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We share the pain and anger over the death of George Floyd, and that of so many others before him at the hands of law enforcement. Systemic racism is a problem in society that needs to end, and we stand in solidarity with the black community and those who are working to end it. Our immediate actions as part of a long term commitment - link in story. https://www.ea.com/en-gb/news/ea-actions-against-racial-injustice

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Here are our fave night time Build of the Week rides 🌴🌃 Next week: Graffiti Tag #NFSBotw for a chance to get featured!

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We took a short break, but Build of the Week is back. Post your rides and tag #NFSBotW This week: Night time We'll share our faves by Friday, and announce the next theme. 📸: u/liveandlearn144

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Me at 21

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Hey, how's everybody. What you've been up to? We're doing more code giveaways on Twitter if you'd like a game code for #NFSHeat. Stay home. Play together. Ride 6ft apart. #StayandPlay

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Build of the week theme: #StayandPlay Tag #NFSBotW and #NFSHeat in your submissions. Stay safe. Stay home. Put hashtags on cars. Get creative.

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Stay safe. Stay home. Ride together. #StayandPlay with #NFSHeat

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Stay safe. Stay home. Roam the streets of Palm City together. #StayandPlay with #NFSHeat

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Stay safe. Stay home. Play as a crew. Ride 6ft apart. #StayandPlay with #NFSHeat

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Engines off, keys in the bowl, and take the driving online #stayandplay 🎬: @thestradman

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GTA Heat Recreated by RavenwestR1 It's a great time to be creative. Tag us in your posts and we'll share our faves. Stay Home. Play Together. #StayandPlay

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We got so many emojis that we will not stop at 20 codes. First round of winners will be announced now, more tomorrow. Get comfy in your homes and roam the streets of Palm City. #StayandPlay Here is the first round of winners 👇 We will be sending out DMs shortly. @kr.iss99 @vladi3331 @matteodellanna @nokamotamo @xpnrtwqrt @.gato..sad @cyrilcalo @nischalhoodankk @nicolascorrea99 @biiel.lps @grandprixgaming @themrjakob @lancer870 @todorussinho @nathsykes @hysama17 @bcausemopar @gazaprince758 @johnmagnarella @isslhd2003 @lisboagab

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