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Private Wins Public Wins

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If you’ve been following along with my trading journey, you’ll know that I’m a big advocate of Focus and optimising my development by utilising Deep Work Sessions, Time Blocks and triggering Flow State amongst many other things to get myself into a Peak Performance state. . An App that you’ll have heard me talk about on previous posts and videos is @brainfmapp for triggering flow state for optimal focus, backed by science, research and evidence. . Exited to say that I’m going to be partnering up with these guys 🎉 . If you’ve watched my recent video talking about ‘Treating Trading as a Business’, you’ll know that we dive into ‘Direct’ and ‘Indirect’ ways to treat trading as a business. Brain.fm naturally came up in the conversation during the ‘indirect’ section, as an anchor to trigger flow state for optimum performance and focus. . I’ve been using this app for around 6 months now and it’s such a great app within my daily routine that helps me get into the flow state, especially when I’m preparing for trades with forecasting, or doing trading related work. . If you know me well you’ll know that I’m not one for doing Partnerships to be completely honest, but when Brain.fm reached out, I didn’t even hesitate. . I love the app along with the science backed technology that promotes flow state for optimal peak performance, and I use it Daily. I’ve tested quite a number of apps over the past 12 months, but this one always stuck with me and nothing compares in my opinion. . I don’t really resonate with how people usually promote things on social media so I don’t wanna be that person... But if you were wanting to sign up to Brain.fm anyway then use the code: ‘michaelbamber’ to save yourself some money and get 20% off . In other notes, New Youtube Video out this Saturday at 6pm UK Time - Featuring the CADJPY Trade Recap for the two trades taken last week alongside some important mini lessons that I believe will be beneficial to take away. Hopefully see you there 👏🏼

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. Over the past near 3 years since beginning my trading journey, Routine is something that I’ve always looked to refine time and time again. . During the beginning stages I was always very rigid with my routine (especially morning routine), which was always No.1 on my priority list. . The more I develop (especially recently), I’ve noticed that being flexible with your morning routine is essential as a trader. . During Corrective Periods within the market, naturally that’s when I’ll step things up and aim to be as productive as humanly possible utilising Deep Work Sessions, Work Blocks with Mini breaks in between to stay refreshed and focused. . During Impulsive Periods within the market (last week being a prime example), I still have my foundational morning routine in place and apply the same routine... but I’m a lot more flexible. . Why? . Because in those periods where I know to ‘put the foot on the pedal’ and be ready to capitalise on moves across the board, the priority is to capitalise on the opportunities when they’re presented. . Here’s an example: Something that I’ve recently added into my morning routine is the gym. . Throwback to a couple weeks ago during a slightly corrective week, I was there every day at similar times. . Fast forward to this past week when we experienced the volatility and impulsive conditions within the market, I think I went to the gym twice early in the morning. . I was waiting for entries on CADJPY, SPX and a couple other pairs to execute when the opportunity presented... so naturally I held off on the gym until later in the day. . Having that foundational morning routine is super important... one of the most important things I believe actually. . But also being flexible with it when it’s needed has been the key for me personally. . Morning Routine Video drops on Youtube in T-6 Hours ⏰

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. Just got off a really great call with another falcon member from California. . One of the questions that came up was ‘How do you stay motivated every day?’ I think this is something that a lot of people struggle with... so I wanted to shed my own $0.02 on this and hopefully add some value. . The truth is that I’m not motivated everyday. No one is. I’m naturally more of a motivated person, but I’m definitely not perfect and I have off days. But throughout everything, my vision for the future version of myself always carries me through. . I think this is something that people often struggle with.... Things can get overwhelming sometimes, especially when you feel like there is a lot to do before you get to where you want to get. . We’ve all been there... I have too, plenty of times. . The best thing I’ve found to do in these times is to get small wins under your belt. . Now I’m not talking about wins in terms of trades... But what I am saying is break things down into small bite size chunks and build the momentum by acquiring those little daily wins. . Once you take that first step and begin to build the momentum through small wins... the rest of it takes care of itself... I promise. . Practical Step: Set 3-5 Daily Goals every day, and make sure they’re ticked off before the 24 hours is up ⏰

