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Leaving work 5 mins early on monday. #myfavoritegoldens Credit to from @moosethegoldenretriever @louiegoldenretriever

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Sunday funday with dad. #myfavoritegoldens Credit @max.theyellowlab

2 days ago 92
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Staying in bed on Sunday watching cartoons. #myfavoritegoldens Credit unknown

2 days ago 561
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Enjoying a relaxing Saturday. #myfavoritegoldens Credit @imthickasthieves

3 days ago 338
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When mom ask how school went when she picks you up. #myfavoritegoldens Credit @webster.the.golden

4 days ago 245
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Love meeting new friends. #myfavoritegoldens Credit @eddieandboomer

5 days ago 834
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When you really need your 🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦🍦 #myfavoritegoldens credit @campbellblue5⠀via @barked

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Taking the kids for a walk. #myfavoritegoldens Credit unknown

7 days ago 130
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When you and your friends all call in sick and have a Monday pool pawty. 🌊🌊🌊🌊🏖⛱ #myfavoritegoldens Credit @charlielaurenspup @bogiethewigglebutt and @laceytheplayfulpup

8 days ago 36
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Helping dad with yard work. Have to pack the soil good. #myfavoritegoldens Credit: @elliethepouncinggolden

9 days ago 564
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Sleeping in on sunday. #myfavoritegoldens Credit @matteo.goldenretriever

9 days ago 278
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Jumping into the weekend. #myfavoritegoldens Credit @ellenorfanos

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