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Filmed a Mini Video earlier tonight to be released on YouTube on the 31/12/2020, acting as accountability for this year. Speak things into reality, and have the hard work to back it up 💭 Mini snippet here, as I reflect back on the last couple years...

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Crazy Start to 2020 with momentum being carried over from 2019. . Never felt as much clarity on the goals that are set for this year. Working away in the background putting pieces of the jigsaw together one by one in preparation for the yearly targets. . Something Interesting to note is that I’ve had a couple distractions come up in the past few days, which has been trying to sidetrack me. I don’t see this as a coincidence, as I’m working on my biggest goals to date. . Every so often I’ll get this come up, it happened a few times last year right before a big level up. I see it acting as a test of character before continuing to level up. . I see it as the universes way of saying “let’s see if he’s ready to level up”. . Blessings in disguise 💭 . Full focus on the road ahead... . 2020 kicked off with full momentum 💥

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2019 Safe to say it’s been the most incredible year to date since starting this journey of chasing the best version of myself. I honestly feel like an entirely different person to this time last year. So much growth and progression in all areas has manifested into reality, through a lot of hard work, persistence and a sickening work ethic. Grateful for every single one of you that I’ve connected with in one way or another this year. I’ve been lucky enough to speak to some of you in person, and that I’ll never forget! A BIG thank you to all of you that has genuinely come out of your way to help me in some form or another this year. It never goes unnoticed and I’ll always be grateful! You know who you are... Thank you. 2020... New Decade... things about to level up 📈

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You have to feel successful, before you become successful 🇨🇭

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Switzerland to end out 2019 🇨🇭 📸 : @tr14der

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What an unforgettable night at the Falcon Christmas Party in London on Saturday! . Couldn’t be more grateful for the award, the people and the conversations that were held. . What a way to end out a crazy year of growth! 💥

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LDN Bound 🇬🇧

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Doing a 30,000 subscriber Q&A on YouTube soon, drop some questions in the comments 👋🏼 P.S. I appreciate all of you 🙌🏼

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What a way to begin ending out 2019 with a @falcontradingguidance End of Year Team Meeting in the Shard. Very grateful for everything I’ve learnt and continue to learn on a regular basis from these guys. . 2019 has definitely had a lot of ups and downs but it’s persistence that always carries through! Hungry for new levels of growth in 2020 and i believe it’s going to be massive in many ways 💥 . For anyone attending the Xmas party at the Weekend, I will see you there 👋🏼

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Markets shaping up for the back end of November going into December. Currently holding GC & SPX into next week, with eyes on a couple other pairs that look to be shaping up nicely. Also... appreciate the really great feedback on the recent video, I appreciate all of you and want to help out with your journey as best as I can. Stoked for next weeks video, probably the favourite so far of all of the content I’ve put together. Saturday 6pm UK time is the usual 📆

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Received a lot of messages over the past 3 months asking how to start out in trading... I started my journey at the back end of 2016, and I know what it’s like trying to figure out the basics in the beginning. A struggle to say the least. I’ve created a video that I believe would have benefited me hugely when I started my journey, in the hope that it clears the route for you if you’re wanting to get started in 2020. There’s so much noise on social media, let me steer you away from that and guide you through the process. Video drops at usual time Saturday 💥

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We are limitless. But until we realise this, we’re limited.

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. ...only looking back to see how far we’ve come 💭

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Scanning back through some old journals from 2017, when I first started this journey. Mind Blowing to look back and see how quick things can progress in just 3 years... But it’s not always visible... and this is where people get disheartened and give up... often just ‘Three Feet From Gold’. Let me be real with you... You probably aren’t going to see tangible results in the early stages. But how can you expect to? You have to be in this for the long term, not the short. you’re going to be tested... sometimes the people closest to you will doubt you... even question the things you’re doing That’s a part of the process... A lot of successful people go through the same thing. You’ve probably heard successful people mention that the hardest point comes right before you break through... It’s the ‘Three Feet From Gold’ story all over again... What I’ve noticed from seeing other people’s journeys unfold is that the universe tends to test you with one last obstacle before you break through. But many people give up just three feet from gold... Winners never quit and quitters never win. Don’t stop! Keep plugging away 💭