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. Hey Guys! Sorry for being MIA recently, definitely haven’t been as active on instagram recently as I have in the past... . But it’s all for good reason. . I’ve been in full focus mode. . I’ve been working on myself, the business (trading) all areas of life, with the main focus being to optimise everything... . These being things Directly correlated to trading... such as routine, forecasting and review. . ... but also things that are indirectly correlated to trading (may not affect trading directly, but still has an effect to some degree). These being things such as sleep, health, routine. The list goes on. . So I’m still here, just in creation flow 🤯 . In other news... I asked you on a Youtube Community Poll ‘what days you would prefer YouTube videos to be released.’ The majority of you voted ‘Saturday’, so I’m gonna be dropping a new YouTube video each Saturday at 6pm (GMT +1). . I’ve got a backlog of a couple videos, and there’s a tonne of value able videos that I want to drop before the close of 2019. . But as always, if you want to see a video on a topic, let me know and I’ll be sure to add it to the list 👏🏼

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. Forex Trading & Travelling Video is now LIVE 🎥 . Had a lot of fun experiencing this for the first time a couple weeks back in Amsterdam, with lots of takeaways from the entire trip. . I also got the chance to sit down with @hutchinsonmark to discuss Self Sabotage in more detail, along with practical things to takeaway and apply. . Link in Bio 🛎

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. Optimising that flow state 🔮

1 months ago 46
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. Throwback to the AMS hotel spa with @alexholdervideo whilst snapping some pictures . Q3, you’ve been epic! Business end of the year about to kick in! Nothing but focus 💭

1 months ago 27
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. Until next time AMS 🇳🇱 . Definitely won’t be the last time I visit, so impressed with this city overall with so much to explore 🌃 . First time experiencing a bit of Trading & Travelling to end out this week. It’s definitely something I want to do more of in the future without a shadow of a doubt. . From this short experience, the challenges became apparent pretty quickly such as making sure you have a solid WiFi connection to stay on the ball in the markets, and a drop in the normal trading routine meant that it’s easy to forget about certain positions aligning when exploring. . But other than that, such a sick experience and it definitely the first of many trips within the next few years. . Thank you to everyone that made the trip an incredible experience! Had some incredible conversations and a lot to take away and think about 💭 . Now to focus on Q4 👏🏼 . 📸 : @tr14der 📸 : @alexholdervideo

1 months ago 25
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. Spending Friday touring around Amsterdam 🇳🇱✨

1 months ago 13
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. Important times right now within the markets. A lot of these Higher Time Frame Structures shaping up once again for some medium/longer term plays to end out 2019 and kickstart 2020 💥 . What pairs are you scoping out to end the week? 🔮

2 months ago 537
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. Let’s talk about Self Sabotage & Limiting Beliefs. . ... Something people don’t talk about enough when it comes to trading and breaking through into consistency. . Is it possible that we get in our own ways and hold ourselves back? . I believe so. . We’ve all grown up with varied environments and had different upbringings. . I’ll always be super grateful for my upbringing and the people that I’ve had closest to me thus far, because it’s shaped who am I today. . In July after being up +6% and finished at Breakeven for the month, a mentor pointed out that it may be worth digging past the technicals to see if there was any internal dialogue holding me back. . Quite often what you’ll find with limiting beliefs/self sabotage is that your mind will find ways of getting rid of the money (as crazy as that sounds). This could be hesitating before trades or in my case, taking bad trades to end out the month. . This is where I began to ask myself the questions: Do I have any limiting beliefs? What is my association with money like? . At first I felt myself resisting the question, and found my mind coming up with reasons as to why I didn’t have any limiting beliefs. . It was only when I pushed through this resistance and dug deeper that I began to find the answers that I was looking for. . After asking myself around the subject of money, i figured out that I’ve grown up since childhood hearing phrases such as “Money is hard to make”, “Money doesn’t grow on trees” amongst other limiting beliefs. . Self Awareness is key here... . It was only when I could be completely open and honest with myself about things that may hold me back (unless I overcome it), that I began to find the answers. . Self Awareness of the limiting belief/s is 90% of the battle. Once you’re awareness level rises, you can take the practical steps to eliminate those old beliefs that no longer serve you, replacing them with empowering beliefs. . For anyone going through similar things right now: Get honest with yourself, dig internally and ask those quality questions. It could be that small thing holding you back from that new height that you’ve been searching for 🚀

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. Who’s checked out the Day in the Life of my Future Self Video that has just been released? . What did you think? & is there any videos that you would want to see drop on YouTube in the remainder in 2019? 🎥 . If you haven’t seen the video... Link is in my Bio ⚡️

2 months ago 25
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“12 Months from now, where do you want to be? What does a Day in the Life of your Future Self look like?” . Day in the Life of my Future Self Video out now on YouTube. . Link in Bio ⚡️

2 months ago 66
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A Day in the Life of a Forex Trader | My Future Self . NOW LIVE on YouTube 🎥 . Link in Bio ⚡️

