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It was about a 14 mile or so day hike to this beaut of a lake in the Eastern Sierra. We got an alpine start and were able to catch sunrise once we made it to the lake. Definitely a new favorite hike of mine in the Sierra. I got to test out the new @sonyalpha a7riv while I was up there. I’m really impressed, especially coming from the a7rii. Briefly, dynamic range is improved, 61mp is awesome in post processing, ergonomics is improved tremendously. The only con I have is camera shake is very noticeable. The 61 mp sensor captures every thing and every little shake, so those minor shakes are noticeable in the fine details. I had a tripod up there with me so it wasn’t a huge issue.

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Views of this valley when the sun starts to dip below the horizon, never cease to amaze me. I’m over due for another trip hiking in Yosemite. Seems like Tioga pass will be closed before we even know it with the way time has been flying by this season!

2 days ago 112
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Excited to get up into the Eastern Sierra for what might be one of the last few backpacking 🎒🏕 trips of the season up there! The temps are already dropping below freezing in the High Sierra at night 🥶 @tiffanywang87 in frame

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The Canadian Rockies sure have away of making problems of day to day life seem really small!

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18 years ago today, nearly 3,000 Americans lost their lives in the September 11 attacks. Today, we remember and honor the lives lost at the Pentagon, the World Trade Center, and aboard United Airlines Flight 93 — We will never forget 🇺🇸🗽

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First light on the granite goodness of the three brothers. Excited to see what this upcoming season brings this time around!

8 days ago 96
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Going to the sun road sure is something special! We stopped countless times along this road during our family adventure to Montana. Next year we plan to stay on the east side of the park vs the west side we did this time around!

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Here’s a Park I can’t wait to get back into! Love getting into this area when the scent of autumn is swirling through the canyons. The whole park is a bit calmer from the high summer season. These upcoming months are my favorite time of year in and around Zion NP!

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Not quite the sunset we had hoped for, but I’ll take a sky with any amount of clouds over a blue bird sky any day! 📸 @ben3yuh

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Now that September is here, it seems as if fall is approaching real fast! I plan to be in Colorado at the end of the month to see fall colors there for the first time. I’m stoked on that, but also the conditions we get in the Sierra. This season is easily my favorite time of year in Yosemite. Low hanging fog, some rain, moody clouds ... yea I’m ready for some fall vibes!

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The California Gold Coast is incredible, especially during sunset! If you haven’t had the time to drive up and down it yet ... I’ve got to say your missing out! Shout out to @jackeryusa for keeping my camera equipment and electronics powered up on these adventures!

14 days ago 65
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As much as I enjoy this app @instagram , it can be a pain in the D**k to post a photo correctly. 3rd times a charm... Anyhow, the largest lake in Glacier NP is absolutely incredible. We stopped here multiple times on our trip and my kids loved swimming in this epic lake surrounded by gorgeous scenery! Speaking of kids and family, how do you maintain a career while traveling and raising a family? I don’t think it’s easy by any means but the memories and adventures we have together are second to none. I may not be able to travel on the drop of a dime, but the satisfaction of watching my kids grow, watching my career take off, and maintaining a stable household is very rewarding. We make it work for us. Watching my kids learn and grow from experiencing new places like Glacier NP has been an important part of teaching and raising them. If your raising a family and traveling around with them how do you do it, I’d like to know your thoughts below!

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Seeing this place for the first time on my birthday was amazing. Reflecting on the past 33 years of my life, it has never been a straight path. Fortunately, I joined the military at 19. God knows where I’d be now if I had not joined. I certainly wasn’t on a good path before then. After I got out, the next few years would be full time school and working full time as a non traditional student. Ever see the movie Happy Gilmore? Yea, that was pretty much me lol. Now, I’m focused on on my career because helping people in the way I do is amazing and I feel blessed to be in the part of the industry I’m in. Photography wise, I’ve been able to capture some of the most beautiful places I could ever imagine and I’ve been able to share that to the best of my ability. I’m about to marry the love of my life @tiiiffaniiii while raising two kids. I also have some of the best friends a guy can ask for. You know who you are, thanks for your friendship... I truly appreciate it. The future is looking pretty bright and I don’t plan on slowing down ! 📸: @ben3yuh

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This scene was completely moody and blue moments before this shot was taken. If you look at the horizon way back there, you can see where the setting sun was shining through to under light the clouds above us. It lasted a few moments, but it was the perfect way to end our trip to Glacier national park. We’ll certainly be back, and can’t wait to get on more of the trails next time!

17 days ago 66
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Driving up and down this road for the first time was such an incredible experience. The massive mountains that tower overhead and pierce through the sky are jaw dropping. 3 days here simply wasn’t enough, looking forward to visiting here again more than any where else at the moment!

18 days ago 126
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This view point reminds of Yosemite’s tunnel view. It’s ease of access, it’s always packed, and I see it more often than not on the gram. That doesn’t take away from the fact though, that they’re both such beautiful view points to take it all in! The breaks in the clouds this particular day really made for a nice contrast in the way the color pops in the lake!

20 days ago 86
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Hands down best sunset I’ve seen this year, and I couldn’t have asked for a better location to watch it happen!

21 days ago 69
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Glacier National Park was everything we expected and more! What a place to visit! We can’t wait to get pack into this park already and we just left! This particular morning was special with the low hanging fog and clouds, we even saw a bear at the far end of the lake looking for some breakfast 🐻

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