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Muad'Dib going to start YouTube channel called "what CAN'T you make into dress?"* I think it be a hit. ⁠ ⁠ *Spoiler alert: there nothing you can't make into dress if you believe.

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Learning to say 'no' a huge part of self-care! Take Muad'Dib for example. Someone say 'Muad'Dib do you want to do manual labor?' I say 'no, thank you' hehe

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Sometimes beach day a state-of-mind, you know what Muad'Dib mean? 🏖

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Muad'Dib say this the perfect time for crafts. I make this pearl sunglasses chain with own paws. Now when holidays come, Muad'Dib already knows what to gift everyone. They made with love, thank you.

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Instead of freak out, Muad'Dib suggest fruit out. 🍌🍎🍓

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Life got you feeling disheveled? Don’t let them see you sweat it. Look in mirror and say “I beautiful.” Eventually mirror say back ‘yes you are.’

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Baby, I knead us to come together. World might seem like scary place right now, but Muad’Dib think it’s gonna be OK. Be mindful of others, wash paws, share extra (unopened) canned meat (tough to part with, I know, I know). Take care of each other; if you need some words of encouragement let Muad’Dib know below and I shower you with hope✨

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Who else work from home look like this?

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Monday calls for a stunt look.💥 Bold fashion statement say — this week is mine, thank you.

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You want a treat? When you work hard it important to reward yourself with something you enjoy. For every hour Muad’Dib naps, I reward self with an hour of @loveisblindnetflix. You watch? No spoilers, no spoilers, thank you.

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Who ready for nap time. Muad'Dib read the bedtime stories from favorite book @girlsandtheircats. I gonna level with you, I will absolutely snore.

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This my face when someone say “Muad’Dib, break over, girl” 👅

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Dressing up in disguise to avoid responsibilities this weekend. This weekend we unwinding.

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Best accessory a confident but approachable attitude.

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Muad'Dib just learned astronauts can eat chicken in tubes in space. Zero gravity seem scary, but I watch Bruce Willis in armageddon and think "I can do that." Houston, we a go. 🚀

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Whenever I feeling crabby, I take 12 hour nap in sunspot and wake up refreshed and rejuvenated. If you don't have 12 hours, 30 minutes do fine.

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Muad'Dib count as carry-on? Willing to split airplane snacks, and you pick the in-flight movie as long as it Homeward Bound. ✈️

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Thank you so much for 10K! Muad'Dib humbled, flattered, and hungry. Much 💖 to my friend @fatimughart who make me feel most beautiful and me with her beautiful art!

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