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2019 has been so amazing. I’ve had time to relax, see the family more than ever, go to festivals with friends and also make a record that I couldn’t be more proud of. I’ve had so much fun. The start of the year was hard as I was still in my ‘sad song’ writing state of mind and they are not easy songs to write. Post that I had a lot of fun making fun music and Looking back on the process i had a lot a fucking great time writing and recording this stuff and I think you’ll be able to hear that in the music (apart from the sad ones obviously). The last few months since releasing NTMY have been incredible. It’s been so fun to be back out there travelling the world, playing on different shows, radio stuff, photo shoots and all the stuff that comes with what we do. SNL obviously being a MAJOR highlight. I love this picture above as it kinda sums me up right now. I’m feeling confident, happy, cheeky (as per usual) and very excited about 2020. I’ll be releasing Singles, an album and of course the NTMY world tour is happening!!!!! Get your tickets and come watch me. I’ve wanted to put a show on like this for years and I promise you I’ll give 200% on stage every night and give you your value for money. ( I’ll be announcing more dates in the coming weeks) Thank you for everything this year and being so patient with me. Love you all so much for being right behind me all the time. 2020 let’s go. It’s nice to be nice Love, Nialler

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What a week! To be the musical guest on Saturday Night Live was one of the greatest honours I’ve had in my career. Getting back up on the SNL stage after a few years was incredible,I’ve never felt more at home. The same crew has been doing that show for years and years. They are the nicest and most efficient people in show business and I thank them very much for making my week seamless and very special. The cast are always so lovely and fun to be around. Thank you to cecily especially for helping me out with the skit etc.. thank you guys. Thank you Lorne for asking me to be a small part of your incredible show. You are a gentleman and I hope we can work together again some day. The wonderful and beautiful Scarlett Johansson. Thank you for taking me under your wing and just being a lovely person on top of all that. It was an honour to be on the show with you. Xx This reads like I’ve just hosted the show itself hahaha( if I ever get the chance to host the show , wait til you see the thesis length story i have for that haha ) Thank you @nbcsnl

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What a crowd in Boston as per usual ! Cheers kiss 108 for having me #iHeartJingleBall 📸 @christiantierney

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PINK to make the girls wink @nbcsnl 📸 @christiantierney

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Madison square garden, z100 #iHeartJingleBall 2019. Always an honour, thank you xx 📸 @christiantierney

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We probably won’t be very Irish before we go on stage tonight at MSG in New York at Z100 jingle ball. Don’t believe the stereotypes. 📹 @christiantierney #iHeartJingleBall

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thank you philly ! @q102philly @iheartradio 📸 @christiantierney

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philly I’m here and I can’t wait to see you tonight 📸 @christiantierney

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Sydney! Loved every minute of it. See ya next year x 📸 @christiantierney

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Put A Little Love On Me is out now ! I recorded this song a number of times but always kept coming back to the original demo so I ended up using that for the final track . Enjoy x

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The song I’m releasing tonight at midnight EST is one of my favourite songs I’ve written and a song very special to me. Hope you love it #PutALittleLoveOnMe

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