Photos by @carltonward | A large male panther emerges from a wildlife underpass that allows safe passage beneath State Road 80 near Labelle, Florida. The properties on either side of the road are private ranches that have been protected by perpetual conservation easements, funded by The Nature Conservancy (TNC) and other partners. There was already a bridge at this site for cars and trucks to cross over a canal. By adding ledges to the sides of the canal (where TNC Conservation Projects Manager Wendy Mathews walks; third photo) and high fencing on either side of the bridge, conservationists were able to encourage panthers to cross beneath the road rather than through traffic above. Vehicles kill nearly 30 Florida panthers on roads each year—the leading cause of death for the endangered puma. With the pictured segment of the statewide Florida Wildlife Corridor secure, panthers and other wildlife can now move safely from large public lands up to the southern banks of the Caloosahatchee River and the northern Everglades beyond. The Caloosahatchee had been a long-standing barrier to the northward movement of female panthers until late 2016, when the first female panthers were detected on the north side of the river in nearly 50 years. For Florida panthers to reach sustainable numbers, they need access to their historic territory in central and north Florida. Check the link in my bio for a new story connected to my #PathofthePanther project with @insidenatgeo. @PathofthePanther @FLWildCorridor @NatureFlorida #Panther #FloridaWild #KeepFLWild

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Pouma,kat, achtedier, jmbonje

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More of these!!

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It's selfish but I hope I can see one of these huge North American cats just once in the wild. A mountain lion, even a lynx would be awesome

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Awesome work. We cannot continue to bulldoze through wild habitat - solutions like this need to be put in place to provide room for species other than humans!

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Ela mora debaixo da ponte da estrada !😮

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Perai que tou a chegar!😲😲

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Troverà la strada?

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