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Just around the corner from the Arc de Triomphe, Chef @Karakachian.Thierry of @AtelierJoelRobuchonEtoile — a 2-Star restaurant in the MICHELIN Guide France 2020 — concocts sumptuous dishes in the heart of Paris' gastronomic scene. Part of the MICHELIN Guide’s Bon Menu initiative, the chef reveals one of his upcoming dishes: caviar from Sologne, topped with impossibly creamy cauliflower. "As Monsieur Robuchon used to say, cooking is an act of love. That's why, today, even in these difficult times, we keep cooking for our customers and we have concocted this beautiful menu," Chef Karakachian explains. 📍 Paris, France . #MICHELINrestaurants#restaurants#gastronomy#caviar#food#foodphotography#TwoMICHELINStars#guidemichelinfr

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#MICHELINGUIDEATHOME presents homemade recipes, straight from your favorite chefs to your kitchen. Today’s recipe for prawn tails with lettuce and cocktail sauce is perfect for a showstopping summer tapas spread. Andrea Berton, Chef-Owner of Ristorante Berton, holder of one MICHELIN star in the MICHELIN Guide Italy 2020, is known for his ability to craft delicious cuisine using a handful of the simplest ingredients imaginable. Measurement equivalents: (This recipe makes 4 servings) 50g= 1.7 ounces or 4 tablespoons 3g= 1 small teaspoon 25g= 0.8 ounces 250g= 8.8 ounces 80g= 2.8 ounces 300g= 10.5 ounces Update: to make the tomato sauce you need 200g tomatoes. The basil should be added to the mixer right before blending. Tip: when you're making the mayonnaise, don't add all the oil at once — doing so prevents the desired emulsification with the yolk. Thank you for the recipe @ristoranteberton! Illustrations by @alice.vdw Share your version with us 👉 Tag @michelinguide and use #MICHELINGUIDEATHOME

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Would you be as precise as Chef Aitor to plate Tiger Prawn Rice? At the helm of @basquekitchenbyaitor — a one-starred restaurant in the MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019 — all team members aim to redefine Basque cooking with added finesse from their own Asian influences. 🍴Tiger Prawn Rice . 📷 @basquekitchenbyaitor #MICHELINrestaurants #restaurants #gastronomy #dish #prawn#foodphotography #foodies #foodiegram #instafood #MICHELINStars #MICHELINGuideSG

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Today's dish is a fantastic seafood creation widely considered the national dish of Singapore. The chef of @kengengkee — distinguished with a Plate in the MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019 —  shares the origin of a signature dish that pays homage to family roots. The crux of his Chili Crab dates back two generations to the original recipe used by the chef's grandmother — the very first owner of the restaurant. Balancing sweet, sour and spicy, Keng Eng Kee ensures the culinary memory of the chef’s grandmother, who cooked sweet and sour seafood for her family during the chef’s childhood, lives on. Through many years of cooking experience and experimenting with local palates, he has mastered a unique culinary style of his own, blending Hainanese cuisine along with some Cantonese-inspired dishes. . 📍 Singapore 
#MICHELINrestaurants #restaurant #gastronomy #chillicrab #hawkerfoodsg #sgdining #food #foodphotography #MICHELINPlate #MICHELINGuideSG

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Would you like to eat 1, 2, 3 or every piece of this sushi-sized Luxe Bruschetta? This appetizer comes from @buonaterrasg, a one-starred restaurant in the MICHELIN Guide Singapore 2019, whose name means “good earth” in Italian, an homage to the exclusive source of the restaurant's high-quality ingredients. 🍴Assortment: sweet sea urchin, caviar, creamy prawn tartare, avocado, savoury beef tenderloin tartare; and more combinations with lard & truffle . 📷 @flofonsg #MICHELINrestaurants #restaurants #gastronomy #dish #bruschetta#foodphotography #foodies #foodiegram #instafood #MICHELINStars #MICHELINGuideSG

