also by the high percentage of positive tests. ⁠ ⁠ According to Johns Hopkins, 6.1% of all tests in the U.S. are coming back positive, with much higher positive rates in many states. In Arizona, where the president traveled this week, 23.2% of all tests are positive. The WHO advises against reopening in areas above 5%. The U.S. has suffered at least 2.4 million cases of COVID-19 and more than 124,000 deaths.

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Happy 45th birthday #TobeyMaguire! This scene from #SpiderMan (2002) involved no CGI! With the help of a sticky substance to keep the tray planted on his hand, eventually, after 156 takes, #TobeyMaguire performed the stunt as seen!

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Rate this outfit 1-10 😍👌🏽 #menwithstreetstyle

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{ Forever 🍋 } • In this 2020 I’ve rediscovered smells that I havent felt for years - the scent of the river, the smell of the wind and many others to which I was no longer used to where I live, in such a populated area. But the scent that I continue to love deeply is that of citrus fruits, like that morning in a lemon grove, here in the photo. I know I havent posted here for many weeks, I was busy living new experiences, but in the meantime I saw that my work here on IG today reaches over 1 Million accounts! Who follow me for real know that I have never been obsessed by social media but reaching such a bold number is a satisfaction. THANKS FOR YOUR SUPPORT. 💪🏿♥️

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