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@marcomuellerrutz heads 3 MICHELIN-starred restaurant @rutzrestaurantberlin where, among other delights, he expertly contrasts cooked veal sweetbreads with the sweet sharpness of onion and crispy ears. Made of young pearl onions, this dish showcases this onion varietal, sourced directly from the forests that lie on the outskirts of Berlin. 🍴 Poached center-cut sweetbreads with butter, caramelized onions 
📍 Berlin, Germany

📷 Riccarda Spiegel 
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Even with restaurants still closed in some regions of the world, teams are working hard to offer the best delicacies to enjoy over the festive season. What do you think of this culinary masterpiece from @lechambardkb made by Pastry Chef @jordangasco? 🍴 “Back from the forest”: infused wood and chestnut mousse, chocolate cream, cocoa biscuit, chestnut smoked caramel, caramelized pear 📍 Kaysersberg, France 📷 Repost @walke.alexandre.photography 
#MICHELINrestaurants #restaurants #gastronomy #chocolate #christmas #foodphotography #foodies#foodiegram #instafood #TwoMICHELINStars #MICHELINGuideFR

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Today’s recipe is for traditional Thai-style Sticky Rice, appreciated for its sweet, creamy, coconut-imbued goodness. Served with mango, the simple and incredibly addictive “Khao Niaw Mamuang” can be found at virtually any eatery in Thailand — and now your plate, too! Thaninthorn ‫‘‬Noom‫’ ‬Chantrawan, chef at  @chimbysiamwisdom – 1 Star in the MICHELIN Guide Thailand 2020 – shares the secrets of preparation to make the best Mango Sticky Rice. 
Measurement equivalents:
1kg= 35.2 oz 200g= 7 oz  500g= 17.6 oz 300g= 10.5 oz 100g= 3.5 oz 
Tip: You can serve your Sticky Rice with some Mango or any favorite seasonal fruits. If you can’t find any pandan leaves, you could substitute any aromatic herbs such as rosemary, rose petal, or thyme. 
Thanks for the recipe Chef Thaninthorn ‫‘‬Noom‫’‬Chantrawan! 
Illustrations by @alice.vdw 
Share your version with us 👉 Tag @michelinguide and use #MICHELINGUIDEATHOME

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To bring an end to the International Week of Italian Cuisine, a small and tasty delicacy from @Davittorioristorante perfect for a chilly November Sunday! 🍴 Crêpe with fontina valdostana fondue and truffle 📍 Brusaporto, Italy 📷 Repost Da Vittorio Beatrice Pilotto 
#MICHELINrestaurants #restaurants #gastronomy #crepe#foodphotography #foodies#foodiegram #instafood #ThreeMICHELINStars #GuidaMICHELINIT

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Holder of a MICHELIN Green Star, @rasmusmunkalchemist labels his style of cooking “Holistic Cuisine” at @restaurantalchemist, where gastronomy plays a central part, but is enhanced by art and sensory stimulation. The heart of the restaurant consists of a gigantic planetarium dome where guests dine surrounded by art inspired by the natural world — rom an indoor rendition of the aurora borealis to jellyfish floating calmly amidst plastic bags. Dishes are technically complex and highly creative with dramatic contrasts; some make statements about sustainable issues, especially food waste. One, called “Plastic Fantastic”, is a nod to the fact that one-third of all cod caught in Northern Europe contain plastic. “What keeps me going as a chef is the possibility of influencing people– my ultimate goal is to change the world through gastronomy.” Swipe right to check out Chef Rasmus Munk’s culinary commitments! 
📍  Copenhagen, Denmark 
Illustration by @alice.vdw
Photo by Soren Gammelmark 
#MICHELINGreenStar#MICHELINSustainability #MICHELINrestaurants #restaurant #TwoMICHELINStars #chef #portrait #MICHELINGuideDK

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Among the three freshly-awarded two-star restaurants in the MICHELIN Guide Italy 2021, @harrys.trieste is located in the cultural melting pot of Trieste. Chef Matteo Metullio’s extraordinary cuisine is composed of the best products, where they are harmoniously combined (with a healthy touch of imagination) to provide the perfect blend of tradition and modernity. .
📍Trieste, Italy
. 📷 Harry’s Piccolo 
#GuidaMICHELINIT #MICHELINStar21 #MICHELINSTARS #TwoMICHELINStars #Restaurant #chef #gastronomy