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Chef @MichelKayserOfficiel is just as attached to his adopted home in southern France as any native would be. Chef of Restaurant Alexandre, a 2-Star establishment in the MICHELIN Guide France 2020, his method is to celebrate the very best of the bountiful Mediterranean, both on land and from the sea. Chef Kayser's cuisine showcases a creative master at the top of his game, featuring an endlessly varied menu depending on which products are fresh and in season. Today, Kayser shares the inspiration behind two dishes featured in his contribution to Bon Menu, the MICHELIN Guide initiative launched in cooperation with @atablelessoignants that supports both medical teams and local producers. The first stars impossibly gossamer Rouge de Bordeaux figs, sourced directly from his picker Jean-Louis Bedot, perfectly poached with wild fennel. The deep flavor of this dish is partially derived from spice-reduced merlot and the cottage cheese sorbet with which it is served, all topped with a coriander leaf as garnish. The chef's next creation is redolent of the age of Homo Habilis (-2.4 to -1.6 million years ago): a tartare of bull from Camargue, bred by the Saumade family in Vauvert. A sorbet composed of samphire and spirulina finally brings a lush green hue to the dish. Which one of these dishes is your favorite? 📍 Garons, France . #MICHELINrestaurants#restaurants#gastronomy#fig#tartare#food#foodphotography#TwoMICHELINStars#GuideMICHELINFR

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Looking for a vegetarian gastronomic experience? @restauranteiner — nestled at the foot of the Oslofjord in Norway — is the way to go. In this 16th century house, Chef @s.trandem and his team serve unique and mouthwatering fare composed exclusively of top-quality organic products. In the heart of a kitchen purpose-built to ensure minimum food waste, the chef blends original flavor combinations along with classic Scandinavian techniques like fermenting, pickling, and smoking. The chef has been doing his best to rise to the challenge presented by the current state of affairs, all the while keeping up with his commitment to more sustainable gastronomy. He had the idea to create a summer food pop-up in the picturesque arctic fishing village of Henningsvær, located in the northland archipelago of Lofoten. "We have been able to keep our valuable employees at work and continue developing our food concept with exciting resources and raw material of the Arctic part of Norway", he proudly explains. His culinary work is guided by strong relationships with local farms and producers, that the chef continues to foster every day, where “the foraging opportunities are endless, it seems". "My best tip for sustainability at the moment is to start eating seaweed. Not only is it one of the healthiest things you can eat but its highly sustainable and delicious in many new ways we have come to discover", he added. Swipe right to check out Chef Svein Trandem’s culinary commitments! . 📍 Oslo, Norway Portrait by @alice.vdw Photos by Stian Broch & Ann Kristin #MICHELINSustainability #MICHELINrestaurants #restaurant #BibGourmand #chef #portrait #MICHELINGuideNORDIC

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It is heartening to see so many restaurant teams around the world adapting, adopting, and as needed, reinventing their methods of providing exceptional service in the current state of affairs. Restaurant staff around the world have had no other choice than to rise to the challenge with innovative undertakings and creative projects; now, it's time to #supportyourlocalrestaurants! A few months ago we started the #MYMICHELINPLAQUEIT challenge: we asked restaurant staff from our #GuidaMICHELINIT 2020 selection to take their most creative picture with their MICHELIN plaques. Many thanks to the restaurant teams for their participation and congratulations for their fantastic pictures! 👏🏼 Here are the winners of the 3 following categories: 1. @sapiorestaurant win the best group picture, 2. The Golden Plaque goes to @asinelloristorante, 3. And the most liked picture goes to @petitroyalcourmayeur. Swipe right to see their photos! . . . #MICHELINrestaurants #restaurants #gastronomy #game #contest #team #bestpic #bestphotography

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#MICHELINGUIDEATHOME presents homemade recipes, straight from your favorite chefs to your kitchen. Today’s recipe is a riff on a time-honored Italian classic, in this case with radiatori playing the perfect foil to a simple homemade pesto sauce. Shaped like old-fashioned radiators from which they get their name, the surface area offered by myriad nooks and crannies make radiatori ideal for soaking up sauce. Paired with melted ricotta di bufala and crunchy pistachio, this plate is sure to thrill the palates of pasta lovers the world over! The recipe comes courtesy of Filipe Souza from the restaurant @evvaisp, a 1-Star establishment in the MICHELIN Guide São Paulo 2019. Measurement equivalents: 130g= 4.6 oz 45g= 1.6 oz 50g= 1.8 oz 300ml= 10.1 fl.oz 8g= 1 tsp 40ml= 1.3 fl.oz 480g= 17 oz 230g= 8.1 oz 160 °C= 320 °F 4 serves Tip: if you don’t have any Radiotori, you can use any pasta your heart desires! Thanks for the recipe @luizfilipe! Illustrations by @alice.vdw Share your version with us 👉 Tag @michelinguide and use #MICHELINGUIDEATHOME

