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When you invite all your IG friends to your birthday pawty and they really show up. #myfavoritegoldens Credit @googlethegolden

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On monday we cuddles. #myfavoritegoldens Credit @kyloandvader

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Some love #sundayfunday and some love #lazysunday which one are you? #myfavoritegoldens Credit @charliethegolden18

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Heading to the dog park for Sunday funday. #myfavoritegoldens Credit Reposted from @goldenretrieverlilly HAPPY #saturday 😍 Credit @expandingintelligence

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Hurry dad before my favorite treat store runs out of peanut butter biscuits. #myfavoritegoldens Credit @googlegoldendorado

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Who has snow this weekend. These girls love snow and each other. ❤❤ #myfavoritegoldens Credit @lizzie.bear

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Best friends friday. #myfavoritegoldens Credit @konoinorlando

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When you have a fluffy seat to sit on. #myfavoritegoldens Credit @thegoldenbenhen

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When you ask your friends to come out and play. #myfavoritegoldens Credit @kensingtoncampbell

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They say mud good for the fur. #myfavoritegoldens Credit @starskythegoldie

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Credit @paws4people Happy Veteran's Day! Thank you today and every day for your service and sacrifice! We are so proud of our paws4vets clients and are honored to have Assistance Dog teams from each military branch at the paws4people 🇺🇸❤💙🇺🇸💙🇺🇸

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Mom making sure eveyone is in the wagon. #myfavoritegoldens Credit @goldenstarfamilypuppies

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