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Private Wins Public Wins

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If you’ve been following along with my trading journey, you’ll know that I’m a big advocate of Focus and optimising my development by utilising Deep Work Sessions, Time Blocks and triggering Flow State amongst many other things to get myself into a Peak Performance state. . An App that you’ll have heard me talk about on previous posts and videos is @brainfmapp for triggering flow state for optimal focus, backed by science, research and evidence. . Exited to say that I’m going to be partnering up with these guys 🎉 . If you’ve watched my recent video talking about ‘Treating Trading as a Business’, you’ll know that we dive into ‘Direct’ and ‘Indirect’ ways to treat trading as a business. Brain.fm naturally came up in the conversation during the ‘indirect’ section, as an anchor to trigger flow state for optimum performance and focus. . I’ve been using this app for around 6 months now and it’s such a great app within my daily routine that helps me get into the flow state, especially when I’m preparing for trades with forecasting, or doing trading related work. . If you know me well you’ll know that I’m not one for doing Partnerships to be completely honest, but when Brain.fm reached out, I didn’t even hesitate. . I love the app along with the science backed technology that promotes flow state for optimal peak performance, and I use it Daily. I’ve tested quite a number of apps over the past 12 months, but this one always stuck with me and nothing compares in my opinion. . I don’t really resonate with how people usually promote things on social media so I don’t wanna be that person... But if you were wanting to sign up to Brain.fm anyway then use the code: ‘michaelbamber’ to save yourself some money and get 20% off . In other notes, New Youtube Video out this Saturday at 6pm UK Time - Featuring the CADJPY Trade Recap for the two trades taken last week alongside some important mini lessons that I believe will be beneficial to take away. Hopefully see you there 👏🏼

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. Over the past near 3 years since beginning my trading journey, Routine is something that I’ve always looked to refine time and time again. . During the beginning stages I was always very rigid with my routine (especially morning routine), which was always No.1 on my priority list. . The more I develop (especially recently), I’ve noticed that being flexible with your morning routine is essential as a trader. . During Corrective Periods within the market, naturally that’s when I’ll step things up and aim to be as productive as humanly possible utilising Deep Work Sessions, Work Blocks with Mini breaks in between to stay refreshed and focused. . During Impulsive Periods within the market (last week being a prime example), I still have my foundational morning routine in place and apply the same routine... but I’m a lot more flexible. . Why? . Because in those periods where I know to ‘put the foot on the pedal’ and be ready to capitalise on moves across the board, the priority is to capitalise on the opportunities when they’re presented. . Here’s an example: Something that I’ve recently added into my morning routine is the gym. . Throwback to a couple weeks ago during a slightly corrective week, I was there every day at similar times. . Fast forward to this past week when we experienced the volatility and impulsive conditions within the market, I think I went to the gym twice early in the morning. . I was waiting for entries on CADJPY, SPX and a couple other pairs to execute when the opportunity presented... so naturally I held off on the gym until later in the day. . Having that foundational morning routine is super important... one of the most important things I believe actually. . But also being flexible with it when it’s needed has been the key for me personally. . Morning Routine Video drops on Youtube in T-6 Hours ⏰

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. Just got off a really great call with another falcon member from California. . One of the questions that came up was ‘How do you stay motivated every day?’ I think this is something that a lot of people struggle with... so I wanted to shed my own $0.02 on this and hopefully add some value. . The truth is that I’m not motivated everyday. No one is. I’m naturally more of a motivated person, but I’m definitely not perfect and I have off days. But throughout everything, my vision for the future version of myself always carries me through. . I think this is something that people often struggle with.... Things can get overwhelming sometimes, especially when you feel like there is a lot to do before you get to where you want to get. . We’ve all been there... I have too, plenty of times. . The best thing I’ve found to do in these times is to get small wins under your belt. . Now I’m not talking about wins in terms of trades... But what I am saying is break things down into small bite size chunks and build the momentum by acquiring those little daily wins. . Once you take that first step and begin to build the momentum through small wins... the rest of it takes care of itself... I promise. . Practical Step: Set 3-5 Daily Goals every day, and make sure they’re ticked off before the 24 hours is up ⏰

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