2 months ago 61
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. 🚨Thursday 7pm (GMT +1)🚨 . New Video Dropping on my YouTube 👇🏼 . A Day in the Life of my Future Self 🎥 . Link will be in my bio ⚡️

3 months ago 28
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. 11:50pm... . Just finished up with prep for tomorrow to end out the week, lots of opportunities happening across the board right now with a couple open positions and a couple on watch. . Been focusing on upping my forecasting game recently and becoming more efficient with that process, which is coming too nicely as the days go on. . I’m finding that the closer I get to consistency, the more open I feel to change and to learning. . Insight: Right now I’m deep into a lot more Pattern Separation recently, very keen to continue learning and make those necessary small minor adjustments that are currently needed. . Other than that, currently within the process of digging deeper into the mental side of things too, to see if there’s any limiting beliefs or self sabotage going on. . All starts with questions which leads into a rabbit hole of: . Question ❓ . Answer 💡 . Then ask ‘Why’ . Repeat Process multiple times over 🔄 . Haven’t been as active on here recently, but I’m still here 👋🏼 Just workin that’s all.

3 months ago 45
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. Im just here, in my zone 💭

3 months ago 45
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. THERAPY SESSION . Walking into the gym... Earphones in... Playlist on... Zoning out from the outside world... and zoning into each rep and each set in front of me. . The gym is my meditation, my therapy in many ways. . It’s a place where I zone out from the outside world and having certain music on triggers my mind to wander... . Although I’m focusing on the next rep and the next set; my mind seems to get in flow and it’s a place where i always seem to have new ideas flowing, have clarity with goals and just push myself mentally to become the best version of myself. . This is a Snippet from the recent Day in the life video which dropped earlier today on Youtube. Link in Bio 🎥 Gym: @gymworksfulwood Filming : @chrisbamber Song: Grateful - NEFFEX (Copyright Free)

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. Here’s an insight into my mind... . First half of July, I felt strong in all areas. My trading was solid and I felt good. . But on Wednesday 16th July, I woke up feeling slightly “reactive” and my mind was on other things, rather than where I wanted it to be. . I planned for the trades on watch, mainly being GBPCHF and EURGBP. But when they began to reach valuable areas, I knew that there was potentially some bigger moves on the cards and I have to be honest... I wanted to be involved in the positions. . We formed entries on both pairs. But they were more aggressive than what I normally take and i would have normally avoided them until we had slightly more structure develop. . They were ‘essentially’ Valid Trades as apposed to High Probability Trades and they weren’t the best positions to take, which I came to realise a few hours later after taking the positions. . This was the first time in a while that I experienced FOMO) in the respect that it effected my decisions to enter a trade. . Every so often I’ll feel it there slightly, but it never usually affects the decisions I make or the trades I take. . But on this day I did feel the emotions kick in and i let it affect my judgement. . GBPCHF | Breakeven EURGBP | -1% . Here’s the key point I want to make here 👇🏼 . It’s a part of life to have those days every now and then. Everyone experiences them at some point. That’s just the truth. . But It’s not about trying to control it, but more so... manage it. . It’s about being self aware and recognising those emotions. The key is to learn from any lessons that can be learnt from and don’t make the same mistake again. . The result doesn’t matter to me so much, it’s more so the fact that I didn’t stick to my plan. . But if I stick to my plan, I’m much less attached to the result. I know it’s a game of probabilities and the edge will play out in my favour. I’ve tested it. I have the data and I have confidence in the strategy. . Wanted to be open and share that, hopefully it provided something to take away or reassurance if you’ve been through it yourself. . It’s all apart of the process. . A smooth sea never made a great sailor 🌊

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. Surreal feeling having an idea and a vision for something, executing it and then seeing the finished product. . DAY IN THE LIFE video drops 01.08.19, the link will be in my bio at the time of the release. . In this video, I wanted to share my what a true day in my life currently looks like... along with everything that I do within a ‘normal’ day to make my goal of becoming a Full Time Consistently Profitable Trader, a reality. . I’m getting closer Week by Week, Month by Month. But whilst I’m in this transition period, i knew it would be such a great opportunity to showcase my current daily routine, with the hope that it inspires other people in the months and years to come. . From what I’ve seen on YouTube so far across the board in different industries, there’s a lot of ‘glamour’ shown, but not enough truth about what’s going on in people’s daily lives and how they’re making that next step towards what they want. . In this video I’m walking you through a day in my life, showcasing everything I’m currently doing to get to where I want to be 3,6,12 months from today. . I have good days... I have bad days... like I’m sure you do. . It’s important that we never put too much emphasis on ‘perfection’ and make sure that we focus on ‘progression’. . 01.08.19 6PM (GMT +1) YouTube.com/michaelbamber