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Today's dessert is a sumptuous creation that found its genesis in a traditional French winter pastime. Michel Bras, the founder of @brasofficiel — a two-starred establishment in the MICHELIN Guide France 2020 — tells us the origins of one of his most sophisticated desserts, and how it was inspired by the simplest of experiences. Sometime in the early 1980s, the Bras family was indulging in a customary post-ski hot chocolate after a long day out on the slopes of southwest France. This simple moment of literal and metaphorical warmth with his family was the spark for Chef Bras to come up with “a dessert that had the sweetness of homemade chocolate to evoke the family's return from skiing”; the recipe’s development required more than two years of trial and error in the kitchen. The fruit of Chef Bras' toil can be found on a plate at Le Suquet, in the form of a “Chocolate Coulant,” a decadent masterpiece composed of chocolate biscuit and ganache paired with a minty coulis made of Aubrac tea, all prepared and assembled with the precision of an artisan. The star dessert of the restaurant Le Suquet, now run by Chef Bras' son, Sébastien, still pays daily homage to its humble origins as an endearing path from one generation to the next. .
📍 Laguiole, France 
📷 C. Palis et JP. Trébosc 
#MICHELINrestaurants#restaurant#gastronomy#dessert#chocolate#food#foodphotography #TwoMICHELINStars

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Today's dish is a delicate reinterpretation of yukhoe, a traditional Korean beef tartare. Kwon Woo-Joong, chef at @kwonsooksoo – a two-starred restaurant in the MICHELIN Guide Seoul 2020 – shares the origin of this signature dish. Ordinarily seasoned with soy sauce or red pepper paste, Chef @kwonwoojoong offers up a dish that stays true to the taste and flavor of the meat. Using the most tender cut of Korean beef, Chef Kwon plays with the autumnal flavor combination of wild mushrooms and kkachi mushrooms. These elusive fungi can only be harvested one week of out of the year in the environs of a village near Sobaeksan Mountain. To coax a richness of flavor from these unique natural ingredients, sliced pine mushrooms are served as a finishing garnish. This dish reveals much about the chef's wider mission and approach to Korean cuisine in his use of specially-designed Cheongha porcelain: the hand-drawn pine tree found on the restaurant's plates are meant to be redolent of a meal enjoyed in the shade of a pastoral Korean countryscape. .
📍 Seoul, South Korea 
#MICHELINrestaurants#restaurant#gastronomy#tartare#food#foodphotography #TwoMICHELINStar#MICHELINGuideKR

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Following his intuition, Xavier Beaudiment, chef of @leprexavierbeaudiment — a 2-Star establishment in the MICHELIN Guide France 2020 — composes his single menu with a breathtaking level of technical skill. Originally from the region of Auvergne, he is inspired by the ingredients available from a wide network of local producers, with whom he works on a daily basis to offer mouthwateringly fresh seasonal cuisine. As a strong advocate for nature, the chef tells us the story of one of the dishes featured on his Bon Menu, a MICHELIN Guide initiative launched in cooperation with @atablelessoignants that supports both medical teams and local producers. Chef Beaudiment's dish counts among its ingredients chicken egg from Lea Fargeas’ farm just outside the town of Combrailles. This is combined with mushroom stew, made from mushrooms his producer Vincent Domas picks in the woods. “[Vincent] works all over Auvergne and he brings us back what he finds," explains the chef, "and there aren't any rules. Previously, we have had chanterelles, monsoon mushrooms, death trumpets, spring ceps", which means the dish is constantly adapted depending on the day's haul of mushrooms. All of it, sprinkled with herbs the chef wife picks in the garden — the quintessence of simplicity on a plate! 📍 Clermont-Ferrand, France . 📷 Ludovic Combe #MICHELINrestaurants#restaurants#gastronomy#mushroom#food#foodphotography#TwoMICHELINStar#guidemichelinfr2019

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