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@santaelisabettarestaurant was awarded her second Star yesterday, joining the city's 37 existing 2-MICHELIN starred establishments in Italy. Chef Rocco De Santis is one of those chefs capable of producing food of the very highest quality wherever they find themselves. His exquisite cuisine has taken Florence by storm with an explosion of color and imagination. .
📍 Florence, Italy
. 📷 Getuli 
#GuidaMICHELINIT #MICHELINStar21 #MICHELINSTARS #TwoMICHELINStars #Restaurant #chef #gastronomy

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Three new venues are awarded Two Stars, bringing the total number of 2-Starred restaurants to 37 in the MICHELIN Guide Italy 2021. One of them is Ristorante D’O, run by Chef @davideoldani who is already noted for being a trendsetter. The chef has enjoyed huge success with experimental endeavors like his "pop cuisine". Dining in his restaurant means getting to know Chef Oldani on a whole new level, packed with culinary memories and exciting journeys. .
📍 Cornaredo, Italy
. 📷 Mauro Crespi 
#GuidaMICHELINIT #MICHELINStar21 #MICHELINSTARS #TwoMICHELINStars #Restaurant #chef #gastronomy

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Smoky, silky potatoes with a diabolically cheesy edge in the form of fresh Comté. This dish is a delicious twist on a time-honored classic, adding a touch of something different for Thanksgiving this year. Suzette Gresham, chef at @acquerellosf – 2 Stars in the MICHELIN Guide California 2020 – shares the secrets of preparation for Yukon Gold Mashed Potatoes with Smoked Butter and Comté. 
Measurement equivalents: 600g= 21.2 oz 13g= 2 teaspoons 250g= 8.8 oz 100g= 3.5 oz 60g= 2.1 oz Serves 3 to 4 guests 
Tip from the chef: if you don’t have smoked butter, you can replace it with European-style butter and a touch of liquid smoke. Alternatively, omit the smoke altogether — just note that the character of the dish will change. 
Thanks for the recipe @zettechef and her team! 
Illustrations by @alice.vdw
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Monday inspiration by @fiskebargeneva! If you like crispy and creamy dishes, this kartoffel  will a real treat for your taste buds. 
🍴  Baked potato filled with yogurt, smoked herring, and topped with potato chips 
📍 Geneva, Switzerland 
📷 Fiskebar 
#MICHELINrestaurants #restaurants #gastronomy #potatoe #foodphotography #foodies#foodiegram #instafood #OneMICHELINStar #MICHELINGuideSWISS

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Thanksgiving is coming soon! Some restaurants, like @sprucerestaurantsf, are working to deliver you special delicacies to celebrate this event at home.  #supportyourrestaurant 🍴 Bourbon-Pecan Pie 📍 San Francisco, United States 📷 Spruce 
#MICHELINrestaurants #restaurants #gastronomy #pie #thanksgiving #foodphotography #foodies#foodiegram #instafood #OneMICHELINStar #MICHELINGuideCA

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@ChefThomasKeller is among the first class of American restaurateurs awarded a MICHELIN Green Star. Built in the spirit of sustainability in 1978, The French Laundry in Napa has been serving local and organic ingredients from its own vegetable garden and neighboring farms. Keller’s culinary philosophy is grounded in the belief that the process of cooking is as important as the finished dish itself. That process begins long before any ingredients show up in the kitchen — beginning on the farm, in the field or in nearby waters. Thanks to a complete “green” transformation in 2014, the restaurant is now a highly energy efficient, low environmental-impact building, fueled by the sun and calibrated to waste as little as possible.   “The French Laundry is a rare restaurant that represents a collective philosophy of biodynamic farming and appreciation for purveyors that has become the framework for the past forty-two years.” Swipe right to check out Chef Thomas Keller’s culinary commitments! 📍  Yountville, United States Illustration by @alice.vdw Photo by Deborah Jones 
#MICHELINGreenStar#MICHELINSustainability #MICHELINrestaurants #restaurant #ThreeMICHELINStars #chef #portrait #MICHELINGuideCA

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