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It’s what you do in the shadows that puts you in the light 🌘

4 months ago 26
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. New Heights Pending 🚀

4 months ago 26
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Throwback to the @falcontradingguidance Midlands Meet-up in Birmingham at the weekend. . Grateful to have the opportunity to share my processes with Backtesting, Forecasting and ASR with the group; as well as covering some of the mess-ups, mistakes and lessons that I’ve learnt in the last couple months. . Hope ya’ll having a great Monday! 🖤

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. Mam Tor Climb to end out the first 6 months of 2019 🌍

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. New YouTube Video is now Live 🚨 👇🏼 How to learn from mistakes in the Forex Market. . In this video, I Breakdown Advanced Self Review, walking you through my own process step by step with a live ‘in the moment’ trade on USD/JPY Short. . Link in Bio 🎥

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“Quittin’ for me’s not an option. I wanna look at my kids in the face when I’m older and say I’ve been something admirable.” 🎶

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T R Y T H I S 🧠 . ‘Focused Work Sessions’ have been helping me hugely over the past 12 months. . Whether you work Full Time and have 2 Hours spare per day... or whether you’re Full Time Trading and have 6+ hours doesn’t matter too much. What’s more important is HOW YOU USE YOUR TIME. . What this basically is to summarise is to set aside a period of time per day, and to use that time as a “Distraction Free” Period, to focus on your goals or the work that you want to get done (Backtesting, Content, Review etc). . . Get your phone out of sight during that period, on Airplane Mode/Silent and even in another room if you have to. In the past couple weeks I’ve been leaving my Phone on Airplane Mode from around 9pm the night before, to then 1-2pm the next day, usually. I’ve found you have so much more clarity and you operate in that distraction free zone which allows you to maximise the time you have. . Use a timer or an App (I use “Be Focused Pro”) to set a time period for each work session and use that period to go all in with focus. Implement mine breaks after your session is done to refresh, re-group and then come back mentally ready for the next focus session. . I personally have from the time I sit down at my desk in the morning (Usually 6am, to then 1-2pm to utilise this time period specifically for Focused Sessions. I go for 1 Hour Sessions usually and have mini breaks every 2/3 hours to refresh. . What you’ll find by doing this is that you’ll get more done within a week, that the majority of people get done within a month. Pretty Crazy right? 🤯 . One last thing: If you’re looking to maximise Focus, check out ‘Brain.fm’ because it’s an absolute game changer for focus. It’s an App that has music that’s designed to trigger Flow State and get you into “The Zone” within the first 10 minutes. . BIG Second half of the year inbound, now couldn’t be more of a perfect time to be implementing these little tips, ready for Q3 kickoff shortly. . For the 1% of you that begin to implement this and experiment with it, let me know how you get on! I’d love to hear how it benefits you 🙏🏼 . . . Track: Elektronomia - Energy (NCS Release) Music provided by NoCopyrightSounds

5 months ago 32
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. “At the edge of your comfort zone, is where the growth happens. Step by step into the unknown, pushing the boundary’s of mental limitations and shaping the character of the future you” - Michael Bamber . Side Note: New Video is live. Link in Bio 💪🏼

5 months ago 71
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. Time is going to pass regardless of how you live your life. Make sure that you’re working towards the life that you want to live, and not wasting away time day by day...

5 months ago 71
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. Throwback to the Falcon Conference last weekend at the Shard 🦅 . What a weekend & what an experience! . I cannot begin to express how grateful I am to be a part of this team, and how much I’ve learnt over the past few months from being surrounded by so many like minded individuals. . The word gratitude doesn’t do it enough justice. . When I began this journey in 2016, I felt well and truly on my own... Not having anyone around me at the time on a similar path; whilst striving to achieve something different from the “social norm”, was a difficult phase that I had to go through. I still look back on that time to this day and see it as a time of immense personal growth, because it was character building. . So if you’re someone right now going through that stage of feeling as though you’re not yet surrounded by others driven by the same mission, just know that you’re not the only one that’s been through it. It just takes patience and persistence, but that phase is an extremely good period of character building growth. . The best thing that I did in those times was to surround myself with positivity. This came in the form of Falcon, Social Media, Podcasts & Audiobooks... nothing but positivity. . Surround yourself with positivity and always look forward ➡️

5 months ago 58
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. “Everybody wants their dream to fall in their lap, but don’t wanna work for it”

5 months ago 182